7 Execution

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Daoist White Bones wanted to dodge, but the Bat Demon was also at the late-stage of the seventh level Qi Refinement realm. It was too fast. Daoist White Bones could not dodge at all and could only react in a hurry.

"Green Wind Crippling Cloud Sword."

Clang! Clang!

Daoist White Bones took out a magic sword that he had refined for a long time from his storage bag. The body of the sword was as if it was made of white bones and was suffused with a pale color. Spirit energy circulated. After using the sword technique, it actually had a similar concept to the Green Cloud Sword Technique.

It was like the movement of clouds and wind.

"This is…"

Qi Ming was very surprised.

Daoist White Bones actually knew the spells and sword techniques of Green Cloud Peak.

Boom! Boom!

There were several explosions.

The sword Qi and demonic powers that scattered due to the collision destroyed the surroundings. Because Daoist White Bones was in a hurry to react, he was injured by the Bat Demon's sneak attack. He retreated repeatedly as blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

"Spirit pet."

Daoist White Bones' expression darkened, his tone filled with surprise, "You actually have a spirit pet, and it's at the seventh level Qi Refinement realm."

"Heavenly Eagle Claw."

Qi Ming did not reply. Instead, he grabbed this opportunity and pounced forward. His hands were like sharp eagle claws that tore through the air.

Daoist White Bones' pupils constricted. He stepped on the air and dodged. Although he avoided a vital point, the white bone mask on Daoist White Bones' face was torn into two by Qi Ming's claws.

Crack! Crack!

The white bone mask shattered.

"Qi Ming!!!"

Daoist White Bones' true appearance was completely exposed.

Under the moonlight, Qi Ming looked over and saw a stunning girl. She had an oval face, cherry lips, and a tall nose. Her scarlet eyes looked demonic and beautiful.

Her blood-red hair fluttered like blood.

She was truly beautiful.

She was like a bewitching demoness.

"A woman!" Qi Ming was stunned.

"Do you want to die so badly?"

Suddenly, a gentle and sinister voice sounded.

Daoist White Bones' aura kept increasing. Her aura surged to the eighth level of Qi Refinement, the ninth level of Qi Refinement, and was about to enter the Foundation Establishment realm…

"Who is it?"

"Which Demon Sect's member is it?"

"How dare you come to Green Cloud Peak to commit murder."


At this moment, the few elders of the D-Class Servant Quarters finally heard the commotion and sensed the aura emitted by Daoist White Bones.

They quickly tore through the air and came to the courtyard.

"Qi Ming."

After Daoist White Bones' true identity was exposed, she changed her tone and personality. Her gaze was scrutinizing, calm, and indifferent. She was cold and inviolable.

Clearly, everything was just a disguise.

Still, Daoist White Bones only gave Qi Ming a deep look but did not say anything else. When she sensed that the elders were about to arrive, she immediately turned around and left.

In the blink of an eye, Daoist White Bones' figure disappeared into the moonlight.


Qi Ming heaved a sigh of relief.

After a while, the three elders of the D-Class Servant Quarters arrived.

Qi Ming clutched his chest and half lay on the ruined bed. The Bat Demon had long been hidden. The Skeleton Sword and the Skeleton Robe were placed in the storage box.

One of the elders had a thin face and looked as skinny as a match. He was at the late-stage of the ninth level Qi Refinement realm. He recognized Qi Ming at a glance and asked, "Qi Ming? What happened just now? Hurry up and tell us."


Qi Ming took a deep breath and looked as if he was severely injured. After hiding some truths, he told them everything about Daoist White Bones and the Myriad Demon Cave, causing the expressions of the three elders to change.

"Myriad Demon Cave."

"The disciples of the Demon Sect actually went deep into the Servant Quarters."

"Damn it!"

"Something big is about to happen."

"We have to report this to the Peak Master of the Green Cloud Peak immediately."


The three elders discussed.

Immediately after, they asked a few more questions and confirmed that there was no mistake before leaving.

