4 What? no way it's that character!!!!!

The text that popped out in front of me was. 

"Do you want to die here or do u want to stay alive" 

"Huu! what kind of shit question is this of course I want to stay alive " As I said that another text popped up in front of me telling me that "bang the basement door with your head as hard as u can and .... " 

"further instructions or unable to be provided as the owner power is too low" 

"Aaaaaaaaaaa!! What the heck was that at least tell me a less painful way to get out of here alive " as I shouted this I heard footsteps coming from nearby. My instincts were telling me to do as the text said otherwise I will be dead here and my life in my dream world will end before it even starts. 

"Shinzou wo Sasageyo!" As I shouted this phrase in my mind I busted my head with the basement door as hard as possible and as expected blood was flowing down through my head . After seeing that I panicked and started to bang the door for help and as expected someone did open the door . 

But this person who had opened the door was none other that a member of the foundation who was here for God knows why. I thought all the foundation members had returned to leave the village but what's this guy doing here? As soon I saw him I knew I was dead, the foundation was made of heartless bastards. And as I saw him pulling out his kunai to kill me. My spoke without even thinking " who are you?, where am I? , and who am I? " hearing this the guy put his kunai down and after he did that I thought to myself "mann my lie was so bad he is going to not even give me a fast death he is going to kill me by either punching or choking me to dead and even if he is going to choke me to death I would prefer it to me a hot woman not a man " after regretting up on every action I looked in my past life I said thank u to myself, but unexpectedly the guy said "u don't know who u are? " he said it like he was happy. He was wearing a mask but I knew that he was happy to hear what I said " yes" I said that in a small voice while covering my head which was bleeding then, he said to himself like he was relieved of a big suffering "thank god I don't have to kill this small kid no one will know he was a survivor of joestar clan . hey show me your head " after seeing my head injury he said to himself. 

 " This injury might be the reason for his memory loss " After hearing his voice again I knew he is the same guy which my clan members saved. He must have come here to see what his actions have caused the lives of so many people and to regret what he did. 

So he was a medical ninja that explained why he was the last remaining survivor of his mission . "Hey so u really don't remember anything name family or anything " he asked with a concern as he was healing me. I acted like I was remembering anything and I said "just my name it's Aryan" I chose my previous life name instead of dio because..... it's my choice. "Aryan, that's a unique name I have never heard of before " He said as he finished healing me. 

"here hop on my back "

"I will take u to a safe place to live "

as soon as he picked me up on his back and we left the house there was a pin drop silent in the village there wasn't even a single life trace there not the remains of the people who were burned there it was like the people vanished in thin air , after watching that I realized who powerful this clan was and I thought that if they were this powerful why didn't they burned the enemy. Well not that I can ask them now ,can I? 

As soon as I thought that the guy said as he was fully energized " Hey hang on tight we will be going on full speed " 

"Huu, what did uuuaaahaaahhaaaaa!!!!! " I shouted as he started running ,he was running so fast that it was hard for me to keep my eyes open . after a while passed I calmed down a bit and enjoy the view. He smelled a nice he must use a good shampoo and as I readjusted my grip a bit I felt something soft "no, there is no way, this person is a guy right, right he is just a guy, just a guy" after assuring myself for like 10 minutes I mustered up the courage to ask  this person whether he was a he or she " female!! I am a female . " she said without even showing a bit concern. I was embarrassed. This was the first time a woman other than my mother or sister was scaring me on her back ,and that happened when I was small. 

After that she run for like 3 hours and the leaf village was in the sight. but as soon as we were able to see leaf village . The female shinobi saw a few foundation ninja and she stopped on the ground and spoke in a concerned voice that "u can go straight to the village from here I have to go somewhere " and as she was going I asked her " at least tell me your name, will ya? 

"It's Yukana Yame," she said while waving her hand towards me. 

"no, it's not possible " I said it out loud cause that was the name of a character from a totally different anime and she was my favorite waifu when I was alive. (anime name:- My first girlfriend is a gal) 

Is it possible , if yes then it must be because of The king of existence." Thank you, oh! great king " I thanked him while bowing my head. 

After that whole cinematic scene I started walking down to road. " is she stupid or what leaving a 4 year child in a middle of nowhere and telling him to go in a village where the same guy is there who killed my entire clan he is really stupid but on the other hand she didn't had any other choice the foundation would had killed me if they found out about me " and as I was lost in thinking this I tripped and felled over the cliff . 

Thankfully it was like 5 to 4 feet long so it didn't hurt much as soon as I felt down four people with their masks on were around me pointing kunai at me. " ah! shit here we go again " as I thought that a person with a white coat and yellow hair came and told them " What r u doing? He is a kid can't u see that '' he said in extreme anger. Well I was in pretty bad shape during that time and the person standing in front of me was none other than Minato himself. as I looked at him there was a text return over his head saying... 

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