305 Ch. 305 Draw The Sword

Aria managed to absorb all the black miasma until she was exhausted. The air cleared, and the place became brighter than before.

The only thing left was the sword of light which was still filled with potent darkness and evil energy. No matter how much effort Aria tried to absorb all the corrupt energy from the blade, there was no aura of darkness diminishing from it.

After confirming that no more black miasma was left in the air, Aria closed her eyes and began to think quietly. Her hand still gripped the handle of the sword because she knew once she let go, she wouldn't have the chance to hold it again.

Another series of information appeared in her mind.

The sword had a pure source of light power that could eliminate evil forces in one slash. However, it was poisoned with the power of darkness. It was influenced by Michaela's desire for revenge and hatred for anyone who harmed her family.


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