The 6 Eyes In The Cultivation World

Who said being the strongest is cool? Who said being at the top is fun? It's lonely up here, and a bit depressing standing at the peak...

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The Power To Erase It All 5

Fen Juechen was cold seeing the sect master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. this old man, he knew this was the powerful expert who had led the attack against his realm, this was a scheming old man who would do anything for power.

"Xuanyuan Wentian." He said coldly, ignoring the old lady he was slowly draining for all lifeforce.

"Boy, stop him from absorbing all of my energy, or else he will reach the realm above Soul transformation." the old lady said calmly, making Fen Juechen frown. he closely looked at her for some time, before shock hit him as she was an immortal who had suffered heavy injuries.

"Kill me. Also, don't use the sword, he is allowing you to control it." She said calmly, stunning Fen Juechen. He wasted no time in doing as she asked, in his right palm, demonic flames gathered which he shot towards her. the flames shot forward, compressing to form a beam that would not simply destroy her, but the whole hill.

"It's all pointless." Xuanyuan Wentian laughed as the sword left Fen Juechen hold, and appeared in front of the beam, blocking it for him. Fen Juechen's eyes widened seeing this, not understanding how the sword was able to act and move on its own... this could only happen if the sword had a spirit. but that should be impossible. or did Xuanyuan Wentian birth one? but how could he not sense it?

"... what an evil sword. how can something like this be in this lower realm?" the old lady said in shock after seeing the sword. At first, she didn't see anything special from the sword, she was too weak at the moment and was busy fighting against Xuanyuan Wentian. but as soon as the sword made its move, even she couldn't see through it. she realized this sword wasn't simple.

"This sword holds the ancestor of all devil realm cultivators, sealed away in the primordial era by a powerful expert. Back then, it was in the immortal realm, overwatched by the ancestor of your demon clan. but over time, your clan grew weaker, and a few million years ago, you fled to the lower realm... you want to know the cause behind all of this?" Xuanyuan Wentian asked while looking at the two shocked faces.

"The Devil Dao Ancestor has been lowering the luck of your bloodline for years until it reached a point where you were all nearly slaughtered. He summoned me to your demon realm, and with his help, I slaughtered you all... which I realized too late was a bad move since I couldn't free him without your blood." He said while the sword flew into his hands, empowering him to heights that even Fen Juechen couldn't reach with the sword. His body was swallowed with a dance of demonic energy, so rich and powerful his body even turned into a devil.

"We have bonded... but our bond would be perfect once I take your body. Look at Wu Xian, and yourself. You were born with such gifts from the heavens, yet I had to set out and take everything for myself. and in the end, you all fell before me." He said while growing younger as the old woman's body grew drier by the second.

'At this rate, he would devour my soul...' She thought before her body exploded with the weak power she had. Her old appearance disappeared, returning to her true appearance of a beautiful woman in her 20s. Her charm was something that could blind mortals, as an immortal, even someone like Xia Qingyue couldn't compare to her level of beauty.

Xuanyuan Wentian was sent flying away, fearing that simply standing near her, he would be crushed by her pressure. He looked at her in shock, not expecting she dared to do this knowing the whole lower realm would be destroyed... but he fell back for no reason. She had used the fact her power had dropped to such a sorry level to use all of her current remaining power for one thing.

"In the state you are in, controlling your time is so easy." She said while looking at a small stone that held a soul. She tapped forward, and what was equal to hours shot by for that soul. what followed was storing her memory in a stone, before cutting a piece of her soul which was crumbling away, and quickly fusing the memory in that stone into the soul which she sent into reincarnation. 

"If fate allows it, then let's meet in our next life." She said before just disappearing, leaving Xuanyuan Wentian enraged as his cultivation had stopped at half-step Saint. Sure he was the strongest, but still. He glared at the stone and seeing the soul within, he wasted no time in shooting towards and destroying it with a flash... just to find the soul that was within had disappeared, appearing in the sky.

He looked up, just to be shocked seeing the soul reforming its body. He shot forward, not wanting to give that soul the chance, but all he reached was infinity. even the sword which had the power to cut through space found itself unable to show its true power thanks to him being so weak...

"How is this possible!" Xuanyuan Wentian said only to be met with my lost and mad smile.

