36 Chapter 36 - A New Idol Unit Third

Well, if I thought about it, I could probably relax when I was at school. I could just spend a long time without thinking hard because I understood all the elementary school materials. There might be some things that I forgot from elementary school to high school. Still, after rereading it once or twice, I think I can remember the things I learned pretty quickly.

Therefore, every time I remember something from my past. Be it song lyrics, lines from stories, or scenes from movies or anime. Because I feel that whenever I remember something, I write it down on paper and the like, then when I reread it, I can remember it more clearly and also a lot more of them.

For example, when I remember a few lines of song lyrics. Then I write them down on paper, and when I read the verses, it's as if I'm trying to stimulate my brain to remember the rest of the lyrics. Although it doesn't always work, eventually, I can remember a whole lyric. Of course, it took me some time to do this. However, I found this kind of thing beneficial compared to not having anything.

Especially if you often read or watch various stories about isekai and reincarnation. Where many main characters get cheats or systems, I, who was reincarnated as Aqua and the main character of Oshi no ko, should get something like that, right?

Oshi no ko was not a reincarnation story with such a power fantasy like that. Wait, if there were other anime in this world, in other words, there were various main characters in this world. In other words, I might not be so unique in the world.

I couldn't help thinking like this. Because there was something that I always thought about, which was the words Gorou said when he saved me from death. I don't think I've experienced what Gorou warned me about until now.

He spoke as if something terrible was going to happen, like I would have to repay something or suffer a setback.

Of course, I always thought of his warning, but after so many years without anything happening. I sometimes forgot his warnings.

"What's with the long face?"

I heard a question from the person sitting next to me, who was none other than my twin sister, Ruby.

"Ah, I'm thinking about something."

"Is that so? You're thinking too much that you acted like you were in auto mode."

"Eh, really?"

"Yeah, you came out from the car, entered the office, and walked to this point with such a long face, vacant eyes, and furrowing eyebrows?"

"If that's the case, why did you not tell me long ago?"

"Well, it's quite interesting to see. I want to see how you will be able to get here."

"That's kind of a mess up, you know…"

"Is that so? Well, you look serious and walk without any difficulty. So I don't want to disturb you, but we're already arrived. Are you perhaps nervous to see a group idol you pick up?"

"Nah, I'm just thinking about something else."

"Are you two done?"

Miyako asked Ruby and me, who were talking to each other near the entrance to the meeting room.


"Good, don't do anything crazy, okay?"

Miyako warned the two of us before she opened the door and let the two of us enter the room. There were only six people in the room, all of whom I knew, though three of them I had never met in this world, besides Ichigo, Ai, and one of the B-Komachi members, who was also the earliest member like Ai, named Watanabe.

The other three were the girls who would become the new idol group at the Strawberry Pro company. A fairly short black-haired girl with her eyeballs the color of her hair, you could say Mem-cho's appearance was very different from the manga. However, it was only natural, considering it was a few years after working hard and becoming a YouTuber. For the time being, I could see how nervous she looked, but her eyes remained bright while observing Ai with such eyes that reminded me of her fans. I guess… since she wanted to become an idol, she might like a fan of Ai or something.

Another girl with long brown hair and bright purple eyes seemed calmer than Mem-cho and was none other than Tokino Sora.

The other one was a girl I knew, but I guess not for a good reason. Of course, I learned about the girl before me, Shibuya Rin, from the Idolmaster franchise. With her flowing black hair and impressive school uniform, Shibuya Rin was an excellent and trendy schoolgirl.

Idolmaster was a massive idol franchise from anime, games, and music. In my previous life, I only saw several anime about Idolmaster. As far as I know, Shibuya Rin came from the Cinderella series. I didn't watch much about that series, but I was familiar with some of those characters from another way, or people may say the rule-34. Yeah, rather than seeing her from her original source, I was more familiar with her from other websites and saw her from the rule-34 perspective.

Therefore, seeing her like this somehow makes me really feel guilty. I apologized to her in my mind.

"They are members of our newest idol group. Please don't bully them." Ichigo said that while looking at Ai. After all, the three girls introduced themselves.

"What are you saying, Saitou-san? They're our first juniors, right? There's no way I will do something like that. Do I look like someone like that, Watanabe." Ai replied to her boss' humor.

"Yeah, and they're really young and look cute."

"Ahaha, Watanabe will be thirty in two or three years."

"That's not something nice to say, Ai…."

"Sorry—Sorry, ah. By the way, my name is Ai. I'm your senior. Is there something you want to ask? You can ask me anytime.


"Well, that's good. Since you two are already here. How about you let your junior see your work?" Ichigo said these to Ai and Watanabe.

"Eh, really? It's an honor." Sora and Mem-cho responded to Ichigo's words when Ai saw their enthusiasm.

She smiled at them and asked, "Are you three having dance lessons?"

"This'll be my first time having a dancing lesson," Rin replied.

"I danced with a friend before, but this will be my first formal lesson," Sora responded.

"I have had dance lessons in my training school before…." Mem-cho answered.

"Oh, that's good. I will teach you three a little…." Ai told them while she wore a hair tie and smoothed her hair.

At that time, I could see their eyes light up when they realized that Ai would train them. I thought Ai rarely did things like this. It looks like she really treats this idol group too well, maybe because of me, who picked them.

"You will do it, Ai?"

"Just think of it as a welcome present for me."

It looked like Sora, and Mem-cho were enthusiastic because they knew who Ai was. While on the other hand, Rin was just standing there looking at her teammates. Unlike those two who wanted to become an Idol, she was someone who was just picked up by Ichigo, like Ai in the past. Of course, she had seen Ai before, but she looked like someone who didn't know how big a deal Ai was…

Anyway, two of them were enthusiastic, while Rin just acted properly, while those three didn't know what harsh Ai's training would be…


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