The 6 Eyes In The Cultivation World

Who said being the strongest is cool? Who said being at the top is fun? It's lonely up here, and a bit depressing standing at the peak...

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Lets Dance 3

The Great Rain Empire was the overlord of the Great Rain Continent, it was far larger than the Great Wind Continent. The strongest expert on the continent was a level 10 Nascent soul, there was only just one such expert.

The Yu clan was powerful, easily holding countless Nascent soul realm experts within. But its strongest expert was a level 7 Nascent Soul realm, which was its old ancestor who had lived for thousands of years. It was only considered a mid-grade clan amongst the many other powers on the continent.

This powerful clan was located within Raging Waves City, a city which was near the sea. So, I wasn't that far away as this city was close to the sea... of course, I had to ask around for the Yu Clan.

With hands in my pockets, I was currently walking through the city, heading towards the Yu clan mansion. I was looking around, impressed with the many formations and stuff being used to make lives easier for the citizens. there was even a barrier around the city, which drew Qi in, while also protecting the city from attacks.

The city was large, easily 5 times larger than the largest city within the Blue Wing empire by more than 2 times. but this was understandable, it was at the Nascent soul realm that one spiritual sense is cultivated, giving them a 6th sense and the power to control things with their mind.

Of course, Chu Yueli and many others at the core formation realm had a spiritual sense, but it wasn't refined and it was mainly thanks to their cultivation arts. this was only for frozen cloud Asgard, other cultivators didn't have spiritual sense.

Due to the reach and range of spiritual sense, the clans within Raging Waves City had to be far apart from each other. Sure barriers can be made to shield spiritual sense, but there were other risks in them being too close. thats even more so when a nascent soul can cross such great distances within the blink of an eye.

As for why clans would stay in the city together, it was for safety. This is the drawback of having such rich Qi, the animals on this continent have turned into wild beasts. they are called wild beasts because of their wild nature and bloodthirst. 

Blue Wind Continent of course had wild beasts, but finding wild beasts with intelligence was rare. meanwhile, the Great Rain continent was overflowing with wild beasts as smart or smarter than humans. it led to a war between humans and wild beasts, a battle for who would be the overlord of this Continent.

Great Rain Empire wasn't the only power on this continent... but enough of that, I went to the Yu clan's front door.

"Excuse me, I'm here looking for the young master of the Yu clan parents. the guy looked like this." I said while Qi gathered, taking the form of the young master of the Yu clan.

"Thats Young Master Yu Chong..." A guard said with shock before he pointed the spear at my neck. his eyes were cold, as things were not making sense to him. first, this was the Yu clan, I could have just said the young master's name and they would have known. second, there was no need to show any images, and lastly, his instincts told him I wasn't here to have tea.

"Who are you, and what do you want?" He asked coldly, to which I sighed.

"Well, I came to cripple them for failing to raise their son. I have no interest in the whole Yu clan being destroyed, so how about you be a hero and help me." I said making the guard's face turn dark, 

"You a level 1 Qi Condensation..." The guard was enraged, since when did weak cultivators have such strong balls? He moved to capture me, not sure if I had a powerful background, he aimed to first capture me... but I teleported away, much to the guard's shock.

they all looked into the sky, where I was falling with a fist covered with spiritual armor, and a willpower-filled attack. I let out a laugh which spread across the whole city,

"Next time raise your children better!" My voice spread across the whole city before I pulled my fist backward

"Galaxy Impact!" I punched forward, still many km in the sky and far above even the tallest building below me. Yet my force pressed down upon the Yu clan mansion, luckily I was loud giving the powerful experts time to reach and shoot up, attacking the huge area of effect attack that would have surely destroyed the mansion.


Many nascent soul realm experts clashed with the force, yet the force of the attack didn't spread across their whole body. instead, it focused on one spot of whatever they clashed with, overwhelming it, before moving on to the rest of the said thing.

To say the least, controlling my force on such a large range forced me to remove my blindfold, or else this would be far harder on my mind.

Cries filled the air, those Nascent soul realm experts at level 3 and below were nearly crippled from the clash alone. but those at level 4 and above managed to withstand the attack thanks to it being spread out the way it was.

"Brat you dare!" the clan head, Yu Chong's father cried while shooting towards me. this was a level 5 nascent soul realm expert. I grinned while looking at the clan head, I shot forward to clash with his spear which was infused with the law of the spear.

He stabbed forward, but I quickly moved, dodging the spear with such perfect movements, that the clan head thought I was seeing the future. but I wasn't, I was just letting my body move on its own.


