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The Aeternus Universe


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The year of humanity is 2415, and DDVR and VRMMORPG's are commonplace now. It's extremely hard for a new game to come out and be successful. The greats of these genres have ruled for a few centuries now. A new game is releasing soon, and it has promise to be one of those. The Aeternus Universe. A Virtual Reality game has what you would expect from a game in this genre. However, some things make it special. One of those being the exploration and adventure through galaxies and The Aeternus Universe. Other games in this genre take it to fantasy and medieval times. This is set in a universe where there are super advanced technologies, spaceships, and Mecha suits—lost Alien tech ready to be found and claimed. Some of these all come together. The story starts 2 days before the release of the game, and with our protagonist—a 20-year-old male by the name of Scott Autumn. He is one of the few jumping from the current major game to this one. Seeing its potential for greatness and chance to be one of the biggest games on the market.


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