The Alpha: Claiming His Enemy's Daughter

***MAIN STORY: COMPLETED*** ## MATURE CONTENT! ## “Why do you have scars?” All of sudden, Iris changed the topic, as she looked at Cane in the eyes. She was still clutching to his sleeves. “Your father gave me,” Cane replied. He thought, Iris wouldn’t remember this conversation when she woke up. “That must be so painful.” “They are.” “Will the scars heal?” “I don’t think so.” The night indeed made you vulnerable and let you said something that you would never admit when it was bright. The obscurity softened your heart. “Too bad. You have a warm soul.” Iris frowned slightly. “I no longer have a soul.” He had sold his soul for the freedom of his people. There was nothing left of him right now. “Yes, you have, but you are in so much pain.” Iris blinked her eyes. “Your beast is in pain. You have so many scars.” “The only scars that I have is on my face.” Iris shook her head meekly. “I am not talking about your face. I am talking about your soul. Too bad, you are in so much pain… what my father and brother had done to you must be painful…” And after that, Iris closed her eyes and fell asleep. ====================== She is the daughter of an alpha who has killed his family, razed his pack and has also made his people slaves. Now, he has achieved revenge after ten years of being treated as a slave and was living a life that no one would ever imagine. Life akin to hell. And ten years later, Alpha Cane manages to take over and kill the alpha who has made the lives of his people worse than death. It was time for him to make the children of the alpha pay for what their father had done. Only… Iris was a runt and she was very different from her father.

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They were scared to guess, who might be under the rubbles of the rocks. 

Who could that be? The enemies that fell with their pack member? Or this person was one of their members? Aliana? Zephyr? Kian? Or who was that?

"Damn it!" Eron growled, as he started to move rock after rock from on top of this person. 

With this deep chasm, they didn't need to worry about the member of the Bloody Wolf pack, who fled from the battle, because they were safe now, yet you couldn't say the same to the other side of this chasm… 

They only hoped the reinforcement would find a way to reach to them in time before everything was too late and they had to lose them all. 

The five of them ignored how the sharp edges of rocks injured their hand, as they moved them from this person as quick as possible.