My fist slammed forward, but the clan head created a barrier, which my fist slammed into, but the force from my fist plus destruction from the inside out... well, that barrier was pierced through, along with the clan head's stomach. The clan head's eyes widened feeling the power from my attack not spreading out within his body, but instead went on to do more damage onto one stop.

he coughed up a mouthful of blood while his Qi madly tried to destroy the power from my attack within him.... arrogant of him not to give me his full attention. He must not be good with the ladies if he is like this.

My fist shot toward his face, this was surely going to kill him. but the clan head was lucky as the ancestors of the sect made their move to save him in the nick of time. the ancestors of the sect all being level 6 nascent soul, with the strongest being at level 7 nascent soul.

I flashed backward while looking at the 12 elders who were looking at me with serious looks.

"Young man, this might be a misunderstanding. Yu Chong went to Blue Wind continent, there is no way he could have offended you." the strongest among them, the clan head from 2 generations ago said, not wanting to make enemies out of a genius.

"Look at you being all scared that I have a powerful background, luckily for you... I'm too strong to rely on such things. thats for the weak. call me a alone cultivator, the one who crippled that fool and killed his protector. Like it or not, I will cripple the mother and father of that brat..." I said making their faces turn cold.

"... now, I will change it. since you dare to get in my way, I will cripple you all as well." I said with a cold smile,

"You..." the level 7 old ancestor said with narrowed eyes, he suddenly disappeared, appearing before me with a sword in hand. he aimed to take my head in one go, he moved so fast that my eyes had trouble keeping up with him... but I didn't need to keep up with him to beat him.

My willpower burst out, stunning the old man for a split second, a second which I took by punching him straight in the face, but he blocked with his sword while sending a lot of Qi within his sword to ensure my control of force wouldn't do anything crazy.

I smiled before punching forward, just to quickly move my head out of the way of his sword which had suddenly appeared before me. I also crossed my hands before my chest, just in time as his leg slammed into my chest, sending me rocketing away while coughing up a mouthful of blood.

He shot towards me, but my smile never disappeared. Blue appeared in both of my hands before I threw them to the left and the right. His eyeball moved at high speed, looking at the two blue in confusion as he felt nothing coming from them.

He swung his sword once more, but although I couldn't even sense him thanks to how fast he was, using a short burst of speed and my sharp instincts, I was able to dodge his attacks. I dodged to the side while using blue which was in front of me and behind him, I had it pulled on my fist while I punched forward.

The old ancestor quickly dodged the attack, just in the nick of time while swinging his sword towards my neck.

'sharp martial arts skills.' I thought with a smile, this old man hadn't fought for years and was rusty. I had the other blue pull on his sword, slowing it down just enough for me to dodge while counter-attacking, but he was having none of it as with a glare, he shot something from his eyes towards me... but it just paused before me.

"Galaxy Drill!" Taking that opening, my fist slammed into his chest. he of course used his sword to block, but it was like a drill was hitting his sword. he quickly shot backwards to lessen the force from that attack, while ensuring that enough Qi was in his sword to make sure it didn't get destroyed.

I shot toward him, seeing this he held his sword to the sky. before cutting forward. a sword slash shot towards me before they exploded into countless raindrops that shot towards me. I quickly had Blue Pull on them, but this was the flaw of having Blue Pull not be on all of the time... it took time for the pulls to reach.

I quickly moved, using a short burst of speed to dodge these raindrops, while increasing the output of Infinity to defend myself as these raindrops would pierce through it. this was the power of having a law back your attack.

'I need to improve infinity' I thought while looking at the many holes in my body. I managed to move my body to ensure I didn't take too much damage. such as my lungs, heart, and other important places to be hit. but still, although I was pierced through, I wasn't bleeding since I was like a dead tree.

I wasted no time as I created many blues around me. the ancestor wasn't having any of it and tried to cut every blue, which he managed to do, but I just replaced those he cut with new ones. looking at my smirk, he was annoyed and shot towards me.

I looked at his sword which was infused with the power of the law while I was pulled away using blue.

'Can I infuse Blue into my fist?' A crazy thought since I could destroy my fist, but if I can control it... I would have a fist that draws my target towards me.

With a smile, one of the blue shot into my palm, before it was absorbed into my palm which had turned into a fist. I had to take it slow, so I didn't have Blue pull things toward it at full might.

I punched the old man while having Blue pull him in, although it worked, the pull wasn't strong enough, and I kind of damaged myself.

"Trying out a new technique during battle?" the old ancestor was enraged, he shot towards me, while I smiled. the old ancestor was truly enraged, a battle that should have ended in seconds was taking longer than it should, and to make things worse it was between someone at level 1 Qi Condensation, he was embarrassed and enraged. He had made the first move hoping to kill me fearing I had some treasures. he also wanted to take the treasures for himself, but to think something like this would happen.

The Old ancestor and I continued to fight, but soon the Old ancestor realized something was off. As the fight went on, I grew stronger, while he was forced to use up a huge amount of energy to defend against my control of force.

