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The Alpha's Angel


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How useful are you willing to be for people to want you? In a pack of wolves, being wolf-less equals being worthless. After being exploited as a blood source by the Blood Traders, Evelynn's wolf is suppressed, and she has no idea of her origins until she meets Sawyer, who saves her from her bondage. She is given two options: prove herself to earn her place or say goodbye to the pack and her mate. Sawyer, the Alpha of the Southern Blood Moon Pack, is a compassionate and caring leader to his wolves but ruthless to his enemies. He has been tracking members of the blood traders to find Aubrey, his childhood friend. He found Evelynn instead, his weak and broken mate. His community needs a powerful Luna to stabilize the pack. Now the Alpha has to choose between Aubrey, the needed Luna, or Evelynn, his fateful mate. Will Evelynn be able to prove herself? Will it be enough to earn her place as the Luna? What is Sawyer's choice? Would it be the welfare of his pack? Or his love for Evelynn? — They gradually stopped swaying, and before they realized it, they were looking at each other. He cupped her cheek and caressed her skin with his thumb. He swallowed many times to try to calm his nerves, but Evelynn's lips… They were so close that he wanted to devour them. Right at that moment, he decided to screw up the courtship and kiss her. But before he could do that, the door swung open, and the lights turned on. It was Liam. The urgency was plotted on his small face, his eyes alarmed and focused. "Aubrey…" he announced. Instantly, Sawyer stood up straight. His grip on Evelynn loosened. "I think we can finally find her." The news was so huge it made Sawyer immediately step away and head to the door. But he stopped midway and turned to Evelynn. He went near her again and cupped her face. "I'll be back," he promised. Evelynn croaked, "Who's Aubrey?"


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