That Time I Got Reincarnated With Some Cheats [COMPLETE]

You should know how it goes, I died, met a ROB, got some wishes, before getting reincarnated in a world of my choosing. Let's get started shall we? ----- In case you didn't realise, this is a Tensura Slime fanfic. I don't consider myself a veteran writer, so if you have any feedback I would be glad to read them. Don't expect a flawless plot line. I don't mind you guys making a bad review but at least let me know what I did wrong. I own nothing except my own characters. The cover pic is something I found off google, if you want me to take it down just drop a comment. https://discord.gg/ephtQTTdxt

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Chapter 135 Yuuki Bot and more foreshadowing hehehe

Yes, I fucking killed Yuuki.


That's because he's a psychopath. I've always talked about how he's a bad guy. Even in the web novel, from my memories, he never gave up on his goal of drowning the world in chaos until the very end where OG Rimuru also killed him.

As for the Light Novel and Anime… I don't know. They didn't get to that part yet.

But I knew he was a bad guy. Do you remember that alignment rune sequence I made a while back? You know, the one that tells me the moral alignments of the people I use this rune sequence on?

Yeah, I used it on him.

Chaotic Neutral was his alignment.

To be completely honest, I was expecting a full-blown Chaotic Evil, but I guess the fact that he has people he considers allies, people he cares about, nudged him more onto neutral than anything else.

Well, the Chaotic part was scary, so I still killed him.

In any case, Yuuki is a guy who can't be given a second chance otherwise he will just take advantage of it and stab you from behind.

So I used a rune boosted with the powers of [Manas: Illyasviel] to sever the connection between his soul and body. I place my hand on his chest and using [Belzebuth, Lord of Gluttony], I consumed his soul.

Out of respect for Shizue and the fact that he didn't actually DO anything major as of yet, I didn't outright obliterate his soul, nor did I send it to eternal damnation by playing Boku no Pico's theme song over and over in his head.

(A/N: No man deserves such a fate you monster.)

I placed a hibernation rune onto his soul, causing him to fall into an eternal deep sleep.

Granted, that's pretty much the same as death, but it's all in the details.

There was another soul in there with him too. Judging by its evolution stage, I assume it to be the soul of a late-stage Demon Lord Seed. If I had to take a guess, that soul is actually Kazaream, a Demon Lord who died long ago and is currently inhabiting Yuuki's body.

I thought Yuuki reincarnated Kazaream into an elf secretary already… Guess it didn't happen yet…

Well, I don't care about him, so…

Rimuru- "It's so sad that Steve Jobs died of ligma…"

Kazaream's Soul- "…"

(A/N: It's a fucking soul, it can't talk.)

Rimuru- "Ligma balls."

* Kazaream's soul explodes and disappears*

Another piece of information is that Yuuki has a neat little 'attribute' called "Anti-Skill". It's not exactly a skill nor a tolerance/resistance, but it's something like that. Basically, it makes his body immune to the effects of skills and magics.

But, I mean, [Scathach, Lord of Runes] is a fucking Ultimate Skill, one of the skills that can manipulate the laws of the world itself. Ain't no little measly Anti-Skill getting in the way of this bad boy.

So yeah, I 'killed' Yuuki without a hitch and his soul is resting in eternal slumber within my [Gluttony] stomach. It's much better than just leaving him be to create unnecessary trouble for me.

Just let me live my life peacefully thank you.


Rimuru- "Hmm… What should I do with the body?"

I can't just leave the body here. He was something akin to a fucking saint with how he acted in public. If people found out I killed him a crusade would be sent to Avalon and there's nothing Hinata can do about it.

And I still need to get a teaching position at Freedom Academy for Shizue's students…

Rimuru- "Meh. I'll just do this then."

I snap my fingers and a rune appears on Yuuki's back before the whole body bursts into flame and disappears a few seconds later.

I snap my fingers again and this time, a doll appears next to me. It looks like a blank white doll you would see in clothes stores that model the clothes.

I snap my fingers a third time and runes inscribe themselves all over the doll's body on its arms, legs, torso, back and head. The runes light up and an illusion covers the doll.

With black hair and eyes wearing white clothes, an expressionless Yuuki Kagurazaka stands in front of me.

Rimuru- "Humu humu, you look just like him..."

Regardless of what happened, he had a good face. I wouldn't call him a lady killer, but you can easily feel a friendly vibe from him.