This forced him to throw away his face and call for the other ancestors and to say the least, this put me at a huge disadvantage. Outnumbered and outstrengthened, my mind was pushed into overdrive, working alongside my self-movement to react to everything around me.

I moved around all over the place, instead of using short bursts of speed, I was forced to use longer bursts of speed which my body couldn't withstand. I had to put my mind onto Overdrive, trying to improve during battle.

My domain was useful as it was further boosting my speed, it would have been even more useful if it could pull on their souls, which it couldn't thanks to the fact their souls were so powerful thanks to their current cultivation realms.

But even if I was quick, I couldn't dodge 12 attacks raining on me, I was quickly left a bloody mess. this was of course my blood, although I was a dead tree, strong enough attacks could overwhelm the protection it have. although my blood didn't drip, it stayed glued to my body and was slowly sinking itself back into my body.

I let out a cry while all of the blues gathered into my right fist. Instantly, they were all absorbed into my fist, which was even drawing in light. I gritted my teeth as my head began ringing. My head was in great pain right now, I should have fainted, but my willpower wouldn't allow me to faint.

What was I doing at the moment? Infinity covered my fist at this moment, so Blue could never reach it. As Blue fused, infused with my willpower and spirit armor, to say the least, its power was great. but I had to control that while strengthening the Infinity at the same time. I was pushing my mind into overdrive. 

I punched forward, and everything was sucked towards my fist. With so many blues fusing and compressed to such a level... and it coming towards you in the form of a fist.... was that not scary? it was like getting punched with a black hole.

There was no sound, how could sound travel when light itself couldn't escape the pull? it was even harder to see, all that was seen was the gathering of lights, followed by the return of light. after, everyone watched as I fell from the sky, my fist destroyed by that last attack.

But I caught myself in mid-air, and while breathing heavily, I looked at the sky where the only survival of that last attack stood. The old ancestor floated while he breathed heavily, horror was in his eyes, how couldn't he when he was covered in spaghetti at the moment?

He managed to survive by using up a large amount of energy to shield himself and protect against my pull. but even that shield wouldn't have lasted for long as he felt the Qi in his body being sucked away as well. Luckily, that attack couldn't be kept up for too long, and it crippled my arm, so he survived. 

"You!" He was enraged, his eyes turned bloodshot while looking at me. I didn't say anything while taking a deep breath, and standing in the sky, I waved at him to come at me. enraged, he shot towards me.

Pulling back my left fist, Blue gathered within, before I punched forward, sending my force shot towards which the old ancestor wanted to dodge... but he was pulled towards the attack, leading to him being hit by the attack. with him being so low on Qi, how would he defend against my force control? he let out a cry as his body was destroyed from the inside. Like a mad beast, he shot toward me,

'My instincts got sharper in this battle.' I thought feeling how sharp my instincts were, I punched once more. this time the old ancestor didn't bother to dodge... a huge mistake as this punch was different, it was aimed towards his pressure point.

Thanks to cultivators cultivating so many unique cultivation arts, and being born with unique bloodlines or physiques, it was a pain knowing what their physiques were like. Their pressure points also were unique, which is why aiming for pressure points was rare.

Yet with my instincts, I had this feeling of his weak points, which was a pressure point. the old ancestor was shocked seeing as he wasn't damaged from my attack, so he guessed I was running low on energy as well, but as I turned to walk off, he grew enraged, he wanted to turn towards where I was going, just to find his body wasn't listening to him.

"You are already dead," I said while his body exploded... oh, I also master pressure points. It was something I started learning while trying to remove limits on my body.

"Shit... I always wanted to say that. However, now I need to master force control fused with pressure points. so much work." I said with a grin while looking at the Yu clan head, who was horrified seeing my bloody appearance. I walked towards him, and he fearfully flew back.

"Please, forgive me, I don't know what my son did..." He wanted to continue speaking, but I just appeared in front of him with a flash.

"I'm not god. God forgives, I don't." I said before my fist slammed into his chest, destroying his cultivation. His face turned pale as he lost the power to fly, he was sent falling to the ground while I just watched him turn into a pancake... I didn't kill him, gravity did.

My head turned to the side, just in the nick of time to dodge a beam that came flying from the other side of the city. To say the least, the other clans could watch the battle end, but they wouldn't let such a genius run. If they trained up with the Yu clan, I would have surely lost, but they rather watch the Yu clan be weakened than play smart.

"Yes, 3 more level 7 Nascent souls. I wouldn't want it any other way!" I laughed while turning to look at 3 level 7 nascent soul realm expert, who held righteous looks.

"You sinner, the heavens would not forgive you..." One of them wanted to speak, but I cut them off.

