59 The betrayal part two

He wasn't asking, no one dared speak up. Simon, John, Benson, and Justin nod with a slight smile.

Leo, Dan, and Bob arrived at the grand hall in a hurry. They had heard what happened.

Leo was relieved I was okay. He sends me a gentle smile with a bow. I smile back. I was about to walk up to him when Baby held my hand firmly.

"Are you seriously about to leave me here and go to him, Nancy? In front of all these people. What will they think of me and you the pack Luna," he whispered.

"W-what are you saying? I'm only going to say hello," I whimpered.

"What is going on in that little mind of yours? Do you even know who you are?" He muttered.

"What?" I nod looking at him in confusion.

"I forbid you to ever see Leo again, in fact, I don't want you talking to any other man ever?" He whispered.

"I heard that, and you can't forbid me, especially from seeing Leo he is my favorite pet Wolfe." I grin.


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