That Time I Got Reincarnated With Some Cheats [COMPLETE]

You should know how it goes, I died, met a ROB, got some wishes, before getting reincarnated in a world of my choosing. Let's get started shall we? ----- In case you didn't realise, this is a Tensura Slime fanfic. I don't consider myself a veteran writer, so if you have any feedback I would be glad to read them. Don't expect a flawless plot line. I don't mind you guys making a bad review but at least let me know what I did wrong. I own nothing except my own characters. The cover pic is something I found off google, if you want me to take it down just drop a comment. https://discord.gg/ephtQTTdxt

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Chapter 86 Festival

So apparently tying my hair up in a man bun was not one of the best ideas I had. It turns out that… well, with an androgynous face like mine, a man bun isn't exactly… "manly". Especially when paired with a yukata.

Shuna- "Rimuru-sama, you're so cute!"

Shuna screams the moment she sees me and jumps on me, quickly followed by Shion.

*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*

Milim is taking pictures with that damn phone of hers.

Treyni is just looking at me with a hand lightly covering her mouth with an 'Ara Ara' aura around her.

Mikoto and Illya are just standing there next to each other with complicated expressions, and Shizu is… well…

Shizu- "Nya…"

Just lazing over Mikoto's shoulder.

I guess in this situation I should say "I am aware of the effect I have on women". Unfortunately, the effect is not beneficial.

Regardless, I discarded the man bun style and returned to my natural state of just letting my hair go free without tying it up or anything. In any case, I prefer this style anyway.

Although I could turn into my male form, I've grown attached to my gender-neutral form. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I want to reserve my male form for a special occasion…

Or maybe it's an instinctual action to prevent the event of getting chased around Avalon by any women I cross paths with. I mean, I've seen my male form. I can guarantee I can even turn lesbians straight with that face.

Don't misunderstand, it's not like I would dislike it. I'm a straight virgin male, getting chased by women instead of having them run away from me is a nice change.

(A/N: oof)

It's just that I'm more scared of what Illya and Mikoto would do if they found out that I was enjoying getting chased by many women. They might choose to ignore me and I would become deprived of my source to vent my frustrations (head patting Illya) and my favourite resting pillow (Mikoto's thighs).

Therefore, I choose to play it safe and remain in my gender-neutral form.

As for the males of the group, their reactions weren't as… colourful… as the girls. Which is good.

Benimaru- "That hairstyle… should I tie my hair like that? Then I could be like Rimuru-sama…"

Soei- "Your hair is a bit too short for it…"

Hakurou- "Hohoho, perhaps I should style my own hair in that fashion."

They were mostly interested in the hairstyle.

Ranga- 'You look dashing, Master!'

Ranga is just being Ranga, sitting to the side while wagging his tail, causing a small gale in the area.

Anyway, all of us are dressed in yukatas handmade by Shuna for the festival. Each yukata is designed to suit each of us specifically, you can really see the attention Shuna put into them.

Rimuru- "Right guys, come here or a second."

I get everyone's attention and they all walk up to me.


I snap my fingers while invoking [Scathach], causing everyone's right palm to glow softly, including my own. Looking closer, you can see a rune written on it.

Rimuru- "That rune is there to hide all of your identities. Tonight, you're just a regular citizen. This way you don't have to worry about getting recognized every step of the way! Although we can still recognise each other…"

Everyone with us is quite famous among the general populace, including Gabil, Kaijin, Vesta and Kurobe. Each of us holds a high position and we meet many people during our work, so it would be a bit hard to enjoy yourself when you're constantly getting swarmed by fans.

It would especially be nightmarish for me. Not that I work in the first place…

Rimuru- "In any case, those runes are written with magicules and will disappear by tomorrow, so let's go and enjoy ourselves!"

Everyone- "Ooh!"

I raise my fist into the air in a cheer and everyone mimics me. And so, as the sun sinks below the horizon, the festival officially starts.

A few hours later…



How did it come to this? I'm not sure either. We all wandered around the festival as a large group before one by one, the left to try out different things. Before I knew it, I was all alone.