"I feel like I've accidentally gotten involved in something big."

Qi Ming felt a little emotional. He could not help but think of Daoist White Bones. He shook his head and said, "I don't want to think about it anymore. There's too little information that I know. It's useless even if I think about it."

The night passed and the next day arrived.

When Ye Dun and the others returned to their residence, they saw the room in ruins. Zhu Xiaoxian and the others didn't dare to ask anything. They only followed Qi Ming's instructions and cleaned up the room. They also remade a few more beds.

In the following days, Qi Ming used the AFK Farming Software and cultivated while waiting for the situation to develop. There was also the arrival of the Outer Sect Assessment. As for the chores that Qi Ming originally had to do, such as cutting wood, burning fire, watering the fields, and so on, they were all done by Zhu Xiaoxian and the others.

Unknowingly, three days later, the four servant quarters of A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, and D-Class gathered.

The twelve elders in charge gathered with the First Elder in charge of the servant disciples, Mu Qing, who was also the only early-stage Foundation Establishment realm cultivator in the Green Cloud Peak's servant quarters.

They gathered all the disciples of Green Cloud Peak.

There were a total of 4,800 people.

Everyone was present.

They gathered in the labor square at the foot of Green Cloud Peak.

"Cough cough…"

Mu Qing walked over and coughed. He was dressed in a green robe and had white hair and a youthful face. His gaze swept across all the servant disciples present and he said in a slightly dignified manner, "There are still four days before the Outer Sect Assessment begins. I didn't expect that there would be many servant disciples who believed the demonic sect's demonic words and betrayed Green Cloud Peak."

"Bring them here." Mu Qing shouted.

Behind, several elders escorted a few disheveled servant disciples over. There were quite a number of them. There were actually a total of 108 in the four classes.

"Kneel." Mu Qing shouted angrily.


The pressure of the early-stage Foundation Establishment realm appeared and pressed down on the bodies of the servant disciples, causing them to be unable to resist. All of them knelt down and let out painful groans.

Qi Ming's heart skipped a beat. He looked at the servant disciples kneeling on the square and felt his scalp tingle, "Impressive, I thought that other than me, there were only eight. I didn't expect there to be so many."

"Seeing that you have some cultivation talent, the Green Cloud Peak specially let you enter the peak to be servant disciples and teach you cultivation techniques. We also gave you a path to advance."

Mu Qing's gaze was cold as he said word by word, "But not only are you ungrateful, you even betrayed the Green Cloud Peak and the sect. For the Blood Ghost Pill, you're willing to be a spy of the Demon Sect."

"This is unforgivable!"

"This… this…"

"They actually betrayed Green Cloud Peak?"

"Are they spies from the Demon Sect?"

"How unexpected!"

"Fortunately, the Servant Quarters' First Elder was perceptive and caught these spies from the Demon Sect. Otherwise, I don't know when they would have stabbed us in the back."

"Yes, yes."


The servant disciples of the four classes discussed.

"Do you know that the Blood Ghost Pill contains the Heart Devouring Gu? It can be said to be the most vicious poison in the Qi Refinement Realm. After the worm enters the heart, even immortals will find it difficult to save you. You will forever be enslaved by the Heart Devouring Gu."

"Anyone who betrays the sect will be executed according to the sect rules." Mu Qing announced.

"No! No!"

"First Elder, please spare me!"

"We won't do it again. We won't do it again."

"Spare me!"


The servants kneeling on the ground cried and begged for mercy.

"Even if I don't kill you now, you won't be able to escape death once the Heart Devouring Gu activates."

Mu Qing shook his head, "You chose your own path. You will naturally have to pay the price."

"Execution time!"

Clang! Clang! Clang!!!

As soon as they finished speaking, Mu Qing personally took action. With a wave of his right hand, a green magic sword flew out and floated in the air. It then split into 108 swords.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Sword lights flashed.

Blood splattered.

108 heads fell to the ground.

Everyone present was silent.

The air was filled with a strong stench of blood.

Qi Ming's heart tightened.

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