3 Chapter 3 Friend or Foe

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It's been a couple of days since then and Rimuru has been teaching me how to fight. According to him I'm a fast learner, this was proven when I got the reaper class which made it easier to use my scythe. Also I had decided to name my scythe Blue Ash as I found it fitting.

However there is one little problem, now that it's official that I'm Rimuru's daughter everyone keeps calling me princess or lady Suu. At first it was kind of flattering but it's getting old fast.

Right now me and some of the goblin riders are going on a hunt, however before we could even set off Rimuru walked up to us.

"Lord Rimuru do you need anything" Rigur asked as he stopped what he was doing to look over at him.

"I just came to tell you that were going to be having a feast" Rimuru announced.

"Does that mean that you will be eating with us sir" Rigur ask hopefully.

"Yep. I have taste buds and I plan to use them" Rimuru responded proudly.

"Ermmm dad you have had that form for days now, did you really just now realise that you can eat food normally" the blush on his face answered my question.

"Don't ruin this for me" I couldn't help but giggle at how embarrassed he looked.

"Hey if you eat alot do you think your boobs will grow bigger?!" Gobta ask making everyone go silent.

"God damn it Gobta" I said while face palming.

Before Gobta could say anything more he was sent flying in to a tree when Rimuru kicked him.

"I am so sorry lord" Rigur apologised while shaking his head.

"He deserved that" I let out a long sighed.

"I will make sure that he is properly punished later"

"It's fine Rigur just make sure to bring back something good"

"Don't worry we will find the best bull deer for the feast" Rimuru started to drool as he thought about all the food.

"With the amount of creatures that are out these days it should be pretty easy to find a good one" hearing this Rimuru had a questioning look on his face.

"What do you mean? Why are there so many animals around?"

"Who knows it could be some sort of migration" I suggested.

"Hmmm Ranga go with them just in case" he said as Ranga came out of his shadow.

"Fear not master I will protect them" he walked over to us with his tail wagging in the air.

"Good. Just be safe and bring back something delicious hehe" he then gave us a wave before walking off.

"Alright let's get a move on we have a feast to prepare for" We then all set off with Rigur in the lead.

======Small time skip======

We had made it to a clearing where we were taking a small break and now were preparing to start moving again.

Just as we were about to move out something strange happened everyone except me, Ranga, Rigur and Gobta collapsed on to the ground unconscious.

I quickly pulled out Blue Ash from an abyss gate (just imagine a small Garganta from bleach) and blocked an attack that came out of nowhere.

"Lady Suu"

"I'm fine Ranga you shouldn't be worrying about me so much I'll be fine"

"Damn it. Hey Ranga, lady Suu one of you should call for lord Rimuru" Rigur advised.

"Already done Rigur" Ranga had already call for back up.

"I-incoming" and before I could look over at Gobta the battle had already started.

Before I knew it Gobta was fighting a really scary looking guy, Ranga was fighting a ninja looking guy, and Rigur was fighting a girl with a massive rack.

And me.... i was standing in front of a guy with red hair and the old man who had attack me right off the start, there was also another girl in the background. What was weird was that they all had horns so I'm guessing they are not human.

I was going to say something but the old guy vanished like he was never there. He then re-appeared right behind me trying to slash at my back. Imagine his shock when his attack went right through my body with seemingly no effect.

<Flame body>

I quickly whipped around and before he could react I hit him with the blunt side of my scythe sending him flying off into the distance. I made sure not to hit him with the three blades on the back.

"Ogre flame!" I hear someone say as a massive spire of flame appeared around me.

"Did I kill he-" before they could finish that sentence I began eating their flames, shocking them and the old man who had just come back.

<Flame eater>

<Heat immunity>

"Yummy feed me more" I say while licking my lips and grinning.

"Awwww are you afraid of me. Come on what is the matter is that really all you got. Well then allow me to show you what I can do" I said as my grin got wider.

I made eye contact with the two and activating my eyes causing them to take a step back in fear.

"What is the matter have you not heard the saying? Well let me tell you then "when you look into the abyss the abyss looks back"" as I finish speaking I released some of my aura scaring them even more.

However before I could continue a hand landed on my shoulder and I look back to see Rimuru with healing potions.

"Go heal the others and I'll handle this" he said still wearing his mask.

"Fine ruin my fun why don't you" I say as I take the potions and walk off with my cheeks puffed out.

==After Rimuru beat the shit out of them==

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We all went back to the village much to the surprise of our new guests that turned out to be Ogres. I was now sitting with them and talking while Rimuru was eating.

"So let me get this straight. You attacked us because you thought that we were followers of some masked majin, that attacked your village with an army of Orcs" I asked

"Yes that is exactly right" their leader the red head ogre replied.