… I'm not sad or anything… *Sniff*

Regardless, I'm now alone wandering through a large crowd, looking around to see if anything catches my eye. There are many things here at this festival. I mean, the entire city is participating, either by setting up stalls or just wandering around having fun like me. Attractions are a common sight.

Most of them are attractions you'd see at festivals from my old world. Mini-games, gift shops, things like that. Some of them are even small food stalls selling things from candy apples and fairy floss to chips and other hot foods. There's even-


Meat buns!


A large purchase later…

I'm wandering down the street, nibbling on a meat bun, looking around to see if anything catches my eye. There's nothing that stands out really. But it's during these moments when I realise that this city really is some kind of paradise.

Monsters walking around doing nothing but enjoying themselves. Each of them has a large smile on their face from the pedestrians to the stall owners, male to female, old to young. All of them are glowing with happiness.

Looking up, you can see the barrier protecting this place shimmering in the darkness, yet not obstructing the glow from the full moon or the stars.

It really makes me wonder…

Is all this really because of me?

Obviously, I didn't make this from the ground up by myself. I've had a lot of help. The goblins, wolves, kijin, ogres, orcs… heck, even Gabil and his dragonewts. All of them pitched in and built this place, Avalon, from the ground up.

I chuckle to myself. I named it Avalon because it sounded cool, but…

Rimuru- "It really is some kind of Everdistant Utopia, huh… well, it's not so distant in reality…"

???- "Make way, make way!"

Loud shouting comes from behind me. I turn around to see a large festival float slowly creeping this way. The goblins in front of it are clearing out the path to make sure no one gets run over.

A parade, huh? I wonder what it's about…

I walk closer to take a look.

Milim- "Yahoo!"

Eh? Milim!?

Standing on top of the float modelled after a certain lazy Hell Cat waving down at the crowds is Milim, still in her yukata. How the hell did she even get up there… And is that Illya standing next to you!?

Illya, as if sensing my gaze, looks towards me with a helpless smile.

I'm sorry, Illya, but you're on Milim duty for tonight.

Her shoulders slump down and she just sighs. I'm sorry! I'll pat your head lots later!

Not wanting to stand in the stuffy mob of bodies for much longer, I weave through the crowds until I find a bench. I decide to just sit there, nibbling on my meat buns until the parade passes and the area clears up.

… The meat buns I make are better…

Finally, the festival float passes dragging the large crowd with it.

Man, these identity concealing runes really are a lifesaver. If I didn't have them while in that crowd, I probably would've never been able to escape unless through another fucking dimension.

And even then, I'm not sure.

As the crowd passes, a stranger sits next to me. I look over to them and say hi.

Rimuru- "Hey…"

???- "Hi…"

I look back forward before my eyes widen and my head snaps back in the stranger's direction. Said stranger is looking at me with a shocked expression too.

Rimuru- "Mikoto!?"

Mikoto- "Rimuru!?"

Rimuru/Mikoto- "What are you doing here!?"

God, I love these cliché moments. But Mikoto seems genuinely surprised about finding me, a bit panicky too. Or rather, she looks more flustered than anything else. Did she not sense me?

Speaking of which, how the fuck did I not sense her!? [Universal Sense]? Are you going on strike again?

(A/N: [Universal Sense].exe has stopped working)

Rimuru- "What do you mean "what am I doing here", you guys left me!"

I'm still a little sad about it- *Cough* I mean, I wasn't sad.

Mikoto- "I'm sorry I didn't really mean to, Milim dragged me and Illya away because she wanted to go on that festival float but unfortunately only 2 people could ride on it at the top so I had to follow on foot but I got tired and decided to take a rest here-"

Rimuru- "Alright, I got it. Take a deep breath, you didn't pause once during that sentence."

Mikoto closed her eyes and followed my advice.

Mikoto- "*Inhale*… So how are you Rimuru!?"

Nope, she's still panicked. I mean, I can understand her, I would probably act the same way if I didn't have full control over my body. It's like meeting your high school crush when you just went to buy something from the local store.

