62 Chapter 62 - The Calamity Tiger - Kensei Yasaji

Private Training Ground.

It was a few minutes past seven in the morning. Daichi and Kensei stood on the training ground facing each other. Kensei was wearing a dark green vest similar to the Jonin vest. He had a kunai holster and shuriken pouch tied on his legs. And on his hands were fingerless black gloves with metal plate covering. He had a tanto strapped to his back along with arm and leg guards.

Kensei had a calm but stern expression on his face. As Daichi stood opposite to him, he understood that this would be an entirely different level of battle. He could feel the presence of the veteran ninja pressing down on him.

'He's not kidding around. It feels as if there's some sort of pressure exerted on my body. I can't underestimate him.'

Daichi noticed something strange with Kensei's left leg. It was something he noticed from the moment they left the house 'He's not wearing the usual prosthetics. This one looks and helps him move around like a real leg… It looks a lot more advanced than the one he had before. Maybe an advanced puppet prosthetic…? Wonder where he got that from?'

Daichi used 'Observe' on him. Up until then every time he used the information gathering skill on Kensei it wouldn't reveal anything but today was different. Today he finally saw information on his grandfather and after reading it he became even more serious and slightly nervous.

[LV.75](Regressed)[Kensei Yasaji][The Calamity Tiger.]

[Age: 64]

[HP: 8533] [CP: 8006]

[Kensei Yasaji is a retired Jonin and former Anbu captain. He graduated from the academy one year after Hiruzen Sarutobi. He is considered an exceptionally gifted ninja due to his knowledge and usage of several ninja arts. He rescued Fumiyo Aya during a mission and formed a relationship thereafter. He married her and had a son named Hotaru Yasaji. Kensei Yasaji is a talented shinobi who fought in three world wars and completed 1320 missions ranging from Ranks D to S. During the second world war due to his formidable power he earned the nickname 'The Calamity Tiger.' His primary chakra nature is fire but he is also capable of using earth and wind chakra natures proficiently and has some degree of mastery in water and lightning. Even though he is loyal to the village his philosophies regarding the place have changed due to his bitter experiences throughout the years. He is very fond of you. Due to his age and the injuries he suffered throughout his career, his level, chakra and health points have regressed.]

'That's a lot of info. Is it because he's related to me?... Questions for later.' Daichi read the information displayed as quickly as possible. As he finished reading it Daichi became nervous. 'The Calamity Tiger? So he was strong enough to earn a nickname huh. I need to be extremely cautious. I'm not going to add points to my stats but I won't hold back either.'

Daichi remembered the quest that popped up when they reached the training grounds a few minutes ago.

[Quest Created - 'Battle Kensei Yasaji.']

[Your grandfather has challenged you to a battle. Fight and give it your all.]


Survive the battle for over 1 hour.

Force your opponent to take you seriously.

Inflict an injury on your opponent that reduces over 150 HP at once.

Defeat Kensei Yasaji. (Bonus)

Survive the battle for over 5 hours. (Bonus)


20000 Exp.

New skill.

+2 Level. (Bonus)

New weapon. (Bonus)

Reputation increases with Kensei Yasaji.


-1 Level.

New Title.

Reputation decreases with Kensei Yasaji.

[Accept (Y/N)]

Daichi accepted the quest without hesitation and now he was prepared for the fight.

"Daichi. Don't hold back on me just because I'm old and crippled. You'll learn in a short while that appearances can be deceiving. Do you understand?" Kensei spoke up.

"I know." Daichi nodded his head. "I'll come with the intent to kill." Daichi became serious. But despite the serious situation, due to his many life or death battles in the dungeon, instead of anxiety, Daichi was feeling excitement.

"Whenever you're ready. Come." Kensei spoke up.

Daichi took a short breath and let it out. 'Let's do this!.'

3 shuriken appeared between Daichi's fingers on both hands and he flung them as fast as he could at his enemy with precise aim. In the span of mere seconds they neared their target.

Kensei stood still and looked nonchalantly at the flying shuriken. He had a smirk on his face as he calculated the trajectory of the shurikens.

'Head, heart, lungs, thighs and arms. All of them aimed to kill and/or immobilize my limbs. Good. It's good that you're serious.'

He took a single shuriken from his weapon holster and flung it within an instant. The time for that action to take place was less than one second. Kensei's shuriken hit the weapon flying at the front and changed its trajectory. And then both weapons hit the others near them and changed their paths as well. In moments all shuriken were deflected from their original paths and flew by Kensei without ever getting near him.

Daichi's eyes widened like dinner plates as he saw the scene.

'With just one shot he changed the paths of all the shurikens coming at him… And the way his arm moved… It was a fluid motion. No wasted energy. Precise and strong and yet graceful… This guy… he's no joke!!… So this is what a veteran ninja is capable of huh… Incredible.'

Not one to waste time and let the opposite side dictate the battle, Daichi made his move. He created two shadow clones and surrounded Kensei. All of them threw several shuriken at the old man at the same time and then moved to attack him. The real Daichi leapt up and aimed a kunai at Kensei's head while the clones positioned themselves at Kensei's front and rear. They ran at him with the intent to engage in hand to hand combat.

Kensei took a single glance at the coming projectiles and deflected all of them like before with three shurikens. He then got ready for Daichi and his clones and prepared for the Taijutsu battle that was about to begin. He analyzed the strategy used by his grandson.

