203 Chapter 203 - B Rank Mission: Conclusion

"No… That… That can't be…" Jedayu couldn't believe that his months of planning and sacrifices had been for nothing.

[Quest 'Identify the Culprit' Completed.]


[20000 Exp.

3000 Exp.

+1 Intelligence Stat.

+2 Dignity Stat.

+1 Charisma Stat.

Reputation increases with the Client.

Reputation massively increased with Genma Shiranui, Hiruzen Sarutobi and people in Fire Capital.

Opening the 3rd Quest - 'Cure Leorio Mayima'.]

[3rd Quest.]

[Quest created - Cure Leorio Mayima.]

'Excellent. That's a nice chunk of Exp.'

Daichi read through the notifications and accepted the next quest quickly. He then looked at the shocked man and gave a final blow to his psyche.

"Oh yeah. I almost forgot. I subdued your would-be assassin, and now I have a sample of the poison in my possession. My clone is currently working on it at the hospital to find a counter agent. In about 4 hours I'll have an antidote ready for Leorio. He will be just fine."

Hearing Daichi's words, Lord Taji let out a sigh of relief and smiled.

Yondu smirked and looked at the dying man in front of them. "You lost."

Rage filled every inch of Jedayu's body. He gripped his cane so badly he was bleeding from his nails. His eyes were on the Genin who was smirking at him. "You… brat."

"Enough Jedayu! There is nothing more you can do. So are you going to surrender and come willingly or not?" Genma stepped forward and crossed his arms.

Jedayu took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. "So I failed huh…"

"Yes. This is the end for you." Taji said with a cold tone. He wasn't going to forgive the man for what he did.

A mad grin quickly formed on Jedayu's face. Daichi and the others were immediately on alert. He quickly made a seal and the clothes on his body started hissing and sending out smoke. Jedayu was secretly covered in paper bombs and he suddenly activated them. "Since I'm going to die, I'm taking you all with me…"

Along with Jedayu, the entire room they were in was covered in paper bombs.

Genma's eyes widened at the large number of active paper bombs. 'Oh fuck me.'

The moment Jedayu had the crazy grin on his face, Daichi had an idea what he was up to. He gathered his chakra and the second Jedayu made the seal, the young Genin quickly went through several hand seals.

'Earth style - Super Hardened Defense Dome.'

His chakra responded at lightning speed and a powerful earth dome quickly erupted from the sides of the floor and completely covered everyone. It was thicker and several times stronger than the normal earth defense dome. Genma, Yondu and Lord Taji were all standing close to Daichi so they were all under the protection of the jutsu.


A powerful explosion went off inside the room and its power rocked the whole mansion and brought it down on top of Daichi's dome wall. The sound of the explosion and it's shockwave woke up the entire Fire Capital. The guards stationed outside the Mansion were thrown backwards due to the force.

"LORD TAJIII…" Tadashi's scream couldn't be heard through the sounds of the falling rubble. Dust and smoke filled the whole area and chaos erupted. The guards and ninja securing the perimeter quickly rushed towards the fallen house.

As they were about to dig, a small explosion happened in the center sending wood and stone flying. They saw Daichi standing there with his right fist stretched and around him, the 3rd Minister, the Special Jonin and the messenger of the Royal court. All safe and sound.

"That was too close... Nice reflexes Daichi." Genma praised his ward for his quick thinking and actions. The man was about to grab the minister and body flicker away knowing that the other two would follow him. It was a risky plan so when he saw Daichi's defense dome sprang up he abandoned that idea and decided to trust Kakashi's student.

"I can't believe he did that." Taji's heart was pounding in his chest and only now was he beginning to calm down. He turned towards Daichi and thanked him for saving their lives.

"So this is why… I knew it was a bit too easy…" Daichi muttered to himself but the others heard him.

"What are you talking about Daichi?" Lord Taji asked the Genin.

Daichi looked at the 3 people around him and explained. "When I was interrogating Junichiro… It felt like he gave up this location without much resistance. At first I didn't think much of it but it still bothered me on some level. But now we know. This was a trap to kill you, Lord Taji. My guess is that if Junichiro was captured then he was to give up this location and Jedayu must have been counting on you to come here yourself. It must be why there was no one else here other than Jedayu. It was to lure you in. Junichiro might have wanted to make it look real or he might have wanted his master to change his mind and escape at the last moment. I think that's why he resisted at first… This is all just a theory anyway."

"I see…" The minister sighed as he heard that. 'The lengths a man will go to for revenge…'

"Whatever the case is, it doesn't matter now. All the parties involved in the poisoning are dead. We can finally be at ease." Yondu spoke.

"Not all of them. The man who created the poison, Sasori of the red sand… he is still out there." The minister spoke and nobody missed the wariness in his tone.

"I don't think you need to worry about him coming after your family. Based on what I know he's a missing nin from Hidden Sand village and he most likely created the poison as a job for Jedayu. I doubt its anything personal to him." Genma said, trying to reassure the man.

