12 Chapter 12 - Hiruzen and Daichi

Daichi quickly calmed down. 'Thank you Gamer's Mind.' He immediately bowed and respectfully greeted the Hokage.

"It is an honor to meet you, Lord Third Hokage." He straightened and looked at the old kage.


[??] [Hiruzen Sarutobi] (Hokage)


Daichi wasn't surprised his 'observe' didn't reveal anything. 'The third Hokage! Holds the title 'God of Shinobi', 'The professor', and more. A powerful kage even in his old age. Need to be careful with what I say.' All of these thoughts flashed by in an instant.

Hiruzen chucked. "My… What a polite child." He had a gentle expression on his face. "Are you alright young one? Why were you crying?"

Daichi was surprised to hear the question. "Crying?" He brought his hands to his cheeks. He could feel the remnants of tears on his fingers.

'He didn't even realize it.' Hiruzen wanted to know what would make a young child feel such a strong emotion.

"It's nothing lord Hokage. I was just thinking about some things." Daichi replied not wanting to give away anything. 'I need to be cautious.'

"That must have been some pretty deep thoughts." Hiruzen walked forward and stood next to him. Both of them looked at the village.

"What do you see?" He asked after a few seconds of silence.

Although the question was simple, Daichi knew it was anything but. He was quiet for a few seconds and gathered his thoughts. He could give the normal answer. The one expected of a child his age.

Suddenly an idea came to his mind. A crazy wild idea that if it worked would help him immensely.

After a few seconds of contemplation he made a choice. He was going to take a giant gamble. If it succeeded, it would help him through the years to come. If it didn't… he didn't even want to think about that. With steely resolve in his choice, he replied in four words.

"Peace, harmony and sacrifice."

'Definitely not an ordinary child.' "Tell me more. What do those words mean to you?" The aging leader was curious about the mentality of the child near him.

Hearing the question Daichi slowly took a breath and after a moment let it out. He wanted to be absolutely sure and careful of the words he was going to say.

"I read about some of the history of the time before the founding of the village. The warring era. A time when everyone fought each other with no mercy. Anyone who wasn't one of them was considered an enemy and would be killed. Even children."

Daichi paused for a moment and continued. "But all of that changed when the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan put aside their differences and joined together to form the village. A safe place where their descendants could grow up without fear of death. A place where people could call home and their children could grow up happily. The world followed their example and peace was achieved."

Taking a short pause, Daichi continued.

"Then when several clans all over the land, who wanted to experience that peace joined the village, and each clan working together with the singular goal of protecting the village, it brought harmony."

The Hokage turned to look at the child. His face gave away nothing as he listened.

"And finally... Sacrifice...The ninjas giving their lives in battle to preserve the peace and safety of the village. Like the first, second and fourth kages did." Daichi turned to look at the kage. "That is what I see when I look at the village".

Hiruzen was expressionless as he listened to Daichi's words. He was scrutinizing the boy's chakra throughout the conversation. He couldn't detect a single chakra fluctuation that indicated the child was lying. Otherwise he would've thought the boy was just saying these words to gain his favor or trying to manipulate him using his ideology.

But when Daichi looked him in the eyes, he was sure of it. 'This child. He's not lying. And moreover he understands and embodies the philosophies of the first.'

[Rep massively increased with Hiruzen Sarutobi. ]

[Rep increased with Genma Shiranui.]

[Rep increased with Raido Namiashi.]

[Rep increased with Iwashi Tatami.]

[Due to making a clever and calculated decision, you have obtained +1 WIS]

Daichi didn't even look at the notifications that appeared. He looked straight at the Hokage with a serene expression.

When Hiruzen asked the question earlier he didn't expect a childish reply but he also didn't think he would get such a profound answer from the child. He was shocked. 'It feels like I'm looking at a young Itachi all over again.'


For the first time in a long time Hiruzen let out a hearty laugh. Daichi was a bit flabbergasted as he looked at the laughing old man. "Umm… lord Hokage..?"

He didn't get an answer. Hiruzen had a grin on his face as he stopped laughing. "What is your name?"

"Daichi Hekima."

"What do you want to be in the future?"

At this question Daichi grew a grin that matched the kage. "I'm gonna be a ninja."

