429 Circles of Fireflies

As soon as the work was done, Felis went back to the monastery along with Kaitos and others. And now he had to wait. He was going to wait for one full day and then attack the Kingdom of Pegasii along with the monks. 

He was satisfied with himself. The two faes were going to kill every damn fae that was present in the kingdom hence eliminating the worst threat. Felis was only afraid of faes. As for the werewolves, that wasn't a problem. His Nyxers were going to take care of it easily. He knew that by the end of the day after he was going to take over Pegasii and that too so easily. 

Felis lifted his feet on the writing table as his warriors rounded the monks. Kaitos was made to sit in between five warriors and was a queen bee of the monks. If they misbehaved, Felis was going to kill Kaitos and then give others a slow and painful death in order to instill fear. 


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