The 6 Eyes In The Cultivation World

Who said being the strongest is cool? Who said being at the top is fun? It's lonely up here, and a bit depressing standing at the peak...

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The Perverted Little Demon Empress

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"... Why are you naked?" the tournament had begun, and everyone's attention was currently on me as I entered the place butt naked. many sects and powers were there, among them being the sect master of Frozen Cloud Asgard who had come to speak with me, just to freeze seeing me naked.

"I sold off my clothing," I said with an annoyed look while pointing behind me, where a group of females were fighting over my clothing. It was annoying as they all teamed up on me within the game, forcing me to use my clothing to pay off my debt, but I of course won in the end. the game lasted a few days by the way.

They had bid for my clothing, but they kept the bid low enough that I couldn't beat them. they even supported each other, ensuring that I would remain outnumbered and forced to sell off everything. At one point I was scared I would have to sell my body to stay in the game, at which point I would have just lost... But I don't lose.

"Then put something on." She said speechlessly as everyone's eyes were on me

"I sold all of my clothing, they were ruthless and made sure I had nothing to even cover myself," I said with a sigh, which left many people from other sects speechless as they had no idea what happened. 

"Senior brother," Bai Autumn Snow said with a slight blush while holding out clothing towards me. I looked at her with a thankful look, before putting on the black T-shirt, boxers, and white baggy pants. I tied the string in the pants, before moving my body around, a surprise look in my eyes.

"Those are made with the best resources I could get my hands on. They were extremely flexible, and would never limit your movement. they are far better than the simple clothing you always have on." She said with a smile seeing my shocked look. Indeed, I always have simple normal clothing, this is why they normally get destroyed in battle.

"Thanks, I never thought of how my clothing weakened me," I said with a smile. I rubbed my stomach, seeing the cool outline of my abs. Everyone's faces twitched seeing me just feeling myself up, but they couldn't blame me as I had an outstanding physique.

"Brother Wu Xian, I also bought you some clothing." A group of girls suddenly came running over, leaving me speechless. First, they forced me to sell everything I had and now they want to repay me with better stuff? well, it was expected. With how perfect I am, even if I have nothing, people would give me everything. 

So, I happily took everything, before turning my attention to the sect master of Frozen Cloud Asgard.

"Yun Che came looking for Xia Qingyue, I tried calling her but I couldn't reach her." She said with a sigh, in the past, she would have disdained Yun Che, but the Yun Che of today wasn't simple, and she saw his strength.

"She left to explore other planets or something. I don't know." I said with a shrug, Xia Qingyue had left the planet after her small battle with Jasmine. But Gong Yuxian wasn't happy hearing my words,

"You know her physique?" She said to which I just shrugged. Xia Qingyue's physique was special, it didn't just allow her to hold extra power within an inner world, the person she lost her first time to would be able to also gain the effect of her physique. this meant that many people would want her, this is why Xia Qingyue was scared when I spoke of her physique.

"So, is this your way of bringing up a random topic to speak to me?" I asked with a smile, Gong Yuxian closed her eyes, almost about to cry. This was a serious matter, why couldn't she just talk?

"This is the first I've seen someone just close their eye when embarrassed, thats kind of cute," I said making her hand twitch, wanting to attack someone... but in the end, she turned and quickly disappeared before she was left enraged to the point of coughing up blood.

"Wow, fleeing out of embarrassment," I called out, but she disappeared, not daring to stay back for a second longer. this left me pouting as I couldn't enjoy her reactions, I sighed softly before going to sit and watch the tournament which quickly started...

"So... he is dead." A little Loli said while sitting on a throne, looking down upon Fen Juechen who was on one knee. This is the little demon empress, the current ruler of the Illusory Demon Realm. She was called the 'Little Demon Empress' because she could not directly inherit the Golden Crow's legacy,

"Yes... I wanted to bring the sword back, but my master refused... I was wondering, is anyone from my clan alive?" Fen Juechen asked with hopeful eyes, to this the Little Demon Empress avoided eye contact.

