The 'Family' Affair Book

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The 'Family' Affair


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After her parents divorce, Serena Evans followed her father and cut ties with her mafia mother who had taken over her grandfather's empire and become one of the most powerful Don in New York. For years, Serena lived in England and work with her father's company until her grandfather was murdered and she was reunited with her mother and her older twin brothers during the funeral. She was also reunited with the man that once she had considered as her best friend. Hendrick is the leader of a strong German gang and had allied with a New York mafia. Best friends with the Evan twins, he developed a secret crush on their young sister. But he lost her once she left with her father and they had lost contact for years. The death of Don Verdino of New York had brought them back together in the old man's funeral, and Hendrick had promised himself that he won't lose her again. But tragedies struck and was paid with revenge and betrayal. Hendrick's love was tested and Serena was in full of rage when her loved one was murdered. Will she get her revenge? Will Hendrick managed to make his heart become hers? Will Serena finally approved her 'family's business'? Read on to find out.


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