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Yes, the shameless author had to come and do it, no seriously, give it a try, if you like, you found a new book to keep you entertained, and if you don't...Well, at least you can say you tried :)

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Writing quality is spot on except for the rare miss spelling. Paragrapgs should also be cut to read easier. Update stability is practically every week so its good. Storry development is good, but gives me the feel similar to Chinese novels, except it's the american version. With less racism. Hopefully. Charachter design is good. I wish he started of older but I'm cool with how he is now. Also wish he was abit more Op. Like Natalie Portman in the movie Lucy. But he would gain power at a slower rate. The being at the bigining should also make an appearance, soon but that's just my opinion. World background is pretty much earth with just afew more baddies and mysteries, so its ok. So over all its a good read that I recommend you try. Keep it up author.


This is a good ass story so far the character is nice but isn't so stupid that he's nice and you can get those vibes from him that he simply enjoys life and wants friends. Please keep the story going author there are so many small stories out there that authors drop but I'd hate to see it happen to this one.


Overall great story! However there are a few problems such as grammar mistakes. But tbh its not that much of a big deal. Although i do have a few problems with the character development. This is just my personal preferences but i just wish Ace(MC) had more freedom...instead of his grandmother controlling him/making his decisions every single time. I mean I understand that he is young, therefore you might have limited his freedom...but his IQ and EQ is astronomically high so he should be more mature than others anyways.... Another thing is that his grandmother has all the power and authority but i just wish she had a better personality...I only read until ch35 so i may be wrong but the mc's only parent seems to be his grandmother why is she being so manipulative. *This is just my personal preferences so flame me if you want, but i wont change my mind on this. Anyways You do you Mr Author. I'm just one of the many readers you had, but i'm afraid i'll be dropping this novel. Peace out ma dudes!


You have a talent, I'm glad it's not going to waste.


Reveal spoiler


Favourite story I've read in a long time. The plot is good and Ace is a fun character to read about. Trust me. Read it. jdndkxnsbxjjxnsnzj


So, I have just finished catching up to the current chapters (167 at this point it time), and I have to say, I really love it. The writing quality is quite good, except for the occasional grammar or spelling mistake, and does not do anything to make your reading experience worse or anything of the sort. For stability of updates, I don't really know myself, but by going from when the chapters were released before, it seems quite stable. Now, story development for me was good. The pace for some might seem a bit slow since for the most part, it's just talking about his daily life and stuff, but I find it enjoyable. Most people thought that the grandmother was annoying and didn't like her, but she seemed ok enough to me, and in recent chapters, it clears things up about her so it's fine. The character design of Ace (mc). I enjoy watching Ace's character development and watching him mature, make friends, stream, make music, and all of the sorts. He enjoys his life to the fullest and is a genius, which for me is entertaining. He makes friends easily, and is nice, but is still careful and not naive, and can read everyone like a book. World background, not much to say. The setting is basically the same, starting from about 2015, and shifting events around a little to fit the storyline. There are some real-life people who are included, as well as some made up ones, so nothing too different. All in all, I would recommend this novel, so give it a try, and if you like it, good for you, if not then it's just not for you, so that's that, and we all have our preferences, so it's fine.


Realized I haven’t even reviewed yet. I love stories like this. The MC so far is streaming while playing games and music , and his channel grows as the story goes along. Right now since he’s a kid , it seems like he’s learning new things with the help of his learning capabilities , and just enjoying life. MC is also very smart. He’s not stupid or cringe. His intelligence shows in most parts meaning he doesn’t just have a high IQ just because. He actually uses his brain.


Muy buena historia, buena pausa y con capítulos versátiles... Una de las pocas historias que vale la pena leer cuando te aburre lo fantástico pero te sigue gustando un MC OP.


I absolutely loved this. it added such a nice aspect to the usual slice of life. i was very invested in the story and managed to finish im a day. overall 10/10


Please please update ikm so in to this book🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️😊😊😍[img=update][img=update][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Just an outstanding book, probably my favourite on the site it's just that good. The MC Ace is ridiculously smart and always makes everything go his way with his wits and money. Just a fabulous book. Recommended for sure!


normally I'd have reduced the stars for updating stability but since it's free I'm giving you a 5 star review, really looking forward to more chapters


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Just found this novel recently hehe ☺️ I'm so intrigued of the story, the hero seems unusual kind of a main character. but I like him though probably my type of guy hahaha I'm so weird. LoL


Hidden gold, I really don't know why this one is not popular yet. MC is a real badass. I hope the author plans to give us 1000 chapters or more;)


Honestly this is the first book that has kept me interested in a long time. I enjoy every single chapter and it is very well written. Definitely would recommend others to give it a shot!