25 A baby monitor

Maya and Caden were throwing glances at Damon and Talia through the rearview mirror and observing how Damon cradled Talia in his arms gently, like she was made out of glass.

'Since when is our Alpha so kind to victims of abuse?', Maya asked Caden through their mind-link.

'You wanted to ask: since when is our Alpha so kind. Period.', Caden corrected her and asked, 'Did you know about this?'

'Nope.', Maya responded. 'Damon was always fast in picking up women but bringing one home is a first for him.'

Maya pointed at the rearview mirror, indicating for Caden to look.

Caden's eyes shifted just in time to see Damon adjusting his position so that Talia is more comfortable as she slept while leaning on him.

'It seems that Damon's taste in women changed.', Caden said.


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