22 In their office

For three hours , they both focused on the computer, figuring out different strategies.

"Have you figured something out Miss Brunette?". Jason asked with a cold voice, making her have heart to ache.

"It's not like you will listen to me". She spat out at him.

" Never in your life. I repeat. Never try to speak this way to me again. This is your first and let it also be your last. I won't hesitate to take you back to France". He warned her with a frowned face and her legs felt weak. She was more than speechless at his behavior.

" Yes sir". She responded with gritting teeth . Even if he was different and rude, he was still the Jason she knew and she wanted to find out what happened to him. She wanted to know what turned him dark.

"Now tell me. Have you modified your insignificant plan?". Again with the rudeness. She forcefully controlled her rising anger and nodded at him.

"Yes sir. I made a few changes. This is what I think we should do. We have to make a contract of sharing the percentage 50/50".

"You are repeating the same thing again". Jason grunted in boredom and wanted to dismiss her but paused. He remembered her saying that he didn't let her finish earlier.

"Continue speaking". He simply said and folded his alms without looking at her. She smiled slightly and continued.

" After agreeing to share it by half percentage, we will pescribe an impossible art work of developing for him. In the bottom side of the contract, we will state that if the wrong result is made then the estate developer will only acquire 10% of the profit ". Jason marveled at her words.

"What are you , a criminal?" He asked her with his shocked face.

"No sir I'm only using logic. His accurate percentage is 30% but his greed will make him bargain for 50% which we will agree . But literally, we are giving him just 10%. Serves him right don't you think". Lucy responded with a professional tone, ensuring she didn't frown or smile. Jason finally smiled and nodded.

"Intelligent. His name is Marco Russo and he's a real estate developer in Milan. That's my main source of putting my business . Your plan is exquisite Miss Lu , I mean Brunette . We will travel to London to attend a world wide business conference and that's where we have to get him to sign a contract with us". Jason said with deep thoughts.

"One problem sir. I just searched for his reputation and he's classified exclusive among business people. How do we get his attention ?" Lucy said because she just finished typing Mr Marco Russo on the internet and read his info.

"Don't worry about. A beauty like you will instantly get his attention. " Jason replied her which made her frown. She didn't expect him to use her to seduce the man but that wasn't what he meant.

He quickly saw her expression and realized the misunderstanding. He knew she remembered her issue with her criminal father and other guys who spoke ill of her.

" That's not what I meant. He is very influencing in Italy and we need him . Unfortunately he is strict with business men than business women. He finds hardworking women worth fighting for than men. Do you understand what I'm saying. I didn't mean it the other way. Sorry". Lucy was surprised that he was apologising.

"Anyways, I have to meet up with my brother. I sent you a mail so check it and sort out everything that get presented infront of you". Jason said before he stood and left the office.

"Thank you". Lucy said lowly because she was happy he apologized.

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