"Shut the fuck up and attack me," I said while countless blues filled the world behind me, and yes, I was far stronger compared to the start of this battle. I shot forward, not wanting to hear their bullshit.

I punched forward, sending forward my mastered force which pulled them towards it. the group of 3 all quickly moved, easily dodging while breaking free of that pull... but my force turned, locked into one of their gravity, and followed them.

"Did you know that everything with mass has its gravity?" I asked while I kept punching. sending more and more punches towards them. but they snorted, thinking that these attacks should be easily blocked... they had no choice since their gravity was pulling these attacks towards them, and adding the pull from the attack. It meant that these attacks would grow faster and faster over time.

they turned to block the attack, just for the attacks to phase through them. although phasing through them weakened the attack, the force that hit their chest sent them flying away while coughing up a mouthful of blood.

'the atoms making the attack phase through our defense?' they thought in shock, atoms never touched, and they sensed how these attacks slipped through the gaps between atoms to bypass their defense.

"This is why I love battle, my creativity is unmatched. is this not fun?" I laughed while the blues behind me gathered above my palm, I fused them and boosted them to such a level that they were out of my control. I reached out, grabbing Blue into my palm, before throwing it.

"I call that omega Blue!" I said with a grin, all 3 of them quickly looked at the small orb that was thrown towards them at high speed. they wasted no time in gathering the full power of their law before they attacked.

at the same time, I could no longer control Omega Blue, leading to it sucking everything around it. I was far away and watched as the ground was ripped apart, buildings and people, all sent flying into the sky towards blue.

The 3 clan heads let out cries while attacking Omega Blue. The power of wind, the power of lightning, and the power of fire hit the orb. adding as Omega Blue sucked it in, their attacks were even stronger, quickly causing cracks to run up the orb before it exploded,

They wasted no time, and shot toward me, not wanting to give me a chance to pull off that attack once more. 

"I can feel it!" I said while pointing forward, and a red glow gathered. the three instantly went on guard, not knowing what the red glow would do... but they signed seeing as the technique failed to work

"I thought I would have it after all that," I said in disappointment, but I shrugged while shooting forward, but I found myself having a hard time moving as the air grew hard around me.

"Wind shell," an old man said while I tried to move, 

"Lightning Emperor Fist!" An old man covered in lightning appeared before me, my eyes narrowed as the fist neared me, just as the Wind Shell disappeared. The fist slammed against my infinity, while I put everything into strengthening my Infinity.

Cracks ran up the space in front of me, but I quickly turned around just in time to see the last elder, an old woman with a body covered in flames. The flames hit the Infinity, causing my face to twist as I madly tried to strengthen it, but after a moment, I smiled.

"Haha, do you think your laws can reach me? Not even the heavens can touch me!" I laughed while the cracks began healing, the old woman flames which were even twisting space found her flames unable to even reach me.

"What!" they said in shock while the heavens shook in rage at what they saw. I stood there laughing, for hours now I have been thinking of how to improve infinity to stop laws... it's such a hard thing, but I did it. I had improved Infinity to the point that atoms would be infinitely far apart. 

This was something I had been trying to do for months now, ever since I improved my energy control, this was something on my mind... and in this battle, I managed to do so. even learning how to have my attack phase through defenses and not simply pierce through it like before.

"Haha," I couldn't help but just laugh as they tried their best to touch me, but they couldn't reach me. the heavens were shaking, not liking this at all. The heavens had a similar reaction when I had a breakthrough not too long ago.

"I can still go to the subatomic level," I said while thinking of how I could make the subatomic level infinitely larger... enough of such things. I held out my palm, and a newly improved blue was created.

"I'm pretty sure... right now, i'm unmatched within the same level," I said while Blue appeared on the bodies of the 3 ancestors, crushing their limps. Blue bypassed their resistance... no, it didn't bypass their resistance, their resistance was sucked away. Their mental energy, down to their Qi was sucked out of their bodies. Their very willpower to resist was pulled out towards Blue, and even their stamina was sucked out.

"How do you like this new one? unless you can overwhelm it, all resistance will only strengthen it. Like a true black hole, it feeds on things and grows stronger." I said with a smile, while they looked at me in horror.

"Sadly, you weren't at level 8 nascent soul. I'm sure I could have made far more improvements if you could last longer." I said while creating 4 Blues, which flew to the hearts of every clan, before they went crazy, destroying them.

"Well, I should get going before I faint," I said while crippling the 3 before I disappeared. I left them in gravity's hands, only to be left speechless as gravity killed them. how shameless gravity was...

A few minutes later, my legs touched on Blue Wind Continent, I shook my head as it was light. I had truly pushed my mind too far today, from using infinity and Blue to the limit like the way I did... well, I fainted.