Inside a white room, sunlight was shining on her from the window as she slowly wakes up. Looking at the figure waking up, one can see that she is clearly a beauty, one that can cause the fall of a Nation.

We can clearly see a figure with black straight hair and charming black eyes which are attractive to the point of lethality. She slowly wakes up and mumbles 'Time to wake up Sammy now '.

She quickly wakes up and freshes herself and gets ready and leaves the room.

She enters a room that is opposite to hers and enters it. She quickly wakes up the person on the bed. The pale-faced blonde boy wakes up to see a familiar figure then quickly greets 'Good morning sis'

Scarlet replies "Morning, get ready while I prepare breakfast "

sam "k, sis "

She quickly goes to the kitchen and prepares breakfast while humming. After making breakfast she arranges the breakfast on the dining table and waits for Sammy.

Sammy arrives and eats breakfast and leaves for school.

After this Scarlet sighs " Time to get to work" and goes towards a cupboard and turns a clay model after which a secret room appears.

She quickly scans her iris and fingerprint and enters the room. One would be shocked to know that the same person is the best secret agent present in this world and holds the title of blood rose for her achievements during the missions.

She turns on her computer and enters the secret agent site to check for notifications. she sees.....


Terrorists have hacked the nuclear codes of many countries due to the betrayal of captain Russow. Eliminate the terrorists within 36 hours else the world will be in danger. Special agent Scarlet Thompson is assigned this mission due to a high level of difficulty. We expect good results from you.

Seeing this she sighs ' i thought I could get a day free. but this mission is too dangerous, it's a good thing that I have written all my assets in the name of my younger brother Sam if something happens to me hope he can continue to live well '

Then she starts to get ready and grabs her equipment. Then she goes to the secret base.

Then she calls nick, a technician to assist him via Bluetooth. She climbs the helicopter to get to the location of terrorists. After arriving at the location

she jumps and opens the parachute.

She lands and starts firing at the terrorists one by one terrorist dead bodies start piling up, looking at that scene anyone can feel that she the goddess of death .she slowly kill all the terrorists and retrieves the Pendrive with nuclear codes while returning she was shot by a familiar figure, nick.

she asks with a hoarse voice "why...."

To which he replies " obviously for money "

then she collects the last of here energy and pulls the pin of a grenade and both of them die in the explosion.

During her last moments, she thinks' brother sorry for leaving you abruptly but nuclear codes are too dangerous in terrorist hands I had to sacrifice my life hope you don't blame me '

then closes her eyes

Her soul fleets in void seeing which a majestic entity sighs ' Scarlet, you are an amazing existence you have selfless saved many people time to time and built and run many hospitals and orphanages so that no one will experience what you have gone through, you also adopted a boy as your younger brother and took care of him.

So let me reincarnate you into another world where a poor soul will undergo a very difficult childhood, hope you can be a good elder sister to him just like you were to sam. The world you are going to be is dangerous so I will give you a gift which will enhance your survival there.

You will have an Affinity of space, when the right time arrives you will regain your memories, goodbye


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