455 Second Rejection

Morava was in tremendous pain. Her stomach ached and she felt like her heart would split in two. She was writing on the floor while Henk was sitting and watching her with a sadistic expression. 

How could he simply reject her after mating with her and after piercing his fangs into her? He had marked her for the lifetime. "How could you?" she rasped through tears as she looked at him holding her stomach tightly. 

He scoffed. "I never liked you Morava. Had it been Lerna, I would have never rejected her or fought with others if they rejected her, but you—" he growled. "I heard that you deceived your father and didn't allow your sister, Lusitania, to become your father's heir. Your mother, Sirrah, encouraged our king Felis to wage wars against Pegasii. Your father Biham was always at war with Felis. We all know what Menkar did to Felis. He put a dark spell on him in order to make it difficult to win the wars."


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