Rimuru- "Right, now I just gotta…"

I place my hand on the doll's chest and invoke [Enhanced Replication]. Now a replication clone is controlling the doll.

Copying Yuuki's memories from his soul, I feed them into the clone. The doll's eyes brighten up, becoming more lifelike compared to its cold and unfeeling eyes from moments before.

Yuuki Bot- "What is my purpose?"

Rimuru- "You pass butter."

Yuuki Bot- "Oh my god."

Rimuru- "I'm joking. You have Yuuki's memories inside you, don't you?"

Yuuki Bot- "Yeah, I can access them without trouble."

Rimuru- "Good. Act like Yuuki, don't draw and suspicion. Don't try to fuck the world or anything either."

Yuuki Bot- "I can do that, but… What about his connections to Cerberus or the Moderate Jesters?"

Cerberus, an underground organisation that's centred in the Eastern Empire.

Rimuru- "Hmmm… Keep Cerberus, it's a necessary evil. Of course, keep their hands out of the Jura Forest and tone down any actions in the West. As for the Moderate Jesters…"

Hmm, I'm a little stumped on what to do with them.




Meh. I'll let someone else deal with them.

Rimuru- "Do what you think is best. But don't fuck with Avalon."

Yuuki Bot- "Yeah yeah, I know. Is that all?"

Rimuru- "Yeah, just get me a teaching position in Freedom Academy."

Yuuki Bot- "Shizue's students?"

I nod my head.

Yuuki Bot stands up and walks out of the room. Just before he closes the door, I shout at him.

Rimuru- "Oh, and your name is Yuuki from now on!"

I feel the magicules flow out of me and into Yuuki Bot, now simply called Yuuki. A thumbs up pops out from behind the door before retreating as the door closes.

Am I worried about Yuuki gaining free will and betraying me?


In the end, he's my clone. As much as the clones might hate me, they can't escape my control regardless if they have a name or not.

Besides, it's not like they ACTUALLY hate me. They ARE me after all, they all want what's best for "us". It's just that they like to curse me because I force them to work which goes against "our" nature of being lazy.

In any case, I'm done here. I pat my back for a job well done and teleport.

Appearing in the streets of the Royal Capital under an invisibility rune, stare blankly into the air before slapping my forehead.

Rimuru- "I forgot to kick his nuts!"

Meanwhile in a dark place elsewhere…

???- "… Hmm? He died? Unfortunate, he was a fun guy… Oh well."

The figure said as [Dark Ligntning] crackles around him and the throne he's sitting on.

???- "… Should I start taking action? I want to see her… My love!"

The figure wonders to himself as he thinks about a tea colour haired woman with similar lightning powers to himself.

He stands from his throne and begins walking in a certain direction.

???- "But I need to get rid of that slime and his allies first. He's getting too close to my woman…"


Name: Rimuru

Race: Origin Slime

Protection: Crest of Space

Title: Highest Tier Spirit, Leader of the Monsters, Onii-chan, King of Avalon, Master of Headpats, Procrastinator King, The Nutcracker, socially awkward cringe slightly chuuni slime

Manas: [Manas: Illyasviel]

Ultimate Skills: [Belzebuth, Lord of Gluttony] [Ahura Mazda, Lord of Creation] [Scathach, Lord of Runes]

Unique Skills: [Spatial Ruler]

Intrinsic Skills: [Infinite Regeneration] [Universal Shapeshift] [Universal Sense] [Enhanced Replication] [Universal Thread]

Extra Skills: [Lord's Ambition] [Thought Communication] [Control Natural Elements] [Control Magic] [Control Gravity]

Resistances: [Cancel Pain] [Resist Melee Attack] [Cancel Natural Elements] [Cancel Ailments] [Cancel Spiritual Attack] [Resist Holy/Demonic Attack]

Equipment: Yamato, [Raphael] Skill Orb, Limiter Ring


A/N: Yes yes, more foreshadowing, I know, it's fucking annoying.

A reminder that MC can easily deal with it.

Also, by popular demand I have restored the previous temporary title and made it permanent.

See? I listen to my readers... sometimes...

OH AND As for why MC didnt get any skills? Well Yuuki's Unique Skill [Create] is basically a bootleg version of MC's [Ahura Mazda] so there's that, and MC can do anything Kazaream can do with his [Scathach] runes so...

I might have forgotten a couple of skills but it's nothing some AU bullshittery cant fix. I would like to know if I missed something though, maybe comment it?

Let me know if I missed anything.

Also consider dropping some power stones!


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