The Alpha's Bought Bride Book

novel - Fantasy

The Alpha's Bought Bride

Leona S. Mane

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Alpha Rowan Morti of the White Claw Pack is the sort of big bad Alpha that everyone fears yet respects. He’s at the top of his game with a loyal Beta and a beautiful Luna by his side. As the leader of the strongest pack, many are desperate to make ties and gain his favor. That includes the Red Fang Pack. To gain an alliance with Alpha Rowan, Alpha Joseph of the Red Fang Pack sells his daughter, Mila, to White Claw’s Beta as a second mate. She will serve as the Beta’s bride, and also as the Luna’s personal assistant. However, Alpha Rowan didn’t think of the possibility that Mila would be his destined mate. Mila Carter had once dreamed of escaping her abusive family by finding her fated life partner. However, she hadn’t thought that they would meet this way— with him arranging her marriage to a different man. Yet, if this is the only way for her to escape her hellish family, then so be it. Trapped in the same house together, Rowan and Mila are forced to interact. They each have their separate lives, their separate partners, but fate has more in store for them. Time and time again, sparks fly and their paths cross, reminding them that the pull between mates isn’t something so easily ignored. As the relationship between Mila and Rowan continuously pushes and pulls, a hidden enemy grows in strength and power. An enemy that has his eyes set on the White Claw Pack and he isn’t afraid to use dirty-handed tactics to swipe it from under Rowan’s nose. Especially when it means that Mila will be his. *** “You’re part of my pack now. You belong to me, just like any other pack member,” Alpha Rowan explained as if he had read her mind. “In a few weeks, you are going to be married to my Beta. I expect you to be a good, faithful wife and to do that with sincerity.” “Are you kidding me?! You know I am your mate! This is crazy, Rowan! It will drive us both insane being with other people!”


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