"I had cut pieces of my soul and stored them in safe places. this way, even after death I can just reform... but thats not important right now." I said while my blue energy eyes seemed to become even more beautiful all of the sudden.

"I was hoping to die. I knew that in death, I could find what I had been missing all this time. I knew that in death, I would be enlightened... THE WORLD LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL RIGHT NOW. LOOK AT IT, I WAS BLIND, I WAS QUESTIONING THIS AND THAT WHEN THE ANSWER WAS SO SIMPLE." Xuanyuan Wentian slowly stepped backward, not liking any of this.

"I WAS ALL LIKE, HOW DO I USE RED... I COULD JUST CREATE MY OWN NEGATIVE ENERGY AND MULTIPLY IT. BY TAKING MY NEGATIVE INTENT, I COULD MULTIPLY IT AGAINST ITSELF TO CREATE A POSITIVE INTENT...." Xuanyuan Wentian had to shut me out, as he realized I was high on power. I was so happy right now, I wanted to jump like a little kid. I was pulling my hair, struggling to release the joy within. I nearly pulled my hair out... no, I was pulling the hair out.

'Take his body. hurry!' the sword within the sword said, and it didn't have to tell him twice. Xuanyuan Wentian flashed toward Fen Juechen who was looking at me with a lost look... he realized from start to finish he was just a pawn used to take me out, and even at that, he failed.

I ignored them, just floating in mid-air while looking at the beautiful sky... everything looked so beautiful. I even managed to improve Infinity to bring out a real infinity. Meaning, that I was truly untouchable by many things that couldn't get past such a great distance. 

To do this, it was simple. Infinity existed all around us, I was infinity, no matter how much I divided a number, I will never reach zero. lastly, I can create my own infinity. these 4 concepts came together and fused to create a brand new Limitless. At the moment, I was Aleph Null, the smallest infinity. Soon I will be Aleph 2, then 3, and so on.

my eyes moved lightly, allowing me to see Fen Juechen who was fighting for control of his body, but he was defeated by Xuanyuan Wentian. Fen Juechen cried at me for help, but it was all pointless as in the end, I just watched as Xuanyuan Wentian took over his body.

What followed was Xuanyuan Wentian absorbing his former body, regaining his former strength... no, even stepping into the Saint realm.

"Such a powerful bloodline." Xuanyuan Wentian laughed while feeling the power of a saint that was running through him. it was so high in fact that even the heavens made their appearance, daring him to show off any more power. So, Xuanyuan Wentian had to keep his power in check.

"You arrogant son of a bitch. You think I can't break past that infinity now?" He asked while shooting forward toward me, he was empowered by the sword, but he couldn't control this power, so he had to use a technique to hide from the heavens, allowing him to fight at his fullest without worry.

he swung his sword at my head, but I just smoothly fell backward, dodging the attack which got past infinity. I moved, like paper in the wind, I dodged all of his attacks, which left his eyes wide.

'You're gone... I'm sorry, my arrogance is why you died. But even knowing that, I feel no hatred towards anyone. No sadness, or any of that... the world is just so wonderful right now. it's so beautiful.' I thought while looking at the beautiful clear sky, I could see far and wide, and even 360 degrees around me. So, I could see it all.

the ants on the ground, the baby tigers playing within a forest, the fish jumping out of a river to catch a flying insect. the birth of a newborn, a crying child who had an elder sibling there to cheer the child up, waterfalls, an old lady spending time with her beloved grandchildren, children playing and laughing... it was all so beautiful. How could I hate anyone in such a beautiful world?

"Reversed Limitless: Red." At the tip of my finger, a small red dot appeared. Xuanyuan Wentian looked at the small red dot, confused as he had never seen this move before. but as soon as Red was shot towards him, he moved, blocking Red with the demonic sword... he was sent rocketing away for thousands of miles, leaving Blue Wind.

Xuanyuan Wentian felt like he was hit with something with infinite mass, if the laws of this world no longer affected him, he was sure the clash between this attack and him would have at least shattered every bone in his body.

Red is the Cursed Technique Reversal of the Limitless, which reverses the effect of the strengthened technique and brings the divergence of infinity into reality, generating the power to repel. This is achieved by flowing positive energy into the power of the Limitless, creating a repelling effect rather than an attractive one. This technique manifests as a small red orb that can unleash immense explosive force in an instant. The energy output of Red is at least twice as much as the output of Blue.

