The Alpha's Bride

Alpha Damon, the unmated Alpha of the largest pack in North America, is facing reality where Elders are pressuring him to marry a bride of their choice. A marriage of convenience. A marriage for power. Damon is aware that Elders want to use him in their schemes, and he is determined to show them that he is no one's pawn. No one can force him into marriage, not even the Moon Goddess. “I don’t need a woman in my life to obstruct me. A girlfriend is a nuisance, a wife would be a problem, and a mate would be a disaster.” Will he give in? Which one will he choose? Will he have a choice once he finds his mate? Join Damon on his journey during which he will broaden his horizons and change in the most unexpected ways when the right woman enters his life. --- Note: the main storyline ends with chapter 986. --- Connect with me. Discord: https://discord.gg/cFaejHB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedSonia.Novels Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/redsonia_novels/ --- I own the cover. --- Give my other novels a try! - Amara - Reunion - The Supreme Alpha - Is this Destiny? - Accident Prone

RedSonia · Fantasy
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1073 Chs

A late visit from Nora (1)

In the study…

Maya and Caden left a while ago, and Damon was reading reports. There was always work to do, and he decided to keep busy until Talia finishes with her visit to the patients, so they can go upstairs together.

Everyone was planning to head to the Shifters nightclub, and Damon asked Talia if she wanted to go, but she refused. With everything going on, Talia wanted to stay home, and Damon accepted that wholeheartedly. He would never say no to a night of cuddles (and much more) with his kitten.

Damon told Maya and Caden to go ahead without him and he will join when he finishes work, but Maya and Caden knew that Damon had no intention of joining them.

As a bonus for staying home, Damon got to wrap up extra work while waiting for Talia to finish with Dawn and Zina.