That Time I Got Reincarnated With Some Cheats [COMPLETE]

You should know how it goes, I died, met a ROB, got some wishes, before getting reincarnated in a world of my choosing. Let's get started shall we? ----- In case you didn't realise, this is a Tensura Slime fanfic. I don't consider myself a veteran writer, so if you have any feedback I would be glad to read them. Don't expect a flawless plot line. I don't mind you guys making a bad review but at least let me know what I did wrong. I own nothing except my own characters. The cover pic is something I found off google, if you want me to take it down just drop a comment. https://discord.gg/ephtQTTdxt

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Chapter 138 Kitteh (My cat was sitting on my desk as I was finalising this chapter lol)


School! A prison for children that adults use to indoctrinate them into their boorish society.

Luckily I dropped out of school the first chance I got and became cultured through the internet.

Where would I be if Reddit didn't exist… I miss you…

Mikoto- "Rimuru, why are you crying?"

Rimuru- "*Sniff* I'm not crying… This damn body of mine. How can this body even cry in the first place?"

Illya- "You don't want to know, Onii-chan."

I look down at Illya who is walking next to me. We don't say anything. Eventually, I just nod and go back to looking at Mikoto's thighs subtly through [Universal Perception].

I've learned to do it in a way that doesn't trigger her scary intuition.

As for where we are walking, we're on our way to the S Class classroom.

From the information Yuuki gave me, S Class is the class for those deemed problematic and hard to deal with in one way or another. There are many failed summons here in this school, but those five from the S Class were considered "outcasts".

Ever since Shizue Izawa stepped down from her position as a teacher and left on her journey, the class has been left without anyone to care for it.

Shizue was a Hero, the Conquerer of Flames (a chuuni title if I've ever heard one). The class was also very attached to her so they drove off literally any other teacher sent to look over them.

And then I came here and took up that teaching position.

Well, I'm more of an adviser than an actual teacher, I can't teach shit. I barely know complicated math formulas and the most difficult thing I can remember from math is that fucking Pythagoras theorem.

God knows how many times they talked about that damn fucking theorem during the last days of school before I dropped out…

In any case, I'm hopeless at teaching.

And that's where Mikoto and Illya come in. They're smart and after talking about it, I just decided to leave the "teaching" to them. As for WHAT they'll teach… I don't really know.

But I want to be the one to teach the students that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. I bet their minds will be blown.

In any case, I can see Mikoto teach, but…

Rimuru- "Illya, are you sure you wanna teach?"

Illya- "Yes! It seems interesting, I want to try it!"

Illya says with sparkling eyes.

Rimuru- "But… aren't you younger than them?"

I'm trying to hint at the fact that appearance-wise, you look about their age. It's making me feel like shit, having a (physically) 10-year-old child teach a class in my place.

Illya- "Don't worry, I can just be their really smart friend that just happens to know everything!"

She boasts about knowing everything with such an innocent face!





Rimuru- "The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell."

Illya- "EH!?"

Illya looks at me with a face of pure shock. I close my eyes and flick my hair back with a smug smile.

Rimuru- "Hmph! You're too young to know everything…"

Meanwhile, Mikoto is looking at us while whispering "what the hell" and Ranga is in my shadow in complete awe of my vast knowledge.

In any case, the school is really large. It takes after traditional Japanese schools with one large building that has all the different classes separated throughout said building with their own rooms.

It looks more like a prestigious private school, however, as it's made mostly out of wood giving it an "elegant" feel.

I want to blow up the corridors.

What? This place is so "pompous" it makes my skin crawl.

Well, Mikoto is used to it. She used to go to Tokiwadai Middle School, a prestigious girl's school. She was even called Princess there…

I look at Mikoto to see her walk through the halls like it's her natural element. Heck, she's even wearing her Tokiwadai uniform today.

Illya is cheerfully skipping alongside us, completely oblivious to my dilemma.

Oh well, we're getting close to the classroom. I best make my own preparations.

I take a deep breath and my stance changes.

From my casual walk that shows my carefreeness, my steps become filled with purpose and strength. My white hair flows freely behind me and I use [Universal Shapeshift] to increase my height by just a few centimetres. My back straightens up slightly as I slide my hand into my pocket.

From my pocket, I take out Shizue's Anti Magic Mask and place it over my face, covering my confidant smile.

Rimuru- "Now, shall we get started…"

I slide both my hands back into my pockets and resume my "cool guy walk" that is making Mikoto stare at me with a slight blush on her cheeks while Illya is wiping her bloody nose.

I should do this more often…

We reach the classroom for S Class and while still in my confidant walk, I step forward and open the wooden sliding door.


Illya- "Wait, Onii-cha-"


A fireball hits me dead centre of my chest.

I fly back, leaving a trail of smoke and I hit the wall opposite of the door, imprinting my figure in it.





[Spatial Ruler]!? Where's my defence!?

That was a slow attack, why couldn't I dodge it!?

How the fuck was I sent flying back from a weak blast like that!? I mean, I wasn't hurt, but still!

And more importantly…

My cool moment got ruined!

I can hear Mikoto and Illya struggle to hold back their laughter. Even Ranga is having a hard time.

No, wait! There's still a chance. There's a lot of smoke for some dumb fucking reason. More anime logic I assume.

Aside from Ranga, Illya and Mikoto, no one else saw me get sent flying back. I scramble back to my previous position before I got yeeted across the corridor and stand there imposingly.

???- "Sweet! Nice one, Kenya!"

???- "Is that your finisher? It's all done now!?"

???- "It caused a big explosion too!"

Cheering from inside the classroom enters our ears.

Mikoto- "… Are you sure they're dying? It doesn't sound like it…"

Mikoto mutters. Illya hears it and shakes her head with a wry smile.

Illya- "The symptoms don't show until just a few months before death."

In other words, at this point, they're still lively gremlins- *Cough* I mean kids.

Right right, focus. I gotta look cool.

Using [Control Natural Elements] to blow the smoke away, I reveal my figure completely unharmed with my arms crossed in front of my chest.

Rimuru- "Was that supposed to do something?"

I say with a domineering voice.

And thus my first meeting with Shizue's students begins.


Name: Rimuru

Race: Origin Slime

Protection: Crest of Space

Title: Highest Tier Spirit, Leader of the Monsters, Onii-chan, King of Avalon, Master of Headpats, Procrastinator King, The Nutcracker, socially awkward cringe slightly chuuni slime

Manas: [Manas: Illyasviel]

Ultimate Skills: [Belzebuth, Lord of Gluttony] [Ahura Mazda, Lord of Creation] [Scathach, Lord of Runes]

Unique Skills: [Spatial Ruler]

Intrinsic Skills: [Infinite Regeneration] [Universal Shapeshift] [Universal Sense] [Enhanced Replication] [Universal Thread]

Extra Skills: [Lord's Ambition] [Thought Communication] [Control Natural Elements] [Control Magic] [Control Gravity]

Resistances: [Cancel Pain] [Resist Melee Attack] [Cancel Natural Elements] [Cancel Ailments] [Cancel Spiritual Attack] [Resist Holy/Demonic Attack]

Equipment: Yamato, [Raphael] Skill Orb, Limiter Ring


A/N: Kitteh.

MC: Speaking of Kitteh, should I show Shizu to the students?

AN: I dont see why now.

MC: Ok. Should I tell them about her reincarnation though?

AN: I guess. I mean, they were her students and they both loved each other like family, so...

MC: Aight.

Let me know if I missed anything.

Also consider dropping some power stones!


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