The Alpha's Bride

Alpha Damon, the unmated Alpha of the largest pack in North America, is facing reality where Elders are pressuring him to marry a bride of their choice. A marriage of convenience. A marriage for power. Damon is aware that Elders want to use him in their schemes, and he is determined to show them that he is no one's pawn. No one can force him into marriage, not even the Moon Goddess. “I don’t need a woman in my life to obstruct me. A girlfriend is a nuisance, a wife would be a problem, and a mate would be a disaster.” Will he give in? Which one will he choose? Will he have a choice once he finds his mate? Join Damon on his journey during which he will broaden his horizons and change in the most unexpected ways when the right woman enters his life. --- Note: the main storyline ends with chapter 986. --- Connect with me. Discord: https://discord.gg/cFaejHB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedSonia.Novels Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/redsonia_novels/ --- I own the cover. --- Give my other novels a try! - Amara - Reunion - The Supreme Alpha - Is this Destiny? - Accident Prone

RedSonia · Fantasy
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1073 Chs

Marcy is here (6)

George towered above Marcy, and she could feel his heat splashing on her body.

Marcy's system was getting overloaded with George's sweet scent of clover and her wolf urged her to close that minuscule distance between them.

Marcy cursed herself internally. Why did she want to wrap her arms around George? She was here for Alpha Damon!

Marcy's thoughts were obvious as her face got flushed and George could smell her arousal. But why was she glued with her back to the wall? Her hands were balled into fists. Did Marcy think that she can resist this pull between them that was still there despite Marcy damaging it with her rejection?

George was determined to break her will and to show her that she belongs to him.

His free hand snaked to reach low on Marcy's back and her heart skipped a beat when he undid the button at the back of her skirt. In the next moment, the zipper came open, and her skirt slid down her legs and fell on the floor.