'A shuriken attack wave from 3 directions and now a direct attack from 2 sides. If I jump upwards he's ready to impale me with that kunai.' He internally smirked. 'A basic attack strategy of a three man team. How childish.'

Kensei easily blocked the punches aimed at him with both hands. The clone's real intention was to hold his arms so Kensei wouldn't be able to deflect the kunai Daichi had just thrown. Kensei tilted his head to the side and let the kunai pass him by but suddenly the weapon changed directions and flew back at his head.

Daichi smirked as he looked on. 'Look at that. 'Chakra threads' is such a great skill.'

Kensei pushed against a hand holding him down and used a bit more force to get free but it was too late. The kunai struck his head and was buried deep. Blood gushed out and both clones jumped back while Daichi landed on the ground. He was startled for a moment because it was the first time he saw blood and gore like that. Especially when it was him that inflicted that injury.

In the dungeon, due to the enemies being made up of smoke like substance and since they were made by the system, Daichi never felt remorse or any other feelings when killing them.

But this sudden splash of blood froze him. His hands slightly shook and he became a bit unfocused. It wasn't enough to trigger the effects of the Gamer's Mind but what happened still made him lose focus. At that moment a powerful kick hit his back sending him flying onto one of the clones.

[-33 HP]


The clone caught Daichi but due to the force of the impact, it was dispelled.

'Of course. There is no way a veteran ninja would die like that.' Daichi refocused his senses and looked at the fallen Kensei. It had turned into a log with a kunai buried in it. The real ninja was standing several feet away from him looking right as rain.

"That was -..."

"A substitution with a simple Genjutsu weaved in. The Genjutsu made it look real. It wouldn't fool a real ninja but against amateurs it's more than enough." Kensei answered Daichi's incomplete question.

Daichi narrowed his eyes as he listened to the old man. 'When did he have time to weave signs for a substitution or that Genjutsu?... And moreover… I thought Genjutsu didn't work on me due to the Gamer's Mind. What's going on?'

As Daichi thought about this question Kensei suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Don't get distracted."

Kensei yelled as a powerful kick broke through Daichi's defenses and landed on his chest. The force of the attack sent him flying backwards. Daichi quickly regained his bearings and backflipped in mid air and landed on the ground. He skidded a few feet back but used chakra to stop his momentum. During this time Kensei attacked and easily dispatched the 2nd clone as well.

'The kick had enough force to send me flying a few meters back but it didn't do much damage. And it was a little bit weaker than the last one. Looks like the damage reduction buffs are doing their jobs.' Daichi concentrated on the fight and on his enemy.

A few seconds passed and Daichi and Kensei rushed at each other. They both began their Taijutsu battle. Daichi was having a much harder time against him than he had in any of the other fights. Kensei deflected Daichi's attacks and easily broke through the boy's guard and precisely landed his strikes.

The first few blows Kensei dealt didn't do much damage but as more and more attacks landed on him Daichi noticed something.

'He's increasing the strength of his punches. And now he's putting enough force in each punch to surpass my damage reduction buff.'

Daichi's damage reduction buff worked well against enemies on his level and below. But against enemies with higher levels the effects of the buff become reduced. The higher the level of an opponent and the power of an attack, the easier it will be for the enemy to reduce damage reduction effects and inflict more damage on Daichi. The boy figured this out during his many fights in the dungeons.

As Daichi blocked another punch he understood the old man's plan. 'He's testing my limits. He's trying to see just how much punishment I can take.'

At this moment a notification appeared.

[Mental intrusion detected.]

[Gamer's Mind has neutralized the attack. ]

Kensei tried to place a Genjutsu on the boy but it was ineffective. He narrowed his eyes as he tried to figure out how Daichi quickly got rid of the Genjutsu.

'Strange. I tried to place a 'balance disruption' Genjutsu on him but as soon as my chakra came in contact with his he negated my attack. But it didn't look like he consciously did it… I'll need to look into this.'

Kensei was analyzing Daichi's progress and fighting style throughout the battle. He was also trying to figure out Daichi's damage threshold.

During the spars throughout the years Kensei had learned that Daichi had a much stronger body than a child his age should have. Daichi took far less damage and was much more durable than others. He could last longer and recover quickly after a fight. Kensei was curious and wanted to know the secrets of Daichi's body but he never asked the boy.

'Now's the perfect time to see just what you're capable of. Your body is abnormal and your learning capabilities are beyond incredible… I have a feeling you know the secrets behind your abnormalities but something tells me you won't share them with me… That's fine. I'll figure it out on my own.' Kensei was determined to figure out Daichi's secrets.

After dozens of blows Kensei had a rough idea as to how much force should be exerted to injure Daichi. He evaded a punch and tried to sweep Daichi's legs. The boy slightly jumped and kicked out. His knee aiming for the old man's chin.

Kensei blocked the knee with a palm and punched. Daichi blocked the fist but he was forced to fall back and take several steps back to steady himself.

Both of them stood without making a move. Neither one was even slightly out of breath. For this was just a warm up. The real battle is about to begin.


Author's Note:

I can already picture some of you guys saying "Daichi has Gamer's mind and thus Genjutsu shouldn't affect him. So what the hell, author?"

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