That Time I Got Reincarnated With Some Cheats [COMPLETE]

You should know how it goes, I died, met a ROB, got some wishes, before getting reincarnated in a world of my choosing. Let's get started shall we? ----- In case you didn't realise, this is a Tensura Slime fanfic. I don't consider myself a veteran writer, so if you have any feedback I would be glad to read them. Don't expect a flawless plot line. I don't mind you guys making a bad review but at least let me know what I did wrong. I own nothing except my own characters. The cover pic is something I found off google, if you want me to take it down just drop a comment. https://discord.gg/ephtQTTdxt

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Chapter 28 Regrets

And so, Shizu stayed within the village. The 3 adventurers also wanted to stay behind for a couple of days, most likely to avoid work, and since I understand that feeling I generously let them stay as well.

They went off to do their own thing, wandering around the village and doing whatever people of this world do for entertainment.

Even to this day, I don't know what they do to keep themselves occupied.

To adequately satisfy Shizu, I used [Limited Creation] on a rather large scale to make a house. Not just any house, however, but a modern house. Well, although I say modern, it's actually a traditional Japanese house, but with all the modern appliances inside like lights, showers, and all that.

Since there's no electricity, I made a set of runes to absorb magicules from the atmosphere and use that to run everything inside instead. I could have just made an arc reactor, but…

Actually, I can't think of a reason NOT to make an arc reactor, so I made one. And after I used some runes once more, I made it so that the electricity the arc reactor gives off and the magicules in the air can fuse making for some seriously efficient energy.

Mikoto's [Harmony] helped in the process too, so even though it isn't really electricity, she can still work it like normal with her Electromaster esper ability.

After fortifying it with barriers and strengthening the foundation and structure with even MORE runes, it's finally done.

[Limited Creation] and [Rune Master] for the win. Man, I am SO glad I chose these wishes!

ANYWAY! This all happened in under an hour, with both Shizu and Mikoto watching it all happen right before their eyes. Mikoto knew I could do this, so she wasn't surprised and was simply highly interested in watching me jump around the place. Shizu, on the other hand, was completely floored.

Shizu- "Am I dreaming…"

The day continued, both Mikoto and I accompanied Shizu in making sure her last couple of days are an absolute blast.

I told Mikoto about Shizu's condition and she was shocked and bitter. She felt quite sorry for her. So, with that in mind, Mikoto decided to be proactive in entertaining her. Eventually, over the course of a few hours, they ended up becoming great friends, even disregarding their age gap.

It must be because they both came from the same place, that being Japan, albeit, a parallel universe Japan.

I didn't really get in between them and only sat to the side and listened to them as they talked. The scene… it's healing my spirit… 2 cute girls, sitting with each other, laughing and enjoying themselves… ahhhh…

Well, although I said "sat to the side" it more like "sat on Shizu's lap" because she always carried me around everywhere. When Mikoto asked why she always had me in her arms…

Shizu- "It's because Mr Slime is so comfortable to hold…"

… is that she said as she snuggles my body even more. I mean, I'm REALLY enjoying this physical contact, but can you stop staring at me like I'm some sort of trash, Mikoto? I'll let you hold me too if you want.

Shizu became a bit confused when she came across certain things in the house, to which Mikoto realised she never really had contact with modern technology or modern things in general.

And so, I constantly made more games, food, and things like that from modern times to mess around with. Shizu got really into it herself but almost fell into gacha hell. It took a lot of convincing to get her to stop. Mikoto never touched something like gacha as well, so she got curious and also wanted to try it, to which I also had to convince her to stop.

After that, I uninstalled every gacha game on all of the consoles and devices.

Rimuru- "No one is going to corrupt my Mikoto…"

I mutter such words to myself as I finish off my holy crusade of ridding this place of all roads to hell and purifying the place afterwards by leaving meat buns all over the place. After that, Shizu constantly teased Mikoto about something, but I never got what they were talking about.

Finally, it's evening.

Mikoto- "So, out of all the food you tried today, which was your favourite?"

Shizu placed a finger on her lip while she thought about the question.

Shizu- "Hmm… I would have to say I like the meat buns the most. They were the most delicious ones I've ever had."

Shizu answers with a smile. Damn, she really is waifu material, should I pursue her instead…

Mikoto- "Really? It's the same with me!"

Nope, nevermind, Mikoto is bae.

They continued talking about sich idle thoughts as they sat on the couch, Shizu hugging me and Mikoto hugging a pillow. And finally, they grow tired and decide to go to bed.

Obviously, they sleep in the house. Comfortable beds, remember?

Mikoto goes off on her own and I guide Shizu to her bed.

You know, in case she still doesn't understand something. I have no bad intentions, I swear.

Shizu- "Mr Slime… No, Rimuru… Can I ask you for a favour?"

Shizu, already laying down in bed, turns her head to me and asks me a question.

Rimuru- "Of course!"

Shizu smiles at me immediate answer. She opens her mouth.

Shizu- "Can you… eat me please?"

This came as a shock to me.

Rimuru- "… Can I ask why?"

Shizu- "I don't think I can hold back Ifrit any longer. Soon… I won't be able to hold back… I'm scared you know, of losing my sense of self. So, please…"

Shizu looks calm on the outside, ber her voice quivers as she talks. She's frightened. Not of dying itself, but rather…

Shizu- "It's okay for me to be a little selfish, right? Eat me. Let me die as myself."

She's frightened of dying as a monster.

I pause, and I think about this. I was expecting this, honestly. But I was thinking she could hold out until tomorrow. I didn't know it would be so soon…

<<Report, Greater Spirit Ifrit will break free from its restraints in under 2 hours.>>

It turns out she can't hold on that long.

Rimuru- "I accept. However, I must ask you something else in turn."

Shizu- "If it's something I can do as weakened as I am now…"

Rimuru- "… Let me carry your regrets."

Shizu's eyes widen, before she closes them, and nods. She smiles as a single tear leaks from her eye, and I speak one last time before she will never hear me again.

Rimuru- "Don't worry about the kids. And I'll at least make sure to punch that Leon guy once."

Shizu chuckles, before breathing a sigh, and I work my magic.


And like that, Shizue Izawa disappears from the world… for now.


Name: Rimuru

Race: Origin Slime

Protection: Crest of Space

Title: Highest Tier Spirit

Ultimate Skills: [Illya, Heaven's Feel]

Intrinsic Skills: [Infinite Regeneration] [Universal Shapeshift] [Universal Sense]

Unique Skills: [Great Sage] [Predator] [Limited Creation] [Rune Master]

Extra Skills: [Control Water] [Lord's Ambition] [Thought Communication] [Shadow Motion] [Cloud Step] [Language Comprehension] [Control Wind] [Far Sight] [Snipe] [Silent Movement] [Evasion] [Reinforcement] [Greater Prediction] [Hinder Senses] (+14 more)

Common Skills: (There's a fuck ton, I'm not writing this.)

Tolerances: [Resist Temperature] [Resist Melee Attack] [Cancel Pain] [Resist Electricity] [Resist Paralysis] [Resist Earth] [Resist Water] [Resist Wind] [Resist Spiritual Attack] [Resist Holy Attack] [Resist Ranged Attack] (+7 more)


A/N: I'm not adding Shizu's skills until later after MC actually tries them out. It should be in a couple of chapters.

MC: Damn, I kinda wanna have...

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Also, this chapter and the next one, maybe the one after that, should be less comedy and more serious. After that, we'll go back to normal.

Let me know if I missed anything.

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