171 Talia's punishment

"WAIT!", Maddox shouted after Damon who was walking away with Talia in his arms. "What should I do about these two?"

"I'm sure you can think of something!", Damon shouted back without halting his steps.

Maddox stood frozen with his mouth half-open.

Why was Damon treating him like a cleaning crew!?

Maddox cursed loudly. He is an Alpha, damn it!

He has people taking care of these things!

But now there were no people because he came with Mindy, and that gave him the idea…

'Mindy! I need your help.', Maddox called through the mind-link. 'Come at the back of the garden, behind thuyas...' He was giving her instructions while ignoring Mindy's grumbling about how she was in the middle of chatting with Kalina.

If this was not such a high-profile event, Maddox would just walk away, but what if those two guys wake up and start talking nonsense?


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