838 Planning mixers

Talia couldn't believe how stubborn Damon was. Sure, Cinna was just a plush puppy, and it was just a toy for their baby, but it was important to Talia as well.

"Why can't I give something to our child? And why are we talking about me and you like we are separate? And…" Talia paused when it dawned on her. "This is because Keith gave me Cinna. Isn't it?"

Damon's silence answered Talia's question.

Damon knew he was petty and that it didn't make sense. Talia was his and his alone, and she never thought about any other guy, but… he couldn't help it. That toy reminded Damon of Keith's ghost that hovered over them, and the fact that Talia was so caring toward that toy was infuriating and, at the same time, preventing Damon from trashing it.

Talia put Cinna on the sofa and hugged Damon. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you, what?"

"That you don't approve I kept a toy that Keith gave me?"


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