"Are you joining this year?" Hiruzen asked. "No. Next year." Was the reply.

Both of them had a smile and turned to look towards the village. Both of them standing in comfortable silence. Thinking about the conversation.

"The first hokage was someone who thought the same. It was his philosophy. Peace through cooperation. It was a lesson he passed down to me, to his clan and to the village."

Hiruzen didn't say anything more. At that moment he made an important decision regarding the future of the village.

'Itachi had a kind, innocent and gentle heart but this world took that from him before he could even reach puberty. I won't let that happen again.'

As Daichi looked on he suddenly remembered the things he had to do and buy. And the simple quest he had to complete.

"Lord hokage, I promised my grandfather I would get home soon. May I be excused?"

Hiruzen smiled. "Yes. Get home safely Daichi." He watched Daichi leave with a smile on his face.

"Genma." He called out.

A shinobi wearing the standard Jonin uniform appeared behind him. He was one of the hokage guards tasked with watching and protecting him all day.

"What do you make of him?" The old man asked, wanting to know his shinobi's impression of the boy.

"He is… unusual. Based on his chakra, he's definitely a civilian. But his control over his emotions is better than the average adult who doesn't have any training. But I couldn't detect any deception in his words. And he doesn't speak like a child his age. It's the way he spoke about the topic. To me it felt as if I was listening to an adult." Genma took a pause and then continued.

"And it seems he can understand complex concepts that would baffle even some. There is a great possibility he could be a genius. But it would depend on his performance in the academy to determine that."

Hiruzen nodded to the assessment. "Find out everything you can about the boy. I want that information within 24 hours."

"Yes sir." With those words Genma vanished.

'If the next generation is anything like him, then when the time comes for me to depart this world I'll be happy knowing that the village will be in good hands… Hmm… I'll go see Naruto and take him out for some ramen.'

With that the Hokage started making his way to Naruto's home.


Daichi got down the steps and reached the base of the mountain. He took a look back at the mountain faces, put on his sunglasses and then turned around and walked. His next destination was the Yamanaka flower store.

His mind running a mile a minute. Going through every word and every instance of the conversation he just had with the most powerful person currently in the village.

Daichi only now dismissed the several notifications that were in front of him.

'I can't believe it worked! I was able to gain his attention in a good way. Now when I join the academy I won't have to hold back much. I won't show everything but I'll definitely take the top spot every year by a good margin. And if any unsavory characters like Danzo comes after me, the Hokage would be more motivated than usual to shield me.'

'After all, in his eyes I just became a promising talent that holds the values and ideals of him and his teachers. He mistook my mental maturity for genius talent. The same mistake Kensei made. One of the many perks of having a child body I suppose. People rarely take you as a threat.'

Daichi was cunning. Every move he made, every word he spoke, since the instant he recognised the kage was careful and calculated. The WIS stat increase proved it to him. Daichi knew the old kage had a kind heart and a soft spot for children so he used that information to his advantage.

'After that conversation he will be more than curious. He'll definitely send someone to investigate me. Probably one of the guards following him. I wasn't expecting the Hokage's platoon to be there but it's alright. They'll start with the orphanage and Aiko.'

'But I don't think there will be a problem. Based on the memories I have of before my awakening, I was still smart. Maybe not genius level. But I definitely learned things at a much faster rate than the other children. And Aiko has a good opinion of me. And since I only got adopted yesterday I doubt they'd bother the old man.'

'There is also a chance they'll trace my steps to the library. No… They definitely will do it. And they'll find the books I've read.'

Daichi thought about the gamble he just took and the reasons for doing it.

'If I didn't have the gamer's mind to keep my emotions in check, I don't think I could have pulled it off. And I wouldn't even have tried it. He's a sensor shinobi, from what I can remember. And a good one at that. So I needed a calm mind to make this work and I did tell him the truth.'

'I just didn't tell him the whole truth. But nor did I lie to him.'

He walked the road looking all around him. The people. Both ninjas and civilians. He saw the smiles on their faces as they chatted with their friends, families, neighbors, teammates. He looked at the team of Gennin that passed him by.

'Every word I said was what I truly believed about the village. But the last part. Sacrifice. I know the ninjas of this village are willing to give their lives to protect this place. Well… most of them anyway.'

