2 My first meeting with the alpha king

My mum and dad watched me in silence as I ate. "I'm done now going to my room," I rumble as I kiss both my mum and dad good night.

They had worried looks on their faces.

"Travis, I think Nancy is grown now and she will understand if we tell her the whole truth," Cindy complains.

"Seriously not with this again Cindy, tell me what truth you want to tell her? Do you think I'm happy seeing her in pain like this? She is my precious baby too. I feel so guilty robbing her of a normal childhood like every child is supposed to have. We are almost there, my love."

"We will find the cure and save Nancy and for Fidel and your father's men, we will deal with them one at a time. The most important thing is that Nancy is fine,'' Travis argues.

He hugs his wife to console her, "I promise I will keep you two safe," he whispered.

Nancy overheard everything. She knew they were in some kind of trouble and she is in the middle of it. That will explain the strange feelings and transformation in her body. All of a sudden she couldn't breathe and felt as if her skin was peeling off.

She has been hiding this from her parents since she turned 15 years. She sneaked through her bedroom window and decided to have a walk in the woods. She had her headphones on. She starts to run as fast as she can.

The faster she runs the less the pain. She wishes she could run faster than she can run. She suddenly banged into a shadow.

"aaaahhhhh," Nancy groans as she turns to look for her phone in the dark.

The shadow she just collided into turns out to be Baby the alpha king of the wolf pack. He was about to transform and attack. His eyes turned golden as his claws draw out.

"Errrrrrrr, I'm sorry I was running too fast. I didn't mean to bang into you that hard. Are you okay?" Nancy asked, looking worried.

The figure before her looked strange. She has been judged and called names all her life that she wouldn't dare call someone else strange.

"Human?" the voice said hoarsely as he stepped back. He controlled himself and his eyes went back to normal.

Luckily Nancy is the shy type who avoids eye contact as much as she can. Her eyes were fixed on the ground the whole time.

"What are you doing in the woods at this time of the night?" he asked angrily.

"As you can see I was having a walk," Nancy said.

"You were running and very fast too," he corrected.

"Yes well, I do that a lot sorry about that again. Hmmm, do you always walk in the woods shirtless?" Nancy asked looking everywhere else than his hot body.


The alpha got agitated he couldn't explain why he needed to protect her as soon as he heard his pack calling.

They were getting close. He tried to leave but he came back for her, he was incapable of leaving her behind.

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