That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Naruto!!

This story is about a real-world character reincarnated as a 5-year-old Naruto. It follows his adventures and how he lives his life as Naruto Uzumaki, blending comedy and fantasy. He faces the strongest villains in the Naruto universe, using loopholes and his knowledge of the Naruto world to become stronger. He knows which skills and jutsus will make him more powerful than most of the villains, and he's going to overpower them. Stay tuned, fans! I'm creating a wonderful, overpowered Naruto story. In this version, Naruto isn't a crybaby. Watch him learn countless skills and jutsus to dominate the Naruto world villains. Support my stories!

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18 Chs

Chapter - 4 ( Shadow Clone Jutsu!!)

Naruto begins his tree climbing training. First, he relaxes his body and tries to feel the chakra within him. He can now sense his chakra, but he struggles to control it properly. Naruto continuously tries to focus his chakra on his feet, but he can't manage it. The first day passes without success.


The next day, Naruto tries again, focusing his chakra on his feet and attempting to climb the tree, but he fails. This pattern continues for a week. Despite his failures, Naruto refuses to give up. After ten days, he manages to walk up the tree but can't maintain his balance. He thinks it's due to his small body, but he keeps trying.


Twenty days into his training, Naruto has an epiphany: "This training involves focusing a fixed amount of chakra to the bottom of one's feet to climb a tree without using hands. If the chakra stream is too weak, I'll lose my footing and fall. If it's too strong, I'll be pushed away from the tree, causing the tree to fracture at the point of contact, and I'll fall. The concept is similar to magnetism." Realizing this, Naruto understands that he needs to focus a specific amount of chakra on his feet and maintain it consistently.


Naruto tries again with this new understanding and successfully climbs the tree, but he suddenly loses his chakra balance and falls. "Ouch, that hurts," he mutters. "But I succeeded! If I practice for another ten days, I'll master tree climbing."


After ten more days, Naruto can freely climb the tree using chakra. He's thrilled to have mastered the technique. "Wow! It took me a month to master this. If a simple jutsu takes this long, how long will it take to master all the jutsu Kakashi-sensei knows? He knows more than 1,000 jutsu because he's the Copy Ninja. I need to learn useful jutsu."


Naruto heads to Kakashi-sensei's house. It's evening, and he knocks on the door. After some time, Kakashi opens the door and looks around. "Who's pranking me? No one's here," he says and closes the door. Naruto knocks again persistently. Kakashi opens the door again, irritated. "Who's knocking on my door continuously?"


Naruto, with an angry face, says, "You're intentionally doing this!"


Kakashi looks down and says, "Oh, you're Naruto. What brings you here? You were so short that I didn't notice."


Naruto, with a suspicious look, replies, "Well, I believe it."


Kakashi asks, "What brings you here? Are you going to tell me you've given up on learning ninjutsu?"


Naruto replies, "Not at all. I was able to do the tree climbing jutsu."


Kakashi, surprised, says, "Really? I don't believe it. Show me. If you're pranking me, I won't teach you ninjutsu."


Naruto smiles and starts walking up the tree. Kakashi is shocked. "You said it would take a year. Just look at me, I mastered it in one month. Now, will you teach me ninjutsu?"


Kakashi sighs. "Well, a promise is a promise. I will teach you. Come with me."


Kakashi takes Naruto to his training area and asks, "What do you want to learn?"


Naruto immediately says, "Teach me the Shadow Clone Jutsu."


Kakashi is surprised. "How did you know about this?"


Naruto replies, "You used it when I was spying on your house."


Kakashi explains, "The Shadow Clone Jutsu splits your chakra equally among the clones. You can usually make one or two clones."


Naruto asks, "What? Only two clones? Can't I make more?"


Kakashi replies, "If you want more clones, you can learn the Imitation Clone Technique."


Naruto insists, "No, I want to make 1,000 Shadow Clones!"


Kakashi is taken aback. "That's impossible. The Shadow Clone Jutsu allows for one or two clones, but 1,000? Who taught you that?"


Naruto says, "I have more chakra than you."


Kakashi smiles and asks, "How can you tell you have more chakra than me?"


Naruto insists again, "Please teach me the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu."


Kakashi sighs and explains, "Naruto, it's a very dangerous jutsu. You need an enormous amount of chakra to perform that many clones. It could put your life in danger. The Third Hokage would be angry at me. If you can prove you have a high level of chakra, I can teach you the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu. First, you need to learn the basic Shadow Clone Jutsu."


Naruto gets sad, but Kakashi encourages him, "If you can perform the Shadow Clone Jutsu and use it freely, then I will teach you the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu."


Naruto gets happy, and Kakashi gives instructions about the Shadow Clone Jutsu, teaching Naruto the hand signs. Naruto memorizes the hand signs and tries to perform the jutsu but fails. He keeps trying until night falls. Kakashi advises Naruto to go home and rest.


Naruto heads home, thinking, "Kakashi definitely knows the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu. I must learn it before joining the academy. I have to practice in the morning."


The next morning, Naruto wakes up and gets ready to practice the Shadow Clone Jutsu. He keeps practicing, focusing on his chakra, and within a week, he masters the jutsu and creates his first shadow clone. Naruto is ecstatic. "Wow! My shadow clone looks exactly like me!" He gives tasks to his clone, like performing the tree climbing technique. The clone succeeds because it is Naruto's clone. He then sends the clone to wander around the village to see how far it can travel.


The clone goes around the village, acting like Naruto, and even climbs a house using the climbing technique. Suddenly, a cat scares the clone, causing it to fall and disappear. Real Naruto feels strange and realizes the clone's memories have transferred to him. "That's amazing! The clone's experience transfers to me. If I learn the Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu, I can use this to learn many jutsu through shared experience. That's awesome!"


Naruto, excited and encouraged, heads to Kakashi-sensei's house to share his success.