The minister turned to look at the Special Jonin. "It felt pretty fucking personal to me… Apologies for the crude words." The minister sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Whatever. Right now there are things that are more important that need my attention."

The Royal messenger surveyed the whole area and then spoke again. "It looks like nothing survived. I have a feeling that it's over."

"We should get out of here. There could still be paper bombs that didn't detonate." Genma said and all of them slowly made their way to the outer area and the Guards surrounded.

"My Lord, are you alright?" Tadashi's his master once over and was satisfied to not see any visible injuries.

"I'm fine Tadashi. Daichi saved our lives." The guard smiled and nodded his head at the Genin.

"Daichi, why don't you head to the hospital. Now that you have a sample of the poison you're much more needed there." Yondu said.

"He's right. I'll be with them just in case Jedayu has set up any more traps. Go."

Daichi nodded to Lord Yondu's and with Genma's assurance of their safety he headed to the hospital.

"Yes. I'll inform my wife of the good news." Taji said with a wide smile.

Tadashi was confused as to why his lord was smiling like that. Seeing the confused look on his guard the Minister explained.

"Leorio is alive. Daichi was able to temporarily heal his injuries and extend his life until he found a permanent cure."

The guard's eyes widened at that. "What? Young master Leorio is alive?"

"Yes indeed. I'm sorry for the ruse that was played, but it was necessary." Taji said with a small apologetic smile. Tadashi was one of the guards that had been with him for over two decades. It pained to suspect the man or even lie to him but the minister told himself that it was for his nephew.

Tadashi was silent for a few moments before a smile appeared on his face. "I understand my Lord. I'm just glad he's alive."

"Mm… Let's get out of here…"

They left while the guards and Leaf shinobi combed through the wreckage.

At the edge of the compound, in the shadows there were two figures watching everything.

'So Jedayu died huh… I didn't think they would get to him… Looks like the plan will be a failure.'

"Want to go to the hospital to see if Daichi can save his life?" One voice asked the other.

"Hmm… Sure. I'm curious to see the result as well. If Leorio is saved then we'll have to abandon our plans. If that's the case then I'm not sure how Pain will take the news." The second voice replied and the two disappeared.


Daimyo Palace.

"Hmm… So he wanted revenge for his dead wife and son huh." The Daimyo of the Fire country Lord Ryuga Hinoō sat on his immaculate throne and looked gazed at his messenger.

Yondu nodded his head. "Yes. And the fact that he had the whole mansion rigged to explode… It seems he was planning on luring Lord Taji there all along."

Ryuga sighed and slightly shook his head. "And even that failed. What a pathetic ending to a sad, desperate man… Well, I'm glad you're alright Yondu. I would not have been happy if anything had happened to you."

"Thank you for the kind words my Lord. It was Daichi's quick thinking that saved us."

Ryuga nodded. "I'll be sure to Thank him."

"On another note, seize all of Jedayu's remaining assets. And find out what contacts he has here. He must have bribed at least a few people here for all of this to go unnoticed for so long. I won't tolerate anyone causing trouble in my domain."

"Yes my Lord. It shall be done." Yondu bowed his head and replied.

Ryuga then asked the minister a question that's been on his mind. "So, how's your evaluation of the child?"

Yondu was silent for a moment to gather his thoughts and then spoke. "I have no doubt that his medical skills are on par with Lady Tsunade herself. And he's not just a talented medic. His Ninjutsu skills are also far ahead of someone his age. His earth jutsu responded quickly and was powerful enough to withstand the blast of so many paper bombs… I believe he's mastered the second step of Change in chakra nature for Earth."

Ryuga had a small smile when he heard that. "I see. That's certainly impressive."

"There is something else." Yondu took a few seconds and looked at his lord with a serious face. His mind recalling the interrogation scene.

"He is more dangerous than we have previously assessed. He's much more cunning than he lets on and he can be quite cruel if the time calls for it. He told me he plays shogi with his grandfather frequently. And it shows. His battle senses and strategies are far beyond Genin stage. We will have to raise his threat level."

Ryuga nodded as he listened to his friend. He smiled at his messenger and spoke. "I told you before, didn't I? He's a very interesting child. And it seems Kazuya is interested in Daichi's skills as well… He's had some of his men gather information about the Genin."

"The young prince? But why?" Yondu was confused as to why the youngest son of the Fire Lord was interested in the boy.

"Who knows? But I'm not going to interfere… I'll just sit back and enjoy the show." With a wide grin the Lord of Fire country just relaxed in his throne and enjoyed his wine.


Hours passed by and Genma, the Minister along with his family and few guards were standing outside Leorio's room waiting for Daichi to finish creating the antidote.

In the medical Lab, after about 4 hours of analysis and experiments, Daichi finally had a blue vial ready. 'Finally. It's ready… Time to wake him up.'

