21 Chapter 21: Spells & Dropship Fun! (R18!)





- Alpha Station | The Medical Tent | The Ground -

Before I was able to select my choice for which universe to choose from, the system forcibly removed me from the training simulation stating that I had reached the time limit.

'Stupid fucking time limit!' I curse mentally.

I woke up back up and saw that Abby had moved away from Clarke and was conversing with Dr. Jackson about Finn and Murphy.

I reached over towards Clarke and brushed a few loose strands of her dirty blond hair out of her face. I then remembered my new skill evolution and cursed myself for my forgetfulness.

I cast my Holy magic skill and a soft golden glow began to be emitted from my extended hand.

[Holy Magic] (Active) - Lvl. 52/100 {Advanced}

[Spell List]

[Minor Heal] - Cost: 200 MP - Unlocked: Skill Lvl. 10

Heals Minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and small sprains. Heals 5% of max HP.

[Antidote] - Cost: 500 MP - Unlocked: Skill Lvl. 20

Cures a target of poison.

[Enchantment] - Cost: 1,000 MP - Unlocked: Skill Lvl. 30

Casts an enchantment on an object, the object will gain the Holy attribute as well as +10% in stats.

[Innocence] - Cost: 2,000 MP - Unlocked: Skill Lvl. 40

Cures a target of all status effects.

[Major Heal] - Cost: 3,000 MP - Unlocked: Skill Lvl. 50

Heals Major injuries such as fractures and sometimes separated limbs. Heals 15% of max HP.

[Radiant Aura] - Cost: 4,000 MP - Locked: Skill Lvl. 60

Steal 20% of enemy's mana and replenish your own.

[Blessing] - Cost: 6,000 MP - Locked: Skill Lvl. 70

Heals 50% of maximum HP.

[Crucify] - Cost 8,000 MP - Locked: Skill Lvl. 80

Impale your target on a golden cross that will rise from the ground. Dealing 50% of enemy's health. Deals 100% damage to undead foes.

[Full Heal] - Cost: 10,000 MP - Locked: Skill Lvl. 90

Heals HP to maximum. Target recovers 100% of their maximum HP. This spell can be group-cast and will deal damage to undead foes.

[Resurrect] - Cost: 12,000 MP - Locked: Skill Lvl. 100

Brings target back from death to maximum HP.


I first cast [Minor Heal] and watch as her cuts begin to close, and her bruises begin to fade away. Eventually all that is left is the dry blood and mud that is easily removable with a wet rag.

I then cast [Major Heal] leaving me at 250 MP. Her broken wrist fixed itself back into place with a small crack.

"Hnnm..." Clarke slightly squirms and her face contorts in pain. After a few seconds her face goes back to its calm and painless visage, and her body calms back down and resumes its motionless state.

Suddenly, Clarke shot up and looked around with wide and fearful eyes. Her eyes found mine and slowly tears began to fall from her soft azure eyes.

Clarke couldn't register the words, the only thing flowing through her mind was: 'He's here. By my side!' Slowly she reached out and touched my chest, which was covered by my ODST body suit.

I reached up and grabbed hold of her hand firmly. "I'm here. I always will be."

Clarke began to choke up but was able to hold back her sobs and asked. "What about Bellamy? Did we establish peace with the grounders?"

"Since I'm the chancellor, I believe so. Before that though, I need to ask. How did Anya end up with you guys?"

"Anya told me that once the commander had returned back to their capital, she went back to her village only to find it being attacked by mountain men. Anya tried to help defend but her and her people were taken prisoner back to mount weather for them to be drained of their blood... W-Wait... You're the chancellor!?" she asked, shocked.

"Well, yeah I-..."

"Clarke?" We hear Abby ask from behind me.

"Mom? I-I thought you were dead." Clarke whispers as she begins to sob.

Abby quickly makes her way to us and envelops Clarke in a hug.

"Not me. I'm right here." Abby says holding Clarke in a tight embrace.

I watched as Clarke began to calm down and eventually fell back asleep in her mother's arms. Abby slowly laid Clarke back down onto the bed, she then grabbed a wet rag and began to wipe Clarke's face. As the blood and grime was cleared off Clarke's face Abby looked shocked.

