That Time I Married Into The Orcish Cartel

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What is That Time I Married Into The Orcish Cartel

Read That Time I Married Into The Orcish Cartel novel written by the author KG_Katran5665 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, comedy, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In modern day Earth, where fantasy and reality has collided, Police Officer Andrew Roberts was enjoying his much-needed vacation with his family. But trouble always seems to find him. This time, in the form of a girl who was being harassed by some mermen. As the officer of the law, he intended to deescalate the situation. But before he could, the girl knocked him out with a seaweed! When he woke up, he found himself face to face with the infamous Orcish Drug Lord, Chakob Rodriguez. He only has one request: to have Andrew marry his daughter; the girl who knocked him out! What will his answer be?

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Volume 1 :Surprise Marriage
Volume 2 :New World


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not much to say with just 11 chapters but so far I really enjoy this story and I hope you keep updating this × × × × × × × × × w w w w w w w


I read up to the end of volume 1 and this is what I have to say. The story is good although a little hard to follow and kinda jumps through plot points and is a bit all over the place. But that is standard for newer authors so don't worry to much. dialogue was decent if a little basic, nothing practice can't fix (just listen to the way people speak irl, you can pick up mannerisms and implement them yourself). I loved the setting and the world, and the character design for the fantasy races were all really good. I really liked the enthusiasm the author showed in the author notes, and if he/she is reading this (you should be) then I suggest you screw the contract and post this on other websites, under different names and titles if you have too. Since webnovel isn't actually as good for traffick despite the way it seems. RoyalR.o.a.d (this is one word not broken up, just avoiding censorship) is a really good website that has a lot more people on it and it gives better more honest reviews. I'm mostly saying this because I have read hot garbage with like 20 5 star reviews and no negatives on webnovel sites. Nevertheless keep writing, improve and try not to burn yourself out.


very good so far, world building and characterization is executed very well, it's currently at 12 chapters but I can already tell it's a gem. it's kinda like a mix between fantasy, romance, action, detective stuff and it's all In a very well developed world (although the world merging thing has been done a few other time, the way it is executed here is wholly unique)


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