"And you didn't even try to talk to us, you just went straight to attacking with out even thinking about it"

"...Errrmmm yes sorry about that" he looked down a bit ashamed of his actions.

(Is this guy really that much of a hot head)

"How could Orcs have defeated Ogres It makes no sense what so ever" Kaijin asked.

"What is the big deal" Gobta said not understanding.

"Ogres are much stronger then Orcs so normally Orcs wouldn't stand a chance against Ogres" Rigurd answered.

"Believe it or not but that's what happened. Those damn pigs were even wearing full plate mail armour" red head said with disgust.

"Oh that must mean that someone is backing them because Orcs don't usually wear armour" kaijin pointed out.

"You think it could be a demon lord?" Rigurd asked.

"But what would a demon lord need with an army of Orcs?" I asked back.

"I don't care who is backing those pigs I'm going to exterminate them all for killing my people"

"So that's how it is no wonder you were so angry" I turn to see Rimuru.

"Oh finally finished eating lord Rimuru" red head asked as he seemed to calm down a little.

"No just taking a break and how are you feeling Suu" he looked at me and smiled.

"Fine dad"

"Wait dad?" the old man who wasn't saying anything until now finally spoke.

"He adopted me" I say nonchalantly

"Oh I see. Well lord Rimuru you have a very talented daughter, she is very good with that scythe of hers"

"You don't think I know that" dad puffed out his chest in pride making me laugh a little.

"Your skills with a scythe are very good but you could be a lot better" the old man smiled while rubbing his chin.

"And the way you devoured my flames was a shock as well, I really didn't see that one coming" red head complemented me.

"Well I'm a Phoenix so fire really doesn't have much of an effect on me" I said while shrugging.

"WAIT YOU'RE A WHAT?!" Both of them asked in shock.

I simply sighed before releasing my wings that appeared from a burst of black flames.

"Wow I never thought I'd get the chance to meet a legendary monster like a Phoenix, this day is full of surprises" the old man said in awe.

"But their was one thing that I don't understand right at the end of the fight, you used some kind of skill it had something to do with your eyes. What was that exactly?" red head asked as he looked at my wings with interest.

"Oh it's a skill of mine it can do lots of things. For one it can make a person feel like they are looking at death itself. Another is the fact that I can see a person's true intentions, basically I can tell if your intentions are good or bad" I explained.

"And are our intentions good or bad?" the old man asked.

"Your still alive aren't you" i say in a cold voice sending shivers down the ogers spines.


"Ow that hurt" I rubbed the back of my head where Rimuru had just slapped me.

"Would you stop that already" he glared at me.

"Yes sir" I say while sticking out my tongue.

"Good. now what do you plan to do now?" Rimuru looked at the red head.

"Huh" he look confused

"Your companions are counting on you aren't they. I'm asking what you plan to do next, what's your next move?" Rimuru said kind of seriously.

"We will regroup and destroy those pigs" he spat the last part out.

"Do you know where they are?" red didn't respond he just looked away embarrassed.

"Guess not" he sighed

Dad walked over to a tree and sat down before he seemed to has thought of something.

"You could join me and become my subordinates if you want!" what Rimuru said got everyone's attention.


"I can't offer you much but I can give you food, clothing and a place to stay. You know like a base of operations"

"Are you sure.... you would be putting your whole village in danger"

"I'm not doing this just for you I have my own reasons for giving you this offer. If what you said is true and there is an army of Orcs that could potentially be led by a demon lord, then we will need all the help we can get" Rimuru explained.

Red head thought for a moment before saying "Can I have sometime to think about it?"

"Sure take your time it's an important decision after all" Rimuru said as he got to his feet.

"Suu you comin?" he asked because I was getting up as well.

"No I'm going back to my hut because I'm tired and want to sleep. So have fun eating food without me" I said as I made my way to my hut.

"Alright good night then" I heard dad say as I walked away.


///Name:Suu tempest

///Race: Abyssal Storm Phoenix

///Titles: A lost soul. The forgotten one. First born of the abyss. Ruler of the abyss. Princess of monsters.

///Class: Reaper

///Blessing: Storm Crest

///Disaster Rank human form: Special A

///Disaster Rank Phoenix form: S



(Blue hoodie with cat ears.

white trousers and shoes.

Black scarf)


(Blue Ash*scythe*)

Other types of items:

(Healing potions.)

////Followers: none

///Species skills:

Abyss gate

Abyssal flame

Flame eater

Flame control


Darkness manipulation

Ultimate regeneration

Heat immunity

Cold resistance

Flame body

Undying soul



Hunger resistance

Shadow movement

Crimson lightning

Magic sense

Multilayer barrier

///Unique skills:

Everlasting hunger

Eyes of the abyss

///Ultimate skills: none


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