'But that's not the case for me. I'm not going to sacrifice my life for this village. But I couldn't tell him that. He just assumed it would be something I would definitely do based on my words.'

'This is my second chance. I want to be a little selfish. Is that so wrong? I want to live a long life. Enjoy everything this world has to offer. There is a good chance that when I'm strong enough and dealt with the coming threats, I'll leave this village and travel the world. But until that day comes I'll need as much protection as I can get. What I did… it was necessary. But I hope this won't have any negative consequences in the future.'

There was one more reason he made this move. But he wasn't sure if it would work.

No longer thinking about the matter, Daichi kept walking. He wanted to see his progress and see how far he'd come. He opened his Status and skill page.

[Name : Daichi Hekima (The Gamer)]

Class : Civilian

Age : 5

Title : Capable Child, Explorer

Level : 4 (1300/1325)

HP : 355

CP : 230

SP : 210

Primary Stats

Strength - 10

Vitality - 8

Dexterity - 5

Agility - 10

Intelligence - 11

Chakra - 3

Wisdom - 11

Special Stats

Sense (LOCKED)

Stamina - 3

Indomitable (LOCKED)

Charisma (LOCKED)

Persistence (LOCKED)

Dignity (LOCKED)


Note - (Unlocking Special stats requires certain actions or reaching specific conditions. Different stats are unlocked with different methods. Stat points cannot be allocated to these stats.)

Stat Points - 30

Ryo - 1300


[1. Gamer's Mind - Passive (LV.MAX): Gamer's Mind is one of the skills granted to the user by the system. It allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows a peaceful state of mind. And this skill provides Immunity to mental disorders. Gamer's Mind is a skill that's already obtained and maxed.]

[2. Gamer's Body - Passive (LV.MAX): Gamer's Body is one of the skills granted to the player by the system. While this skill grants a body that allows the user to live the real world like a game, it has certain limitations. Cuts and bruises will be healed based on the physical stats of the user. The user receives minimal to no physical damage from blunt force attacks, only pain for a few seconds, and a loss of HP. But piercing and stabbing attacks will have a limited effect on the gamer's body. Sleeping in a bed restores HP, CP SP. Gamer's Body is a passive skill that is already obtained and maxed.]

[3. Gaia's Blessing - Passive (LV.MAX): The great God Gaia has blessed you and bestowed on you a special ability. Gaia's blessing will ensure that you will always be strong and healthy in your lifetime.

Temporary Effect: Gives the soul a new healthy body.

Permanent Effect: All diseases, poisons and negative status effects are healed. Sleeping increases regeneration. Sleeping in a bed increases regeneration several fold.]

[4. Observe - Active (LV.10 (21%)): A skill to find the target's information. Observe was obtained through continuous observation. Higher level of the skill reveals more information about the target.]

[5. Dishwashing - Passive (LV.1): A skill obtained through continuous dishwashing. With more mastery, you can clean any dirty spots with more speed.

Effects: +5% increase in speed]

[6. Meditate - Active (LV. 3(66%)): A skill obtained through continuously focusing on breathing and avoiding distractions. Helps the user enter a calm meditative state. Increases the regeneration of the body.

Effects : +4% to HP regeneration per minute.

+4% to CP regeneration per minute.

+4% to SP regeneration per minute.]

[7. Basic Body Conditioning - Passive (LV. 2(79%)): This skill gives the user's body an increase in strength, speed, vitality, and stamina through training.

Effects: +2% to Damage inflicted.

+2% to Movement speed.

+2% to Physical stat growth.

-2% to Damage taken.]

[8. Minimap - Shows your location at all times. Future maps and locations visited will be automatically added to Minimap.]

[9. Inventory - The Inventory is a storage dimensional ability. Only you the player has access to it. The Inventory window shows all the items you have stored in it including the clothes and weapons you've equipped. You can directly equip armor, weapons or clothes from Inventory to your body. The change is instantaneous. ]

After reading everything he closed the panels and kept on walking.


Daichi didn't know it at the time, but one of the three guards took an interest in him. He was looking forward to seeing how Daichi would perform in the Academy. And he would one day become one of Daichi's two Jonin instructors. But that is a story long into the future.

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