"I'm sorry... but you're the only one remaining. many things happened in the past 1,000 years, after your clan lost the sword, many who didn't view the humans as dangerous started to go to war with your clan. What followed was us demons slaughtering each other for hundreds of years while our true enemy sat aside, fueling the flames." She said in shame, while Fen Juechen's heart hit rock bottom

"500 years ago is when my clan finally united the demon realm, aiming our blades towards Blue Star, but it was too late as that man had formed a contract with the spirit of the sword. with the great power that sword gave him, we would have been enslaved if not for your clansman using their own life to reinforce the seal on that sword." She said lightly,

"Xuanyuan Wentian at this time was at the Saint realm, he had benefited from civil war for hundreds of years. But without the sword, we managed to greatly injure him, nearly crippling him. He fled back to Blue Star, where we couldn't follow as the gateway would have suppressed our cultivation, the last thing we needed was another war." She said while standing, slowly walking down towards Fen Juechen who looked at her with a downcast look. Sure this woman before was the most beautiful woman on the planet, but her charm couldn't overwhelm the feelings he felt.

"Fen Juechen, that sword belongs in your hands. for millions of years, your clan had protected and suppressed that sword. Go and get it back, the spirit within that sword is something you can't imagine." She said to which Fen Juechen sighed.

"My master knows it's the Devil Dao Ancestor, but he is too arrogant to care. but you need not worry as my master is unmatched under the heavens. Even from a weak planet like Blue Star, he reached a level where even immortals are shocked by his powers." Fen Juechen said, to which the Little Demon Empress frowned as she of course didn't trust his words.

"You can see him for yourself, he is a freak of nature... Did you know that 1,000 years ago, my parents made friends with an immortal?" Fen Juechen asked, stunning not just the Little Demon Empress, but those who have just been listening. Fen Juechen went on to tell them about how the immortal was saved by me, to how the immortal was so easily defeated. He didn't leave out the part where I was only a Qi Condensation.

"You think we would believe this?" An Old man who had goat horns asked while glaring at Fen Juechen.

"The tournament is about to end soon, my master is currently looking after the growth of one of his other disciples. He is more freakish than myself since he has a far better foundation." Fen Juechen said calmly, although he would cripple his cultivation soon and start over to build a far stronger foundation by reaching the 11th and 12 levels within each cultivation realm, as of now, he was the least impressive amongst all of my disciples.

"..." Those words made everyone speechless, although Fen Juechen was kneeling, everyone there knew he didn't have to. When a human appeared in the demon realm, let's say the demons were not happy. Fen Juechen suppressed the whole demon realm and only stopped when the Little Demon Empress spoke out upon sensing his bloodline.

A level 3 Saint, who can defeat even level 6 Saint with a simple look wasn't the most freakish person? To say the least, they were in shock.

"I'm willing to take you over to see him yourself. You need not worry about your safety, I will ensure it. I can make an oath if you want." Fen Juechen said to which the Little Demon Empress looked at him deeply for some time, before shaking her head.

"You could have killed me whenever you would have liked, let me see him." The Little Demon Empress said with a sigh, it had to be her job to warn this person of the Devil Dao ancestor.

"Oh... my master has ways with words. He can enrage people." Fen Juechen didn't know what to say, but he went on to warn her along the way, which the little demon empress just nodded although not taking it to heart...

A few minutes later, they arrived above the White Cloud sect. Just in time to see a bloody Qin Wentian standing in the center of the arena, crowned as the winner.

"Where is my reward?" Qin Wentian said while looking straight at me. the crowd which were clapping their hands and cheering for the winner paused, looking towards him and myself. But they were soon shocked seeing me throwing a sword towards Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian reached out his hand and just as he was about to catch the sword, Fen Juechen appeared, wanting to take the sword. but a force slammed him away, allowing Qin Wentian to catch the sword. Fen Juechen looked at Qin Wentian before looking at me. He ignored the fact a flick of my finger from so far away sent him flying back and spoke

"He can't have this sword. It's too dangerous." He said with a panicked look seeing Qin Wentian putting the sword away. Qin Wentian frowned, looking at the newcomer he had never seen before.