'That's impossible! There were cuts and bruises there not 20 minutes ago!' Abby thought shocked as she examined Clarke's somehow healed face.

"I healed her." I say simply as I see Abby staring at Clarke's face obviously shocked.

"How?" Abby asked baffled.

"Magic." I respond while showing her my golden glowing hand. "I've healed all of her injuries; she just needs to be cleaned up and get some rest. She should be fine."

"Thank you, Arthur." Abby says sincerely.

"Of course, I am her boyfriend after all." I reply.

"... You're her what now?" Abby questions sternly.

'Oh, great!' I think to myself as Abby begins to barrage me with question after question, ranging from what we've done together to how long we've been together.


- The Next Morning | Alpha Station | Councilor's chambers | The Ground -

After being questioned by Abby for what seemed like an hour, I was finally able to lay back down by Clarke's bedside and fall back asleep. Only to be awakened by Kane early in the morning stating he wanted to have a meeting regarding the information that we were able to get from Clarke. I was confused at first, but Kane informed me that Clarke had woken up in the middle of the night and told Abby a lot about the things going on in Mount Weather.

So, here we are in the councilor's chambers: Sinclair, Abby, Kane, Bellamy, Lincoln, Major Byrne, and I.

"We know nothing about these people on Mount Weather. Their numbers, their capabilities. We need to proceed carefully." Major Byrne says.

"Wrong, and right, Major. You are correct we do not know their numbers, but I do know their capabilities." I correct her. "They use firearms and other modern technologies. They also possess weaponry we do not have."

"What are those weapons, chancellor?" The Major questions.

"Missiles." I respond simply causing everyone in the room to gasp in shock and horror. "The plus side is, is that they won't use them unless completely necessary."

"How do you know this?" The Major questions again.

"You don't need to know Major. That is all." I say firmly ending the conversation.

"Well, according to Clarke, the 40 still inside are not being harmed. At least not yet. Now, I hate to leave them there, but if she's right, we have some time." Sinclair says.

"Hey, those are our friends in there!" Bellamy yells out angrily.

"I know that, but we have time." Sinclair says trying to calm him down.

"Lincoln." I say causing him to look over at me. "I need you and Anya to make your way to the commander and inform her of the news, both that I am chancellor and that her people are alive and trapped inside Mount Weather."

"Yes, sir." he says before leaving.

"I thought you planned to return to the dropship and gather supplies with him?" Kane asked.

"I still plan to go, but I will be fine by myself." I say causing everyone to erupt with concern, and denial.

"There is no way that you will be going out there by yourself, young man!" Abby shouts.

I look over at her with mild anger. "Excuse me? Last time I checked, I was the chancellor, and I can do whatever the fuck I want. Also, you don't control me, and I believe that while I am gone the camp will be in good hands. Besides, I'll only be gone for a few hours at most."

At my outburst she looks over towards Kane for support, but he just silently shakes his head.

"Then it's settled, this meeting is now adjourned." I announce, as I stand up and walk out of the council chambers with Bellamy and a pair of Guards behind me.

"Do you really plan to go out there by yourself?" Bellamy asked unsure.

"Yeah, I need you to stay here and keep an eye on Major Byrne. Who knows what kind of fuck shit she'll try to do." I explained to him.

After we had reached the gate, I was given a small pack with a few hours' worth of rations inside.

"Open the gate!" I yelled out. The two gate guards walk over and open the gate for me, and as I was preparing to walk out, I heard a voice shout out from behind me.

"Hey, I'm not letting you leave here without me." Octavia shouted, running up towards me with her sword on her back. "You're headed to the dropship, right? Good, because I'm coming with you." She continued before I could respond.

"You done?" Bellamy asked.

I reached over and grabbed the second pack that was lying on a log stump. "Here."

"What's this?" she asked, opening the pack and looking inside.

"Your pack. Now let's go." I said, causing her to smile.

We walked out of the camp and into the dense forest in the direction of the dropship.


- 2 Hours Later | Dropship Crash Site | The Ground - (R18!)

After making our way through a dense thicket we made our way into a small clearing and were able to spot the dropship not that far away in front of us.