'He is a monster.' Xuanyuan Wentian thought while getting up, removing some blood from the corner of his lips. That attack was a bit too powerful, and it was only a small dot, smaller than the tip of my finger.

"Give me more power, I don't care if this world is damaged. I can never live with this freak alive." Xuanyuan Wentian said to which the sword spirit agreed, and so Xuanyuan Wentian body... or in this case his new body began to transform, taking on a demonic form. With a newfound power, Xuanyuan Wentian stepped forward.

"1 Ray turns into 1 million!" He screamed while swinging his sword down with such might, that space ripped apart, unable to withstand his power. the void appeared, trying to suck in everything while the heavens quickly tried to heal the void created.

From that swing, A ray shot outwards, exploding into a million smaller rays.

"1 million turns into 1!" Xuanyuan Wentian said as the million sword rays gathered around each other before they began to start spinning together, fusing to form one huge and more powerful attack.

The speed of this sword instantly appeared before me, just to clash with Red which I had shot forward. Xuanyuan Wentian eyes widened seeing the force behind his attack just cave in with Red shooting forward, quickly appearing before him. He didn't want to tank Red as he felt like everything about him was being pushed. His soul, mind, spirit, and so on, if he takes enough of these attacks, then Fen Juechen could take back control.

He roared, using his strong attacks which left the plane heavily injured, but each was destroyed by Red. The heavens were no longer able to take any more of this, and soon the eye of Heaven appeared in the sky, wanting to see who was doing all of this damage. its eye instantly landed on Xuanyuan Wentian, and disgust filled that eye... but soon the heaven's attention turned towards words it never thought it would hear.

"Throughout Heaven and Earth... I alone am the honored one." I said while my hands moved, forming the Yin Yang Trigrams, before slowly bringing out my left hand, where a small purple orb appeared.

"I am the Omega and the Alpha. I am the god to the gods. I am The Heavens to the Heavens," I said while fusing blue and red. This technique collides the lapse and reversal of infinity, merging convergence and divergence. Hollow Technique: Purple is created when the repulsive forces of Red are combined with the attractive forces of Blue, bringing forth an imaginary mass that is then launched by the user. The mass destroys anything along its path,

Purple shot forward and everything in its path was erased. Space, time, laws, and so on. it was all destroyed, but the more Purple erased, the weaker it got. but thanks to it erasing everything, by the time it reached Xuanyuan Wentian, it had taken no time, pretty much teleporting before him.

Xuanyuan Wentian could only move the blade in front of him, just in time to block the attack. but the clash pushed the sword back, slamming into Xuanyuan Wentian and causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood. the sword slammed through Xuanyuan Wentian, while Purple erased the body part it had come into contact with.

'... Monster.' Xuanyuan Wentian thought while trying to heal his injuries, only to find that the memory of what his body was like before had also been erased. that attack didn't simply erase stuff like space or time, it even erased the memory of the stuff it came into contact with. the sword wasn't erased as it was too powerful, far above this lower realm.

"... Sir Devil Dao ancestor, please save me." Xuanyuan Wentian said while coughing up blood, the horror of death clear in his eyes. The sword quickly flew over. and using Xuanyuan Wentian's energy, it healed his body, allowing him to sigh in relief.

"Haha! I can't lose, just give up!" Xuanyuan Wentian laughed while shooting forward toward me, but he froze as the hand holding the Demonic sword was pulled off from his body. He slowly turned his head, just to see Blue had appeared. he turned back towards me, just to see Purple.

"W-wait!" Xuanyuan Wentian wanted to say more to try and save his life, but he was answered with Purple swallowing his whole body. He was erased, soul and all. he turned into nothingness. All but the body and Fen Juechan, I didn't know if after the 'High' disappeared, I would want him for something or not. So, I didn't kill him. Although he had fainted at the moment.

The Demonic Sword shot into my palm, where I just looked at it for a moment, before improving the seals upon the sword. after, I threw it into my storage rings, ignoring the sword's attempts to get me to work with it.

I ignored the heavenly eye which was still on me, and instead, I floated near where the old lady had disappeared, and just floated there, waiting for the High to disappear... I even ignored the sea race, which was fearfully retreating after seeing everything that had happened...