Reviews of The Abused Luna's Comeback


The Abused Luna's Comeback

Author qkO7aX

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I was hooked in the first chapter. The writing is wonderful! You care about the MC right away but not only because of her situation but her strength. I just finished the latest chapter (33). I love where this story is heading, can't wait to read more!!

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Right now I'm on chapter 192 and the book is out of this world. Yes I've read books about Werewolves and Vampires before but this book puts a spin to it that I haven't read before (and I'm not spoiling it so go read it yourself! 😜😜) I like how the author is building the characters and how the story is developing so far. There's a mystery that makes you continue reading. And to be honest, unlike the previous reviewer, I didn't get hooked until Chapter 4-5. I'm not big into abuse or anything so I was worried that it would lead to more abuse but luckily it didn't. Keep up the good work author, I can't wait to see how the story develops!! 💜💜


This book is great! It has a good set of people and story lines. Each chapter can make me look forward to the next plot.Especially the male and female protagonists in the book are well shaped.Looking forward to more content ~


pleaseeeee finish the book pleasèeeeeeeeeeee