174 Becoming one (cont.)

"You are mine…", Damon murmured. "Say it, kitten. Say that you are mine."

Talia blinked herself into reality and she met his icy-blue eyes that were anything other than icy.

"I am yours.", Talia breathed.

"Do you mean it?"

Talia didn't understand why he asked that, but she confirmed. "Yours to touch, yours to kiss, yours to hold."

Damon smiled. Those were his words and she remembered them.

Damon hummed in agreement and added, "Mine to love."

Talia's heart skipped a beat. And she was not sure if it was because of his words, or because of his breathtaking smile that reached his eyes, or because he was grinding at the cradle of her thighs, spreading her juices over his hot and hard shaft. 

"Let me love you, kitten… I want to love you in every way possible…"

How could she say no to that?

Talia sucked in a breath when she felt his erection prodding at her entrance.


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