The 100: Survivor

Spending most of his life locked in a cell, Sen had long since resigned to dying a pathetic death. However, by some miracle, a few days before he turned 18 and was scheduled to be floated, he suddenly found himself being sent down to Earth in a space shuttle with 99 other juveniles like himself. With newfound hope, Sen decides to survive. [First attempt at writing a character with actual character development]

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Search Party

Octavia groaned in pain as Bellamy wiped the blood off of her wounded leg.

"What the hell was it?" He asked her, referring to what attacked her in the water.

"I don't know. The others said it looked like a giant snake."

"You could've been killed."

"She would've been if Sen didn't jump in after her," Clarke said as she came out of the drop ship and interrupted their conversation.

"Sen?" Bellamy asked, not recognizing the name.

"The other guy who was with us. Asian, tall, piercings all over."

As Clarke told Bellamy, he turned towards Octavia and asked, "The one holding your hand earlier?"

She answered, "Wrist, but yeah," as she remembered his touch.

Bellamy seemed to think to himself for a second until he eventually said to Octavia, "Listen, O. I'm grateful to him for saving you, but-"

"But what? While you were here doing who knows what, he was the one who jumped into that lake and saved me, even getting injured in the process," Octavia explained, interrupting her brother.

Bellamy looked to Clarke, prompting her to explain what Octavia meant. "Sen was the only one to jump into the water after her. And after distracting the big snake so that she could breathe, he was injured by it in the process. He'll most likely have a big scar covering his chest even after his wound heals. Even though it looks like claw marks, my guess is that they were from the snake's teeth."

Changing the topic, Clarke looked towards Octavia and asked, "Where's he at? We're leaving in a minute."

Octavia was quick to ask, "Sen? Is he going? Then I'm coming with you guys too."

Hearing his sister mention Sen yet again got Bellamy annoyed, but even he realized that if she were to be around any guy, one who'd risk his own life to save her would be the only one he'd approve of. Still, he'd have to actually meet Sen before making any decisions about him.

"No, no. No way, not again. You're staying here," Bellamy said as soon as he heard Octavia say she was going with Clarke, who was leaving to go find Finn to bring him back.

"He's right. Even though your leg could be worse if not for Sen, you'll still only slow us down if you go," Clarke said, agreeing with Bellamy as she explained her reasoning to Octavia.

As she said so, before Octavia could protest, she saw that Sen came walking out of the dropship after taking a small nap, which made her forget about everything as she skipped over to him and started talking to him.

Octavia wasn't the only one who payed attention to Sen, though. It was hot as hell, especially since he was in—essentially—a big metal box when he fell asleep, so he took his shirt off.

Now most of the women who saw him couldn't keep their eyes off of both his glistening abs covered in a thin layer of sweat, or his tattoos that seemed to only enhance how he looked despite him already having an attractive enough face.

"Is your chest okay?" Octavia asked as she too, looked at Sen's body, noticing that his wound had been rewrapped, but Clarke was busy, meaning he had done it himself.

As Sen walked to where she previously was next to Clarke and Bellamy, he answered Octavia's question. "It's fine."

He then looked towards Bellamy, or more precisely, the gun strapped to Bellamy's waist.

"You're coming with us," Sen ordered as soon as he stepped in front of Bellamy, but before he could even think of a reply, Sen continued. "You have a gun, right? And we both know Octavia's not backing down on going with us, so wouldn't it be better for you to watch over her this time?"

This time Sen gave him time to reply, so he looked directly into Bellamy's eyes, waiting for him to answer.

"Alright I'll go on one condition: you stay away from my sister." After hearing both the reasoning and the hidden message beneath what Sen said, although Bellamy was annoyed, he still replied.

"Quit acting like a child, Bellamy. Your sister's old enough to make her own decisions," Sen said, his eyes filled with disdain as he continued, "Besides, I don't care about Finn enough to agree to that, and we both know that either way, you're going because you don't want your sister being alone with me."

While Sen denying his offer almost instantly put Bellamy in a bad mood, it did the opposite to Octavia, who's mood improved drastically as she started humming.

But even after that, Sen tacked on yet another reason for Bellamy to go, "It's clear enough to everybody here that you want everyone to believe you're some kind of leader, Bellamy. But do you genuinely believe anybody will do so when they see how you just sit at camp making others do everything for you?"

Bellamy felt as if he had lost any kind of authority he had every single time he spoke to Sen, and not that he would admit it, but Sen's words had swayed him.

So, he stood up, looked towards Murphy who had been listening in on their conversation, and ordered, "Murphy, you come with me," much to the boy's annoyance at having to be around both Sen who had humiliated him, and Wells who did the same.

Bellamy then called towards another one of his lackey's, and as the boy walked over, he said, "Adam, you watch over everybody while I'm gone, and start building a wall with all of the wood around us. The grounders have already shown that they're hostile."

The boy nodded and walked off.

'Mindless drone,' Sen thought as he watched the boy walk off, noticing that he didn't ask a single question about the order.

The newly made group made up of Wells, Clarke, Bellamy, Murphy, Octavia, and Sen then walked off into the forest, on their search for Finn.


As they walked through the forest covered in plants and fungi, Sen made a "suggestion" to the group: "Let's split up. We'll cover more ground. Clarke, go with Wells; Bellamy, go with you sister; and Murphy, come with me."

Although Sen would've preferred being the one with Octavia, he knew it would just start yet another argument with Bellamy, and he didn't feel like listening to it, so he instead opted to bring Murphy with him.

Octavia, on the other hand, didn't realize why Sen split the groups up the way he did, causing her to be slightly upset at the fact that he didn't choose to be with her.

"And why would I listen to you?"

To the annoyance of Sen, Bellamy still managed to start an argument.

"My god, just shut the fuck up and do what I told you to do," Sen said as he raised his voice, instantly ending the argument Bellamy was trying to start, annoyance seeping out of his tone like poison.

Everyone was slightly surprised at Sen's small outburst, but one person, Murphy, was just thinking about how Bellamy actually stopped talking and listened to Sen.

'Not very leader-like, Bellamy. I'll do you a favor though,' Murphy thought as he held back his eerie smile and started following Sen, who was splitting up from the group just like he proposed a second ago.

'A bunch of mindless fucking idiots. We'll all be wiped out if they don't change. The grounders will kill us all without even breaking a sweat with how things are now,' Sen thought as he walked through the forest, with Murphy behind him.

Unlike everybody else who just seemed to think that the grounders were survivors of the nuclear disaster, Sen knew better that they were most likely trained killers. Nobody could throw a spear like that with pinpoint accuracy from that far away unless they were either extremely lucky, or they had years and years of training.

Sen decided to increase how much he worked out, and train himself in hand to hand com-









Sen fell directly into the dirt he was just walking on.

"You shouldn't- You shouldn't have pushed me so far," Murphy stuttered as the knife in his grip dripped with Sen's crimson blood.

Sen tried to scream out in pain as he felt the burning sensation in his back, but he soon realized that his voice wouldn't come out no matter how hard he tried. The loudest noise he could make just sounded like a kettle on the stove.

His hand reached out to the dirt ahead of him as he clawed his way forward with all of his might, trying to do anything to avoid death, but as he felt Murphy's weight on his back and another burning pain, he realized his attempts were futile.

He would die here.

'I'm not ready…'

Those were his last words before he passed out, succumbing to death as even his eyes were no longer willing to work for him as he lost more blood.

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