20 Skipping Steps

Slowly waking up, Huang Xiaolong found himself lying in a bed with his beautiful wife looking over him with worried looks. after a moment of confusion, he sat up, rubbing his head in slight confusion

"You pushed yourself too far... but you won, that guy is dead." Shi Xiaofei said softly, Huang Xiaolong, sat up nodding slightly. but he was not happy about that win, from what he saw, the guy he fought was more capable than him. a level below him in cultivation, yet nearly won. if not for the Black Tortoise Divine Flame, he would have lost.

The flames acted on their own, in truth, he lost. those flames gave him the opening needed to land the final kill, if not for the flames, he would be dead right now. Getting up, he wanted to see this genius,

So his wives took him, and he saw Ling Han's body lying lifeless. he walked up to the body, complex feelings filling his eyes. This was a genius above even him, who knows what height he could have reached, yet he died just like that. An unfair death. but this helped him realize one thing, talent alone doesn't mean everything.

reaching out, he opened Ling Han's eye, he looked at those beautiful blue eyes for a moment, before reaching down to pull them out. but he froze when he saw the hole in Ling Han's chest twist...

'I'm dead? that white flame... it had overwhelmed my senses, it caught me off guard.' I thought while the hand of death slowly pulled me away. honestly, Huang Xiaolong was stronger than me, far stronger than me. the only way I could match him was by using attacks that were hard to defend against, and my high martial arts capability.

'my life is flashing by my eye...' I thought with a smile, the brain was panicking, searching through all of my memories to find useful information to save me... and it worked. watching my life flashing before me, I saw how space was so different in each world I was in, and even in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. everything was so... unique

I shattered free from my understanding of space, creating my new path. but it would all be for nothing if I was going to die. so what was I going to do to survive? back in the Jujutsu Kaisen world, there was a concept called the Reverse curse technique.

it wasn't a technique but was the act of turning curse energy into positive energy. thank of course energy is a negative number, two negatives multiplied together form a positive number. Space QI was not good for healing, this is why it was so hard for me to heal, so might not have turned Space Qi into time QI.

I had Space Qi thanks to cultivating that cultivation art Cai Lin gave me, it was a huge help, and thanks to it, I could flip the coin, turning space Qi into time Qi. this is what Huang Xiaolong was seeing, time flowing backward on the hole in my chest.

My eyes shot wide open, and instantly, I realized Xiaolong was in hand, about to take out my eye. Xiaolong eyes widened, looking at my eyes which were a beautiful ocean blue, slowly mixing with red to become a beautiful ocean purple in color.

Xiaololng's eyes narrowed seeing Ling Han's eyes becoming unforced, becoming high with power.

"Hey... you nearly killed me. but I'm alive. if I didn't force my body from counter-attacking, and instead put all of my energy into not my chest, I would have died right now. I brought myself more than enough time." I said while slowly floating up, Huang XIaolong slowly backing away from me.

"I did... I touched upon the true meaning of space. it was just a small. the law of space is so complex, and now I have the power of time." I laughed completely ignoring Huang Xiaolong, who quickly entered his dragon form. his instincts told him to run... but how could he run? Where could he run when his loved ones were on this ship, 

but I didn't attack him, shattering the ceiling above him, and going into outer space. light seems to come out of nowhere, shining down upon me.

"Though out the heaven and Earth... no, Though out all existences and reality, I Alone am the horned one," I laughed while holding my head before my eyeball slowly fell to look at Huang Xiaolong.

"In the state I'm in now, I don't care for much... but I know my goal, so submit, or die. don't act like you're in the wrong, you came seeking trouble." I said with a huge smile, with a slightly maddened look. Xiaolong eyes turned cold, meeting my eyes, he spoke

"I rather die," I said coldly, 

"As you wish," I said while holding my hands out, as if I were on a cross, slowly I waved my hands, blue and red forming on each of them. this was the 6 level of the limitless,  Hollow Technique: Purple. I have been using a weaker version of this, forcing Super Blue and Super Red to hit each other, but they never form a true purple, it was always a black and purple.

Hollow Technique: Purple is the fusion of both Red and Blue, a secret ability known to only a few in the Gojo Family. It represents motion and reversal, a fusion of convergence and divergence that collides both infinities to generate an imaginary mass. The effect takes the target out of reality, instantly erasing everything the technique hits without exception.

Xiaolong pupils shink, he madly called for the white flames to act, but they didn't listen to him, they acted on their own. 

"last chance..." I said emotionless, making Xiaolong grit his teeth. if it was just him, he could face his death, but his family, and master here? this was another story. plus, this attack was many times stronger than anything I had thrown out.

"I-I submit, but if I ever get stronger than you, I shall fight for my freedom." He said through gritted teeth.

"Sure," I said blankly while the purple slowly disappeared, 

"then continue with the conquest for me, this time I will be the ruler of the universe... so, make an oath. I believe this is what stable-minded me would want." I said softly, Xiaolong gritted his teeth. but when on to make an oath, which gave him a few windows to break free from my control if I did something that went against his wishes. to which I nodded, and just closed my eyes, seemly asleep, but in truth, he was trying to comprehend this unique state he was within...

Xiaolong went on to do as I wished, conquer the whole universe. I gave him a compress which allowed him to be able to find me. Anyway, it took Xiaolong a few years to finish the conquest, at the end of all he came to see.

"Oh No she didn't." Ling Han was shocked, a woman who was doing his toenails nodded with a serious look.