I just sigh and decide to answer her question.

Rimuru- "Well, I was just wandering around, thinking about the meaning of life."

Illya- 'Lies. You're just a Rimuru, that's too much for you.'


(A/N: Raphael returns!)


Rimuru- "Well, I was just wandering around, enjoying the many attractions here at the festival… by myself."

Mikoto- "… Are you angry?"

Me? Angry? No.

Sad? Perhaps.

Rimuru- "*Cough* No, I'm not angry. How about you? Are you enjoying yourself?"

Mikoto- "I guess so, aside from being dragged around by Milim, the festival is pretty fun. There are lots of different stalls, mini-games, foods and drinks. It's honestly a bit overwhelming, it's totally different from the festivals back in my old world…"

She calms down and begins talking about the festival with a smile on her face before she's reminded of her old world. She looks up at the stars through the barrier with a dazed look on her face.

Mikoto- "… Do you think my home is somewhere up there…?"

I feel a sharp pain in my heart.

I've regretted it, you know? Bringing her here. It's not like she forgot her old world, she still remembers it and… well, she misses it a lot.

And I'm the one who took her away from there.

I follow Mikoto's line of sight and look up at the stars as well.

Rimuru- "… Should I have just let you go back then…?"

Mikoto flinches and turns to me with a serious expression on her face.

Mikoto- "Rimuru. Don't say that."

My line of sight falls back on the chestnut-haired girl who is staring back at me with a serious expression.

Mikoto- "If I could go back in time, I wouldn't have changed anything. I would still take that deal."

Suddenly, her mouth morphs into a smile. A very kind and warm smile…

Mikoto- "Besides, I got to meet everyone here because of that! Treyni, Shion, Shuna, Benimaru, Soei, Hakurou, Kurobe, Kaijin, Ranga, Rigurd… Heck, even Gabil, Geld and Vesta too. Especially Shizu, Illya, Milim, and even…"

Even… you.

She didn't finish her sentence, but I knew where she was going. Or more specifically, her face burst with a shade of red when she realised where she was going with that sentence and became unable to complete it.

So cute…

I just smile back at Mikoto. Ahh, honestly… how far is she going to make me fall for her…

Rimuru- "I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Misaka Mikoto, I promise you."

(A/N: Remember, she's Japanese. Her last name comes before her first name. For us, she would be called Mikoto Misaka.)

I jump up from the bench and stand in front of Mikoto with open arms, my golden eyes shining as my hair and sleeves of my yukata flutter from my movements.

Rimuru- "I'll become stronger. Strong enough to break through the Dimensional Wall and find your home again. I'll bring you back, and then you'll be able to travel back and forth between the two worlds just by walking a few steps. You'll literally have the best of both worlds!"

I reaffirm the promise I made with Mikoto on the day I officially summoned her. I had no intentions of forgetting it or reneging on my promise, but… it just felt right to promise her again.

Mikoto looks up at me from her position on the bench. She tucks a strand of loose hair behind her ear, closes her eyes and grins cheerfully, showing her perfect white teeth.

Mikoto- "Mmm! I'll be waiting!"

We eventually spent the rest of the night wandering around the festival by ourselves. We occasionally ran into the others, but we only said hello before separating again.

In the end, it was just Mikoto and myself for most of the night. We did many things together, mini-games like ring toss, knocking down your prize with a cork gun, goldfish scooping, and things like that.

I mean, they each had their supernatural twist to it which I prefer not to say lest my view of 'normal' festivals becomes completely shattered.

*Shudders as I remember the scene of a plushie of my slime form getting obliterated by the magic cork guns*

There was even a stage play, starring Treyni and Rigurd in their own take of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures.

Rigurd- "Ho? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me?"

Treyni- "I can't beat the shit out of you without getting closer."

Rigurd- "Oh ho! Then come as close as you like."

*They approach each other as menacing character props are lowered down from the ceiling behind them*

It was beautiful.

In the end, there was a large bonfire dance. Many people gathered for this event, to dance around the fire with their partners.

