98 The Fight

Victoria's POV

I wanted to vomit after I consumed the fresh meat of the deer, and just thinking about it made me queasy. I always wanted my steak to be well done, and I couldn't believe I devoured its flesh without cooking it, and the worst part I killed the deer with my own hands, and even if I felt stronger than before, I could feel the trembling of my knees because of what I had done. 

I know I felt so hungry, and I didn't realize I was on my wolf form for three days, and if not for Oliver, I didn't know what to do with myself. I felt so full, and I howled until I could feel my body start to shift, and I could feel the same pain, but this time it was abrupt changed. I felt so happy when I realized I had turned back into my human form since I could feel my toes, legs, and arms again, and when I looked at my body, I felt so horrified when it dawned on me I was naked.


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