35 Travis Arzt

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When Travis entered the exam room, Talia was wearing the hospital gown.

While Jill was drawing Talia's blood for the lab work, and Cathy collected swabs from Talia's mouth and nose, Travis observed Talia's bruises.

Damon told him that Talia doesn't have a wolf, and that would definitely impact her healing, but it was a long time since Travis saw so many cuts and bruises on a person.

They would be nothing much for a werewolf and would heal within a day or two, but for a human (or a werewolf without a wolf), it can take a week or two until they completely fade.

Travis's sight was drawn to Talia's bandaged wrist. Considering that most of her injuries were exposed, he had to ask, "Who did this?"

"Alpha Damon.", Talia responded.

"That was very…", Travis paused while choosing his words.

Talia smiled a little while remembering Damon's intense expression while bandaging her.


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