Daichi made his way out of the lab and headed straight for Leo's room. He saw the anxiousness on everyone's faces and smiled. Giving Lord Taji and his family hope. Daichi went in and soon administered the antidote.

He then placed his palms on Leo's chest and it started glowing green. Daichi used a diagnostic jutsu to see the effects of his drug. He found that his antidote was working well to counter the foreign toxin.

'To think it was Sasori who created this poison. If the Akatsuki is involved then trouble will no doubt find me sooner or later… Hmm… What were they doing at this time in canon?'

Daichi recalled the memories from his previous life and charted the movements of the Akatsuki. 'At the moment they were more focused on gathering intel and shoring up their resources. They were also looking to increase their revenue. Could this just be another job for them to make easy cash? Or is there something more?'

Daichi focused his attention back to his patient. Half an hour went by and the Genin did a thorough checkup and concluded that all foreign toxins had left Leorio's body.

[Quest 'Cure Leorio Mayima' Completed.]


[14500 Exp.

2175 Exp.

+1 Level in Health Manipulation.

+1 Dignity Stat.

+1 Charisma Stat.

Reputation increases with the Client.

Reputation massively increases with Genma Shiranui, Hiruzen Sarutobi and people in Fire Capital.]

[Chain Quest Completed]

[500 Exp.]

[75 Exp.]

"Ohh… What…?" The Minister's nephew was slowly starting to wake up. As his eyes gained focus, the first face he saw was Daichi's.

"Welcome back. How are you feeling?"

"A bit tired… But otherwise… I feel fine…" He slowly sat up in his bed and took several deep breaths of air and smiled as he felt no pain. He moved his arms and legs and felt that he was back to normal.

"You saved me. Thank you." Leorio gave a small bow to the Leaf Genin and straightened.

"You're welcome. Your family is waiting for you outside. Do you wanna see them?"

Leo eagerly nodded his head to the Genin's question. Daichi went out and relayed the good news and in seconds the 3rd Minister, his wife and fiance came running. Junko hugged her man and buried her face against his chest. "I'm so glad you're safe." She said with tears running down her cheeks.

"Oh Leo, you had everyone so worried."

"Are you feeling alright?"

The young man looked at his family and he couldn't help but get choked up. "I'm fine now… see…"

Daichi was outside relaying the details to his Jonin instructor and then went inside Leo's room. The minister turned to the medic who saved his life and bowed. Fuyi smiled while Junko was shocked that the proud Minister was bowing to someone else other than the Daimyo.

"Thank you for what you did. You not only saved Leo but you also saved mine and Fuyi's life…" Lord Taji was grateful beyond words.

"Please sir, there's no need to bow. And besides, it's what you hired me to do." Daichi had been in situations like this plenty when he was with Tsunade. He would heal a life threatening injury and the family would show great appreciation and even bow. At first it was awkward but now he doesn't think twice about it. But the man in front of him was the minister of the Fire Capital. So Daichi kept a polite and awkward expression.

Lord Taji straightened and looked at the boy with a smile. "I know the monetary reward I put up for this mission is nowhere near enough to compensate for what you did today. So I'll just give you this…"

Lord Taji took a golden emblem from his pocket and handed it to Daichi. "That is my family seal. That proves you're an ally of the Mayima family. If you're here and ever in need of any assistance, just show that seal."

Daichi took a look at the small pendant and tucked it inside his pocket. "Thank you Lord Taji." 'Wow… Cliche move. But I'm not complaining. Who knows when and how this might come in handy.'

The minister then turned to look at his nephew. "Will Leo need any medication going forward?"

"No. All he needs is plenty of water to drink and a day's rest and he'll be fine."

"Amazing. Your medical skills are truly amazing."

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Lady Tsunade. She is the one who taught me everything regarding medical ninjutsu."

The Minister smiled and nodded.

After checking him once over, Dr. Karuizawa dismissed Leo from the hospital. The young man was currently spending time at home resting with his family while Daichi and Genma stood in front of the Fire Lord.

Ryuga smiled as he looked at the boy. "Your reputation is well deserved. And you have my gratitude for saving my men's lives. So I'll let you make one request within reasonable bounds and it'll be done. I know this is sudden. So you can think it over and the next time you're in the capital you can ask me for that request."

Daichi was shocked. 'Wow there's so many things… I need to think things through before I cash in that favor.'

Genma was equally surprised. He didn't think the Daimyo would make such an offer. At that moment Yondu, who was standing on the side, stepped forward and gave the special Jonin a scroll.

"Deliver that to the Hokage will you? It's important." Ryuga said nothing more and the Jonin straightened and nodded in seriousness.

"Have a safe journey back to the village you two."

"Thank you, Lord Ryuga."

With that Daichi's first B Rank mission had come to a successful closure and the Genin and his Jonin supervisor headed back to the Leaf village.


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