1 Chapter 01 – The new life.

I think the last thing I saw was the glow of the lights that soon hit my body. I wonder if I'm dead because of that.

I remembered that it was raining so hard that I chose to stop my motorcycle and take shelter at a bus stop. I had just returned from college, and it was already dark. Usually I stay at my friend's place, but for some reason I felt like going home.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my raincoat with me, so I chose to take shelter, or else my laptop would get wet.

"Ah, I can just wait for the rain while playing a mobile game called Arknight."

I think those were my last words before I heard the sound of screaming and uproar before a blinding light hit me.

At that time, I didn't know that I was one of the victims of a brainless official's son once again causing trouble by driving a speeding car and crashing into a bus stop. It's almost a daily occurrence for a country with thousands of islands.

Anyway… after that, all I felt was darkness, but it was very warm, like being in the arms of a mother. My movements were very limited, and I couldn't speak at all. My heart really broke when I thought that there was a possibility of paralysis. Ah, or maybe I'm in a coma.

That's why, when I could feel my body again and also live in the world... I cried... tears of joy. Then I feel the embrace of someone who is also holding back emotion. I felt an overwhelming warmth that made my emotions surge and my cries grow louder.

It took me a day to realize that my body was shrinking and the adults around me were getting very big. Not only that, their appearance is more like anime than the last thing I remember in my world.

The person who embraced me was a beautiful woman with blue-purplish long hair. No… Rather than a woman, she was still like a girl who was maybe younger than me in a previous life.

I've read so many novels about reincarnation that it only took me a moment to accept the new reality. I don't really care if this is rebirth—reincarnation… Why are my memories still intact or anything like that…

I get a second chance and also reincarnate into a world that looks like anime... of course I'm very excited!

It's just that I feel familiar with my new mom... especially her eyes, which have pupils like stars.

….There's no way right…

"Bu~~Bu~~Babu~~~" I cried like a baby, and my mother's smile while still embracing me gave me a warm sensation deep in my chest.

"Huhu… Are you hungry, Aquamarine?" My new mother called me a ridiculous yet familiar name before she nodded her head and opened her clothes to breastfeed me. It feels a bit embarrassing, and there's a lot of reincarnation stories that make their MCs not want to eat breast milk.

But I hear breastfeeding is more beneficial for a newborn baby than formula milk. This isn't my excuse to enjoy breastfeeding! This is essential for my health. Don't judge me, people!!

Too bad for me, my enjoyment didn't last long after my mother heard another baby crying from the crib. Since my mother knew that I wouldn't cry, she put me down on the sofa and went toward the crib.

She was holding the baby, who is my twin sister, and patted her back and embraced her while using a sweet voice to try to calm the baby.

"Yes… Yes… I'm here… Ruby…" My mother called my sister's name, which was different from mine, and she wore a ribbon in her hair.

'Her name sounds less ridiculous than mine… but once again, it's such a familiar name.' It crossed my mind. It feels like I want to enjoy this, but still don't want to recognize something.

After Ruby stopped crying, my mother also carried me on her other hand as she carried both of us. It isn't long for her to cry once again though…

"Waaaahhhh~~~" She's crying just like you expected from a baby.

"What's wrong, Aqua?" My mother worried about her child and asked the question, but she had the wrong names…

'Are you clumsy or just playing around…' I can't help but think like that, as it's obvious that Ruby is wearing a ribbon and I'm not. Or perhaps only I can see her ribbon! Just like in the manga, the author put a ribbon on Ruby to make it easy for readers to distinguish between Ruby and me. But she actually didn't wear any ribbons.

Oh god!! Are you saying I'm in the manga or anime world! No, I know about that… But still… This is so weird, but this is such a familiar scene…

"That one's Ruby. Are you sure you're their mother?" Behind my mother, someone talked and could tell the difference between me and Ruby. He had such suspicious old man vibes, he had a short beard, blonde hair, and glasses. But he's actually a good guy, a trope in anime and manga.

"I can't help it. I'm bad at remembering people's names and faces… Ah… Isn't it awful babies? These Japanese men really like to stereotype mothers. Don't be like him in the future, right… Aqua." My mother said that obviously she was joking around with the old man.

"Stop preaching like a foreigner when you don't even have a passport! First of all, you're the one who doesn't allow them to shoot out of the country!" The old man retaliated against my mother.

"But I can memorize people's names when I think they have talent, President Satou…"

"Close… My name is Saitou. Your shitty idol…" The old man gave his name.

To be honest, when I heard and saw this… It feels like such a familiar scene, and I know this person from my past life. He's the president of an idol company called Strawberry Productions… which is not because I met him or anything like that.

Because I read it… Yeah, I read it…

My name is Hoshino Aquamarine.

My twin sister's name is Hoshino Ruby.

Which means my mother is Hoshino Ai…

Which means I reincarnated into a world of manga called Oshi no Ko… such a wholesome manga about showbiz in Japan…

Yeah, it's so wholesome that when I finally woke up from my dream, I was ready to finally recognize reality. Those memories of a traumatic twist filled my still small brain…

And because I'm still a baby… I can't handle this emotion and am crying as loud as I can.


"Eh… What's happening!? Aqua? Are you hurt by something?" My mother, Ai, was surprised to see me crying like that. This is maybe the first time she has seen me cry like this.

Ai took care of me, looked at me to see if there was something wrong with the diaper, and searched to see if I was hurt. She embraced me and patted my back with care. That only makes me want to cry more…

"Yes… Yes.. I'm here.. Aqua. Your mother is here…"

'Yeah, I know… but… but… what's about in the future…'

I'm crying, and my mind is working in a different way. How was I reincarnated as the Ai's child? How about Goro, the doctor? Or perhaps… This is a chance? This might be a gift from Goro, or he might wish that I could change Ai's fate.

Yeah, maybe I chose to reincarnate in this world… in this reality… to save her. That's something I wanted to believe at that moment.


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