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About the story:

This is a fantasy story set in modern times, with the focus on werewolves.

Damon (aka the ML) is the Alpha of the Dark Howlers pack, the largest pack in North America.

Damon is a straightforward guy and his main focus is to protect his pack. Damon learned the hard way that he should not trust others and he ended up with only a few people who are close to him and who know him as more than just an emotionally unavailable machine.

Elders are pressuring Damon to marry a bride of their choice (each Elder has a favorite), with the goal of strengthening their power, and Damon refuses to take part in their schemes.

Within the first few chapters, you will meet several she-wolves who are hoping to become the Luna of the Dark Howlers pack.

Which one will Damon choose?

Will he chose any?

Of course, he will. It's a romance novel! :)


Few points:

- This is my fourth novel on the WebNovel platform! (woohoo!)

- At the beginning of the story, the characters will NOT be perfect, and they will probably be faulty at the end also because no one is perfect. You will get to watch them make mistakes, learn, grow, and compromise in order to reach their happy ending.

- ML will encounter multiple bride candidates. Each woman has her own reasons to stick to him, and you will love and hate them as you find out their story.

- ML is selfish, domineering, temperamental, and you probably won't like him much, but please cheer for him because this novel is about him broadening his horizons and changing into a better person when the right woman enters his life.

- This is fiction. Any similarity to real places or people is accidental.

- VERY IMPORTANT: The story has adult content, and advance warnings for smut will not be given! If you are sensitive to such content or under 18, you should probably skip this novel.


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