We walked past the decaying wooden and scrap metal walls into the ash covered ground that surrounded the dropship. Most of the skeletons had become brittle and had been swept away by the wind, but there were still a few werewolf skeletons left lying around.

After we made our way inside of the dropship, I began looking for anything that we would need, such as blankets, extra clothes, etc.

Suddenly, Octavia, in a bold move, pushed me onto one of the dropship seats, sat on my lap and began kissing me all over, eventually finding my lips and claiming them.

"Hey, what is this all about?" I asked her after breaking away from her kiss.

"We haven't been able to have sex at all since we arrived at Alpha station."

"That's because you've been too scared too." I say grinning.

"What if people heard us!" she says.

"Well, no one will hear us here will they." I say causing her to reciprocate my grin.

I reinitiated the kiss, and began shoving her jacket off, an act that I'm all too familiar with at this point, and as her jacket and shirt fell, I beheld the sight of her round breasts. They weren't the size of Clarke's, in fact, no one's even come close to having breasts as big as hers, but they were still big enough to just bury my head between, which I did with excitement.

As my licking and sucking on Octavia's breasts became more intense, she began moaning softly at my worship of her breasts.

After a few minutes of worship, I got up, Octavia coming up with me, and I gently pushed her into a kneeling position on the floor before unbuttoning my pants.

Octavia got the message, and she immediately laid her hands on my thighs, closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out lewdly, moving it side to side as if begging for me to shove my cock in.

Which is exactly what I did. Angling my dick so that I could penetrate her mouth, I slowly pushed it inch by inch, so as to savor the moment. Octavia immediately started rubbing it with her tongue, but did nothing else, giving me full control.

Once she had taken me to the base, I held it there for a few seconds, enjoying the effort she put into pleasing me before I pulled back enough so that only the tip was still in her warm mouth.

"Again." I commanded, and Octavia obeyed. She took me back down to the base almost immediately, moaning softly in satisfaction as she did so, as if my dick was the tastiest thing she'd ever put in her mouth.

Her mouth made lewd slurping sounds as she sucked me, and I held onto her head for dear life as she sucked my soul out.

I held on for as long as I could, but before 10 minutes had even passed, I came like a rocket, spilling my seed into her mouth and she still wouldn't stop sucking me.

"Fuuuuck…" I groaned as I lost myself in her warm mouth. Once she was done swallowing my cum, she simply went still with my cock still in her mouth, looking up at me as I recovered.

I slowly pulled my dick out of her mouth, enjoying the lick she gave it as it left, and the way she licked her lips to savor the taste of my manhood.

"That was amazing... you taste amazing." she whispered, staring into my eyes.

"We're not done yet." I say reaching down towards her and picking her up.


Not a second later I had her up against the dropship wall with my hard manhood positioned at her entrance. I thrust himself inside her causing her to yell in pleasure and wrap her arms around my neck, I began pumping into her hard and fast.

Octavia dug her nails into my back and screamed my name over and over. I became more turned on by the fact that she was making love more roughly than usual.

Octavia experienced orgasm at least twice but I still wasn't finished yet. I continued to plunge into her over and over until finally I was almost there, and with one last thrust I spewed my seed deep inside of her. Octavia collapsed limply into my chest, and I leaned against the dropship wall for support. We both breathed heavily against each other, trying to regain our energy.

I kissed her forehead sweetly, and we both got up, cleaned ourselves off and redressed before continuing our search for any useful items or materials.


After a few minutes of searching around and placing the different items in my inventory we walked out with 37 blankets, 1,800 rounds of rifle ammo, 9 sets of extra clothing (Shirts, pants, and underwear all included), and 18 functional tents along with different scrap materials.

Upon exiting the dropship and walking down the ramp, we hear thuds coming from inside the forest past the wall.

"Grrr..." We hear a deep guttural growl.

The dense trees part away and reveal a twelve-foot-tall giant bear, with saliva leaking from its mouth as it stares down at us. [Observe]

[Dire Bear]

Race: Dire Bear

Sex: Male

Level: 30

HP: 6,825

MP: 100

'You have to be fucking kidding me!' It was the only thought in my mind as the Dire bear began to stalk towards us.


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