Mikoto and I were just walking around like usual when we saw several goblins putting up posters. Getting curious, we walked up to take a look. Written on the poster is an advertisement for the upcoming bonfire dance.

Rimuru- "Ah, there was something like that, wasn't there…"

I remember suggesting this for fun during the festival preparation meeting. But… this could be a good chance.

Smiling playfully, I step in front of Mikoto and bow forward with my right hand outstretched. With my left hand, I create a fedora with [Ahura Mazda] and place it on my head.

Rimuru- "Would you honour me to have this dance with you, M'Lady?"

*Tips fedora*

Mikoto- "Eh? M-me!?"

Rimuru- "Yes you. You're the only one I know here, after all."

Mikoto pouts at me.

I just chuckle to myself and lean forward even more and whisper in her ear.

Rimuru- "Well, you would still be my first choice even if there were other girls here."

She steps back as her lips twitch furiously. It's not because she's angry, it's because she's fighting with herself, trying to hold her lips down and prevent them from smiling so blatantly.

Mikoto- "W-w-well I guess I could be your partner. It's only because you don't have any other choice! Remember that!"

Mikoto accepts my dance proposal while placing her soft hand in my outstretched hand while looking away. I love this woman.

Rimuru- "Tsundere."

Mikoto- "I-I-I'm not a tsundere!"

Yup. I really love her.

And so we walk over to the large opening where the bonfire dance was scheduled to be.

Meanwhile, a random orc was walking by and saw the fedora.

Orc Jeff- "My nem Jeff."

He immediately fell in love with it and took it as a holy artefact.

Many monsters have already gathered and several large bonfires are already ablaze, its flame reaching nearly a dozen meters high.

Half an hour later, the dance has finally begun. It wasn't anything special, nor was it a uniform thing. I mean, we're all monsters here, there's no way they magically learned how to properly dance so soon. A festival like this is already enough of a culture shock for them.

So although it was called a bonfire dance, it was more just an event for a couple to do their own thing around a fire.

The music started and Mikoto and I just decided to dance as we would in our old world in an event like this. Well, for me, I know how to do it through Satoru Mikami's memories. I mean, I've never done this in my original life after all.

But it worked out well enough. I was a bit clumsy at first, but Mikoto thankfully gave me tips and pointers, even though she couldn't be considered experienced herself. In the end, it all worked out well enough.

It also helps that we're both (physically) of similar age. I look like a 15 or 16-year-old teenager, which fits well with Mikoto. I'm only slightly taller than her by an inch or two.

We found each other's rhythm and we quickly became drawn in our own world. It may sound cringe, but it's the only way I could describe this.

Rimuru- "I like your yukata, by the way. It suits you."

Mikoto is wearing a blue yukata with red and yellow flower patterns on it. It honestly suits her quite well. Although Mikoto in casual clothes is cute in its own right, Mikoto in a yukata has a different kind of charm to it. Shuna really did a good job.

Mikoto- "Eh!?"

Bam, her face instantly takes on a shade of crimson.

I smirk at the blushing tsundere in front of me and just continue to just enjoy the moment.

(PIC HERE: imgur.com/a/npmXnvo)


Name: Rimuru

Race: Origin Slime

Protection: Crest of Space

Title: Highest Tier Spirit, Leader of the Monsters, Onii-chan, King of Avalon

Manas: [Manas: Illyasviel]

Ultimate Skills: [Belzebuth, Lord of Gluttony] [Ahura Mazda, Lord of Creation] [Scathach, Lord of Runes]

Unique Skills: [Spatial Ruler]

Intrinsic Skills: [Infinite Regeneration] [Universal Shapeshift] [Universal Sense] [Enhanced Replication] [Universal Thread]

Extra Skills: [Lord's Ambition] [Thought Communication] [Control Particles] [Control Natural Elements]

Resistances: [Cancel Pain] [Resist Melee Attack] [Cancel Natural Elements] [Cancel Ailments] [Resist Spiritual Attack] [Resist Holy Attack]

Equipment: Yamato, Harpe, [Raphael] Skill Orb


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