1 Introducing to the novel plot!!

Hy brothers and there sisters this is Mistic007.

so I will be writing this novel and my dear fellow weebs, plzzz go easy on me since this is my first

work and english is not my first language (trust me i was suffering to write language because I was getting the spelling wrong 🤣) there will be grammatical mistakes .

I will try my best to not to make one but plzz if there r mistake, correct me if u can in the comment section.

story progression:- i will try my best not to break any cannon couple (leaving Ino and sai. U know what I mean ) but i will change the anime plot quite a bit. And i will try to make some of my original characters one of them will be introduced in chapter 1.

And my brothers and there sisters, this is all i have to say lets get on with the novel and a great story if I m able to write one...

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