Author: EIsForE
Martial Arts
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What is THE "WORLD"

Read ‘THE "WORLD"’ Online for Free, written by the author EIsForE, This book is a Martial Arts Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Part 1 and 2 are a bit boring, might want to skip to part 3


Part 1 and 2 are a bit boring, might want to skip to part 3

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'Born In Ruins' was a forgettable read. That was the only way Emir could describe the pages of the novel he had found himself reincarnated into. The young man barely knew anything, but the snippets he had recalled only caused him unending sorrow... As what awaited him was only tragedy and an early death. It was a depressing story, one that he had planned to flip on its head—all for his salvation. — In this post-apocalyptic world, monsters fought humans and cyborgs in a battle for survival on a scale greater than ever before. A world where innocence was a luxury and the line between heroes and villains was razor-thin. Within its expanse, 'Ancient Clans,' 'Galactic Federations,' 'Factions', and 'Corporations' presided over colossal 'Ruins' that dwarfed the concept of life itself. Survivors of the 'Third World War' continuously dove into the 'Old World,' 'Hunting' for 'Relics' in any ruin that they could find on Earth, desperate to reclaim 'Lost' technology, to stand a fighting chance against the inevitable. But it appeared that 'Earthkind' had met their match. …However, Emir would never allow that fate to take its course. — Emir unraveled layers of the tale and realized the truth of the world. He acquainted himself with the rules of this game before it fully consumed him. And now... no longer content with mere survival, he sought to dominate over the very fabric of this unforgiving universe. Emir shall rise from the pawn he once was, seeking to unravel the mysteries that hounded him. The boundaries of 'Aether,' his father’s disappearance, the noose hanging above his family’s head, and of course… his starless destiny, a fate he longed to control. This pursuit would earn him the epithet: "Prince Of The Fallen." ---------------------------------------------- *Tags: Reincarnation ;), Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Academy (Volume 3), Romance, Apocalypse, {Anti-Hero. Villain.} *Expect this novel to start slowly; it begins ramping up at the halfway point of volume 1. *The Magic System is introduced at the end of volume 1, read my review and Auxiliary chapter for more on that. *Warning: The main characters have emotions like proper humans. So don't expect your usual emo kid as the MC and come complaining later.

GoldenStache · Sci-fi
375 Chs
Table of Contents
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Volume 1
Volume 2 :vol. 2
Volume 3 :Prequel
Volume 4 :Prequel2 (much bigger comedy)
Volume 5 :part 5
Volume 6 :6


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Hello, I am hoping to create a platform for authors and would love for you to join. There is a 70% compensation for authors from all revenue and a contest at my webpage(My username), along with a discord at the bottom of the webpage. I hope to see you there!


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