"She had the nerves to sleep with my man, yet had the nerves to get mad when I beat her ask. Can you believe that?" She asked, to which Ling Han shook his head in disbelief,

"Girl, you deserve better. if I was you, I would have said you could keep him, and walked out like a bad bitch." Ling Hansaid to which she laughed at my words.

"He rich," She said to which Ling Han froze slightly, before nodding slightly.

"Girl, I would have killed that bitch. no one touches your sugar daddy." Ling Han said with a shake of my head,

"You got that right." She said with a nod, before looking towards the door entrances where she saw Xiaolong just blankly looking at the scene before him. He looked at Ling Han who was having his nails done, not painted, but done. this destroyed the image he had of Ling Han.

"XIaolong, come. you've been working for years, sit back and relax." I said with a smile Xiaolong blinked for some time, not knowing what he should do, but after a moment he came and sat down next to me.

"Handsome guys do hang out together." the woman said softly while looking at me and Xiaolong. we indeed had a charm that put us at the top of the universe, with me being 2 steps above even the likes of Xiaolong.

"Stop, my charm is nothing compared to you. if I could get myself a sugar mama, wouldn't I be set?" I asked with a smile, to which she laughed slightly. but in the end, she quickly finished up the nails and left, knowing that we were powerful experts.

"So, what's up? it's only been like 3 years now." I asked with a smile, while looking at my nails, Xiaolong sighed for a moment before telling me everything. He had conquered the universe and was just waiting for me to step up as its lord.

"Sound like a pain... find," I said while getting up, carefully stepping on the back of my feet, Xiaolong just blankly looked at this. if he didn't sense how I was far stronger than I was a few years ago, then he would think he made a mistake. he too had gotten stronger, but compared to? he was nothing, I got more than 100 times stronger in these 3 years, and he only got 9 times stronger, 

"Where is the place? just give me the map of the universe, I should have gotten it years ago." I said lazily, to which Xiaolong sent the knowledge into my mind. with a thought, I reached out, atoms forming to create a pill that was thrown toward the woman who was just doing my nails.

"This is goodbye, thanks for the nails," I said with a gentle smile, before disappearing, leaving her stunned on the pot while looking at the pill which gave off a golden aura. She hesitated before she swallowed it, and instantly, she felt her cultivation skyrocket up, reaching the High Martial God. her pupils shrank in shock, her body shaking at the overwhelming power she had to lash out with...

"Wow, so fancy," I said with a smile while looking at the huge palace, Xiaolong didn't say anything and simply followed me, as we went to a meeting room where a bunch of experts were waiting.

everyone's eyes landed on the guy with weird clothing, and a blindfold covering his eyes. it was then that Xiaolong's eyes narrowed as he realized there was something off with Ling Han's clothing, all this time he didn't think much about it, but now... he realized that Ling Han's earth clothing.

"Alright, so what do you guys need me to do? I was getting my nails done, and I was also going to get a haircut, and bath in what the people called the spring of youth." I said with a sigh while taking a chair, making everyone's lips twitch before looking towards Xiaolong, who was lost in his world.

After some time, a meeting went on. pretty much they give a short list of what the conquest was like, with all of them sizing me up, only to see me grow bored by the second. but in the end, I got through it all, and the next day, I stepped up as the lord of the universe, Huang Xiaolong's master.

it was then began to notice signs of me slowly disappearing. something which only Xiaolong noticed, so after everything, he came to speak with me.

"you're not of this world?" He asked seriously, to which I just nodded.

"This is a trial for me, maybe I was sent into the past, maybe it was to another dream or whatever. either way, I completed my task and I'm now leaving. If you are real, your oath still stands, so if you are a powerful expert in the future find me and just give me all the resources I want." I said calmly,

"What If I just kill you?" He asked calmly,

"You haven't seen me enraged, should I show you a hint of it before I leave?" I asked my eyes turning cold, sending me chilling down Xiaolong. even someone like him froze, although he couldn't see my eyes, he felt like the devil was looking at him, waiting to watch him suffer. Someone as strong-willed as he was left frozen, he was... scared.

"Haha, I'm joking. while this is goodbye Mr. Universe ruler." I laughed seeing his scared look, Xiaolong looked at me, not knowing what to say.

"... are you from Earth?" He asked, to which I just smiled without saying anything else, I disappeared, leaving Xiaolong confused.

"... you cheated." I found myself appearing before the old man, who was glaring at me, displeased with how I went about clearing the last trial.

"I didn't hear any rule saying anything about calling the guy over and just having him do all your work. I didn't even hear a single rule." I said with a shrug, causing him to glare at me, not having anything to say to my words. 

the final trial was simple, one would have to use everything to just barely defeat Xiaolong, but be unable to kill him. in the end, Xiaolong would be forced back and one would conquer the universe after a few hundred years

"Sigh, that was nearly 2 trillion years into the past, back then the cultivation was much... stronger than today. Anyway, you passed the exam. you are worth of my complete inheritances," he said while looking deeply at me,

"you can forget most of the stuff, I just need a few things," I said calmly, making the old man's body shake slightly, for a moment, he almost wanted to wrap his hands around my neck, and just watch as the life slowly left my body. he glared at my indifferent look, which made him grit his teeth angrily.

"You can glare all you want, I don't see myself falling in love with you... like, at least buy me dinner first. you skipping so many steps." I said calmly, making the old man freeze slightly. before he quickly looked away, stopping himself from killing someone,

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