30 Her name is Talia

Talia sat stiffly next to Damon and observed him while he held her hand, the same one he licked earlier that morning.

She remembered his grimace after tasting the bitter herbal paste and she pressed her lips into a line while preventing a smile from showing on her face. It was comical. She never thought that a scary Alpha could appear so childish.

"Look how well it's healing. I told you that saliva works." Damon said, obviously pleased with himself.

Talia silently admitted that he was right. It healed much faster compared to other bruises and cuts she had. She wondered if her saliva would work, or maybe only werewolves who have their wolves produce saliva that heals.

"Now, let me check the rest."

Talia jolted at Damon's words. What 'rest' was he talking about?

Damon extended his hand toward Talia, and she shrunk, making him halt his movements.

"Is there a problem?", Damon asked with confusion obvious on his face.


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