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The Abandoned Husband Dominates

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Got dam that synopsis is something else. It literally looks like a 10 year old kid wrote it. And he probably had a huge grin on his face after like he actually wrote something cool.

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I liked the story in the beginning even considering the whole son-in-law plot but these following chapters just ruined everything, like how can he get back together with that Hailey, seriously the dude caught them in a hotel in a room and just like he has forgiven her, well this just made me give up on the story


Jajaj funny he was training to be the heir of his family since he was 2 years old, has killed people but he's too 🤬 silly dealing with women.... God his grandfather teachings were for nothing 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


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I generally never write reviews, however, this novel truly truly irritated me. I had such high hopes - expecting various business elements (like those in God of Money) but all we get is a ‘misunderstanding clown fiesta’. Emphasis on the clown fiesta. Conflict (singular) in chapters 1-100 could have been solved in under 5 chapters had anyone decided to use even 5% of their brain. Its all set up to show that everyone besides the MC is a gold digger while building on some really unrealistic power-trips and lackluster (and equally unrealistic) revenge plot. I’d love to nitpick but its honestly not even worth the effort. Just use this review as a benchmark and save some time. [Dropped at Ch 100]


What did I just read? I actually wasted my time reading this only to find out that MC actually gets together with his cheating wife? Are you joking me author? I am just so mad that I will give 1 star, sorry. I usually want to make proper review, but I now hate my life because reading this story.


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this is my first ever review on webnovel I don't write them because I am lazy but this ... this is just utter garbage totally unrealistic and waste of time I read two chapters only two and fell like I have lost brain cells.its like a child wrote it


A story for cucks. your welcome to read it if your into that. good luck mate.... 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞[img=recommend][img=recommend]


The most infuriating story I have read in a while. This the type of story you read just before commiting a mass murder with the world class level of burning anger this generates. You and your wall have been warned.


I don't who is giving power stones to this novel. It is such trash. ML got cuckolded, he saw his wife in a hotel room cheating him, she seems to be pregnant with someone else child yet he still got together with her. What the f**k is that. Nice plot but the author ruined it. Plus this novel is pure torture, read at your own risk.


absolute s**t show of a novel. supposed elite "trained from childhood of a hidden hundred billion company" yet he's 25 making worse love choices than my 13 year old sister in middleschool. man get cheated on so many times but his "hardened on the battlefield ruthless a**" lets go of the woman every time or responds midly. every hundred chapters theres mutiple instances of him being cheated on. the worst part is he never acts ruthelessly or uses any of his supposed power really. this book could easily end in 30 chapters if anyone with half a brain was put into those situtations instead of him.


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1 star Although I liked this novel in the beginning, as I progressed upto chapter 81 I’ve decided that reading this was a waste of time and that the so called “MC” is just a simp. His so called revenge against Hailey is garbage and the amount of times he let her off because of his so called feelings for her is outrageously stupid.


I thought the main character was an honorable guy but he's an emotional child. He even had someone sexually assaulted because they said his girlfriend might be cheating.


Just why, dis story was jit’s Complerely ruined ntrEd more times than one can count but you the make the Mac Stay with the girl……what only of it wasn’t Like dis I would have kept reading


I liked it more than the usual since the revenge actually happened and the misunderstandings were actually eventually resolved, but it was quite lackluster. In addition, he can't seem to lose feelings for his ex-wife (who cheated on him and is obviously a gold digger), and according to what I've read in some other reviews, they even get back together. I very, very rarely write reviews, but this novel is terrible.


Looks like a kid is writing this up , we can call this a real TRASH. However i am addicted to the story so i will finish reading this. But will never suggest it to anyone.


Waste of time. The author probably don't know what his next chapter would be. Like all other Chinese novel, he was bullied, he was neglected, doesn't know he was the boss, ... Blah blah.. Don't waste your time, pick a real novel.