102 Ancient Grotto-heaven, Dao Seeking Sect

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Qi Ming was actually quite speechless. What was a 'miracle'? He called it a 'miracle' just because he obtained first place in the puppet screening test?

This was too exaggerated.


He did not plan to pursue such a small matter.

"Congratulations, Junior Brother Qi."

Tang Binshun's gaze was complicated. He originally thought that Qi Ming's cultivation level was too low and was only at the late-stage Core Formation realm. He should be like Fan Zhong, unable to pass the puppet screening.

Unexpectedly, Qi Ming's performance in the puppet screening was extremely outstanding, and it even exceeded everyone's expectations. Not only did he pass the screening, but he also directly obtained first.

Speaking of which…

Tang Binshun's performance was very ordinary. He was only 58th on the rankings and was still very far from the top ten, much less compared to Qi Ming.

The difference was huge.

In the Green Cloud Floating Palace.

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