The Alpha's Temptation

(Mature Content) What price are you willing to pay for freedom? The wolf-less and orphaned Tania was trapped in the life of a slave. A part of her spirit was held captive by her master to exert control. To gain freedom, she made a deal to spy on King Eltanin, the most ruthless and powerful Alpha of Araniea. Stormy-eyed libertine, King Eltanin was dominanting, arrogant and commanding as hell. Racing against time to save his wolf and kingdom from the demon king, Alpha Felis, he crosses paths with Tania. She is a spy, and temptation personified. And now Eltanin must choose between the fate of his kingdom and his mate. Will Tania choose her freedom and reject her mate? Or will she give up the only thing she ever wanted? Thesaurus definition of "Libertine": debauched Synonyms for libertine: freethinking, profligate, dissolute, immoral, lascivious My other novels are: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (nomination WSA 2021) Ileus-The Dark Prince (Silver award WSA 2022) Dark Hunger (5th Prize in werewolf contest) The cover belongs to me. It is commissioned. Cover artist: Micehellwd Editor: Astromnia

MishaK · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
474 Chs

[Bonus chapter] Promise Me!

Eltanin stayed quiet because he had said that he wouldn't ask questions. 

"Eltanin, you should ask all your questions today because after this, even I am not willing to talk about it," Taiyi prodded him as if understanding his predicament.

Eltanin's eyes lowered to his lap where he had clasped his hands. "Does Felis know that I am his brother?" 

"Yes. And still he attacked you. He wants to leash your beast for his own benefits." 

"Why didn't he ever mention this to me?" 

"Because he thought that you knew about it…" 

"Still, he didn't leave an opportunity to capture me and torture me."