The Alpha From The Aurelius

Author: RizzEditions
Fantasy Romance
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What is The Alpha From The Aurelius

Read The Alpha From The Aurelius novel written by the author RizzEditions on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering system, weaktostrong, mystery, superpowers, villain. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Many years ago, the destiny of the Aurelius pack was written in which the pack's alpha princess, Azura was destined to be separated from her pack as a child until she grew as an adult and is ready to fight for her pack. Now, Azura is an adult and a university student but she isn't aware of her being an alpha werewolf princess. She eventually begins liking her batchmate named Theo, only to discover that he's a werewolf. That's when she discovers about her past and wolf history. It is also unveiled that Theo is from her rival pack, Borealis. Azura is torn in between. She must either choose her love, Theo. Or her pack, Aurelius.

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I've been silently reading till now but at this bery point I just couldn't hold my nerves anymore and it seems to just have begun. Theo and Azura haven't even become friends officially but the tension is oomf~ and I'm wanting to know what's up with Azura's mom><


Hi Rizz! The story starts off really powerful, and it really gave me Harry Potter vibe in werewolf world 😋. I like how the King and Queen of Aurelius remained brave and strong in face of adversities. You portrayed the villain very well. I hate her already after just a few lines. Moving on to little Azura who thankfully was well taken care of and had grown into an astounding young lady! This review is written after reading only up to chapter 16 so I can't say much about the adventure yet. What I can say is that Azura is up for a life-changing journey. Her initial interaction with the ML is very cute. I like how she clearly likes him but doesn't want to show too much and that he is into her right away. And the annoying girls... 😐 sigh. So confident and yet so delusional. I have no words for them. Aaaaanyway those of you who like to read cute college life story about a werewolf princess in an adventure filled with love and action should definitely take a look at this one 😀. Good luck author and keep writing!


Amazing!!! Everything is splendid and I love the concept of your story. Every chapter gives me a vibe of excitement and I am looking forward more to it. Good job author. 👏👏👏✌✌


The author makes use of imagery and foreshadowing to give you a taste of what is to come. The story starts off right in the middle of the action and doesn’t let up. It will have you on the edge of your seat. Well done!


I have already read this book some times ago but forgot to give a review so here it is. the world background is pretty good, and it has a pretty good character design. overall it's an incredible one.


I've never imagined to be hooked in the story. It was a great story with a great plot. Author did great in delivering everything in the story. Good work!😊🧡


The prologue is great though cliche. The story seems reasonably good too. Buy the acessive review swapping gave me a questionable vibe about the book. Author should stop swapping tons of useless reviews. It's significant that it's impossible to have 117 reviews with 223 collections and 19 chapters. It gives a bad outlook to the book and unprofessional behaviour because there is no review below 3 stars. Bruh!


Oh... after reading first few chapters I was so blown . The tension forming and the theme is intriguing . The plot development as well as character development is interesting , I like the tension and struggling .. The pace is dope and at last I want to say I really enjoyed it and want to read further chapters . It will be great journey 😌


So many books have been written under this genre but it takes so much hard work and creativity to bring up such near-perfection as I read in this book. Its vivid characters are related and easy to flow with. Although still in its early chapters, the book has such a beautiful future. I highly recommend it!


I've read few chapters, and I can ses it's well detailed and easily understandable! Your words of choices are creative, making the story more interesting! It's a very great story, too bad you only publish few chapters a week. I would really like to read more but I'm currently busy with something, so I'll just be back later! ฅ'ω'ฅ


Here I go... I know I won't be popular for this opinion. Clearly a lot of people love this book. I honestly barely made it through the prologue. Everything happens really quickly. Too many people introduced at once and the dialogue. There's so much unnecessary dialogue. I love the idea of starting out with a battle and then hiding the child and all of that. But there was just too much confusion. I'm sure there's a reason so many people love your work and beginnings are hard. Especially ones like this. Even though the premise is enticing, it's just not for me.


Honestly, one of the best novels I've read on here. Azura is such a cool character and she honestly feels real. I adore the descriptions, but as an author/reader it's small but I adore the recaps. It's something that ingenious and that I never thought to do haha.


Wow, the story and the character are interesting. The girl is interesting and I want to see her grow🤗 I will definitely read this novel.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I'm actually feeling anxious already and this hasn't even begun properly. Reading the synopsis and knowing the chemistry between Azura and Theo, I'm feeling sad that something disheartening will happen next but I'm more than ready for it. Bring it on authornim!


This was just so great even when this is the beginning. I absolutely loved the tension and action happening in the prologue saga. Seems like it's going to be a long round so gonna keep an eye because I'm excited to see Nazareth arrival.


FYI Your story starts out really well but when I got to chapter 61 the entire chapter repeated the words "Null content" and I clicked on many chapters past and found empty chapters with only the words " null content" repeating the whole chapter so I'm thinking something seriously is wrong here or may have been edited out by WN so I will be deleted since it can't be finished will see if there is a response first. I did try to copy the page to show you but it doesn't allow copying so you will have to see for yourself. I also scanned down to chapter seventy something And it showed content again but the story was lost with the gap


The story is good and the progress as well, the translations are good As a newbie from making a novel, i will definitely use this to enlighten my skills and etc. the story, the character developments are all top notch! Definitely recommend this novel!


The writing is as if I am inside a completely different world which gives manga vibes! Omg like when is this getting adapted into a manga??? I absolutely loved it!!


I was only able to read the prologues because my data had finished. But truth to be told, I glued my eyes on the story till the very end. I have never seen a book so interesting and satisfying to the core. It felt different apart from other werewolves stories. The war and the slashing of flesh was just what I wanted. I'm really impressed and I'll make sure to add it to my library. This is to those readers out there, who are hungry for a werewolve story, I just want you to try this book and thank me later. Grab your copy now!!!.


I had to join this website today. I was triggered to extreme I couldn't hold myself ti check this book I've been hearing about lately. Im into fantasy books but they usually are either on men or helpless lunas. Seeing Azura's story and Nazareth's impact over the plot is making me crazym this is gonna be hook!!


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