"You have a point... but since I gave it to him, it would be wrong to take it back... oh well," I said with a shrug, making Fen Juechen's face ugly.

"... this sword holds the soul of a powerful expert. It can't fall in the hands of a kid... thats even more so a kid with such great talent." the Little Demon Empress said while showing herself, and instantly everyone was charmed by her beauty.

"Whose the adorable brat?" I asked with an uninterested look, causing the Little Demon Empress to almost fall out of the sky. yes, she was short. And if one didn't look closely, they would think she was 14 years old. but she had lived for hundreds of years. her face turned red in rage, but she tried her best to keep it together as this wasn't her domain.

"Look at her, getting all red from embarrassment. Is seeing someone this handsome too much to take in? Look at you getting redder. Falling in love at first sight?" I said while looking at her face turn redder and redder by the second.

"Master, please. the sword." Fen Juechen said quickly, Fen Juechen had become extremely skilled in reading people. and in the short time he had known the Little Demon Empress, he had understood her character. She didn't fear death. She views the dignity and glory of the Illusory Demon Imperial Family as more important than her own life. What would someone like this do when before everyone, someone was slapping her face?

'Master?' Qin Wentian eyes widened, was this his senior brother or something? Everyone was also shocked, they all looked at Fen Juechen, and many soon realized who he was.

"Naw, I don't want to talk about this matter again," I said with an annoyed look, I hate repeating myself. But Fen Juechen gritted his teeth, he wanted to speak but he didn't dare.

"Give me the sword..." The Little Demon Empress said, sadly for her, I cut her off.

"What, you want it to be a show of my love for you or something?" I asked, to which the Little Demon Empress looked deeply at me, before holding her palm out. the Golden Crow flames gathered around her body,

"Wow, am I so hot you caught on fire? or did you turn so red you caught on fire?" I said in shock, making the little Demon Empress grit her teeth in rage. She glared at me, and I just looked at her with my innocent pure eyes... which were hidden behind my blindfold

"Get up here and stop hiding amongst the crowd." She said with bloodthirst filling her voice, but at her words, I covered my face in embarrassment.

"That deep passionate voice... I'm shy, I don't know what lewd things you would do to me. it's my first time, shouldn't we take it slow?" I asked shyly, to which the little demon Empress's face turned uglier than ever,

She reached out, using her spiritual sense to take hold of me. My eyes widened before I let out a scared cry as she pulled me into her arms.

"You can't do this," I said fearfully, the little demon Empress's eyes twitched. She pulled with all her strength thinking I would resist. yet I didn't, leading to her pulling me so close to her. She had reached out, yet for some reason she couldn't touch me, leading to the scene of her looking like she was hugging me.

"My innocents! her lewdness reached such heights it's creating flames." I cried as the golden flames exploded off the Little Demon Empress. the flames were extremely hot, burning and twisting the world around us. yet, they didn't touch me. I turned and tried to flee, but she shot forward.

She reached out, wanting to grab my neck. yet although it looked like she touched my neck, she felt like she touched nothing.

"W-what? Wough play!" I cried in shock, making the Little Demon Empress nearly cough up a mouthful of blood in rage. She glared at me, but the next words I said made her faint.

"Fine... you can do your lewd things. J-just be gentle, it's my first time." I said shyly while removing my shirt. She pointed at me, wanting to speak or do something. Never in her life has she seen anyone who was so hateful.

"Y-yes, I will remove it all," I said sadly seeing her pointing at my little brother. realizing this, her eyes rolled backward, as she fainted. She fell from the sky, leaving me looking at her with a blank look.

"So perverted, she fainted before she could eat," I said with a shake of my head, these perverts were something...